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Chapter 8 - Everytime We Touch ( TEEN LOVE STORIES) 17+ ONLY!Category: Teen Stories, Love Stories
Friday, 10 August 2007
10:02:57 PM (GMT)
At first my steps seemed to become more and more reluctant, refusing to walk towards
the boy of my dreams. Instead of the swept up beautiful look, I was sporting overalls
and sweeping up remains of hair. Not the fantasy I had in mind. My eyes looked him up
and down; his perfect lips were beginning to part with a confused expression on his
face, Oh god, I thought as I walked closer. He doesn’t recognize me! I felt so
insignificant and small but my steps rejected my feelings and walked slowly towards
him anyways. 

‘ Hey’ I said waiting for his reaction

‘Hey there Astrid’ he said a smile appearing and his previous expression sliding
off his immaculate face. ‘ I didn’t recognize you in overalls,’ he said his
wolfish grin shining.
He looked me up and down, and after a while his eyes reached mine. ‘ Are you going
to be cutting my hair?’ he said eyebrows raising fondly. 

‘No!’ I almost shouted, and realising the pitch of it, I repeated a little
calmer, ‘No, I’m not’

‘So you work here now?’ James said looking at me intently

‘No, well yes, I was caught the other day sneaking out and well.. this is my
punishment’ I said laughing

‘Nevermind, maybe I should come here more often though’ he said as he took my
hand and ran his fingers up and down my palm.

My body shook with pleasure, ‘ Yes, you’ll have to’ I said trying not to show
the look of excitement on my face.

As I saw him walking out, with a new hairstyle, looking even better than before, I
wondered. Did he know I worked here? No, he couldn’t possibly. I am just a very
lucky, lucky girl I pondered smiling to myself. When my shift was over I decided to
do something out of the ordinary. I had to take things a step further; it was all
going too slow. I couldn’t possibly wait for his hair to grow to see him one more
time. Then I decided to dare myself to go to visit him; after all, he only lived next
door. Hardly a marathon. 

As I walked home I walked a little way further and walked up his front porch steps.
Dare I? I thought looking at the doorbell then looking at my watch. It was 6pm,
surely a decent time to visit. Then without warning the door opened and what I’d
imagine to be his mother walked out, but she seemed far to young for that. 

                       ‘Hey Sweetie, What can I do for ya?’ she said her face
                      ‘ Is- Is- James home?’ I stuttered feeling strange to ask

                       ‘ I think so’ she muttered frowning slightly, ‘ homework

                       ‘ Not exactly, more of a friendly visit’ I said looking up
into her hazel brown eyes
                        ‘ Okay honey, walk on in, I’m just about to go out’ 

And so without any words I thanked her and walked into what seemed one of the biggest
houses I’ve been in. As I walked down the hall, everything seemed so gigantic and I
was just a doll in a dollhouse museum. I looked around at the modern décor and the
scent of jasmine air freshener surrounded me. 

                         ‘James?’ I shouted hoping for a response ‘ Hello?’ 

And at that moment I felt a presence behind me, 

                         ‘Hey’ he said, wrapping his strong hands around my hips
and pushing me towards him so that our bodies were face to face, our glances meeting.
I breathed in his beautifully musky scent and let him push me closer as he began to
caress my lips, my groin tightening with pure desire. 

                         ‘I’m glad you found me’ he breathed pulling away

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   11 August 2007   175239  
wow hurry write more
‹NAtAShA.COURtNEY› says :   30 November 2008   327298  
write more


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