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Warriors a new beginningCategory: chapter 1
Monday, 6 August 2007
03:28:04 PM (GMT)
Sunnykit opened her eyes to the light shing into the nursrey. 
she noticed she was alone accept for a shadow in the other end of the nursrey. 
Sunnykit turned to see the commotion in the clearing.
"good morning sleepy head." Sunnykit saw her mother goldenflower emerge from the
shawdows.  "now where are your brother and sister?" She asked 
"i dunno." sunnykit responded scanning the den.
" Where are my kits!?" she yowled rushing from the nursery, Sunnykit right behind. 
She was heading for high ledge, Then to lepordstar's den.
"lepordstar!" she called. Lepordstar came out from her den and goldenflower gave her
Sunnykit had never been so far from the nursery except for the time she rainkit and
dreamkit had left camp to go hunting and gotten lost.
Lepordstar jumped up on high ledge.
"May all cats old enough to catch their own prey please gather around high ledge for
a clan meeting." she called. Sunnykit saw lepordstar staring nervously. she couldn't
blame her. Lepordstar had just recently become thunderclan leader when Ashstar had
lost his last life from falling through the ice on the river, drowning and freezing.
Sunnykit had no idea why ashstar was trying to cross the river but that didn't matter
"Dreamkit and Rainkit have gone missing-" Lepordstar begain.
Yowls of frustration interupted her.  "again!?" A cat exclaimed.
"what about sunnykit!?" She saw her father graystripe say, his voice overpowering the
"She is here. " Lepordstar said with a flick of her tail, and continued.
Sunnykit rushed over to her father hoping to make him feel better, but when he saw
her he scolded her for leaving the nursery. Graystripe was a loyle thunderclan cat
and always stuck to the warrior code.
"you shouldn't have left the nursery! your breaking the warrior code just being here!
Now leave. go with your mother." He said and walked away. Lepordstar had obviously
dissmissed them.Then she saw rainkit burst through the camp entrance look around and
then run over to silverpaw. Suunykit was confused. Why didn't rainkit coe to her? she
right out in the open.  Rainkit was limping with tufs of fur missing.  did he get
in a battle? 
Then she saw him waling over to the medicine cta's den. heatherpool was escorting
She saw the search patrol leaving to go find dreamkit.  this isn't fair! i should
be able to go too! she's my sister.
Sunnykit had decided that she should be able to help dreamkit. She ran after the
patrol and used all the skills she had taought herself to keep hidden and follow the
search patrol which was turning into a rescue.
when sunnykit saw the mess of blood, orange and white fur she almost turned tail and
ran back to camp. And she would have if she new how.  Then she saw her sister- a
bloody mess of red and white fur. As the patrol begain to split up she saw two orange
They looked a bit like cats except one was much bigger than any cat she new.  They
had big bushy tails with a white tip. Sunnykit noticed dreamkit was ungarded. She ran
over and dug through her blood stained fur trying to find which end was what. Finally
she grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and started to dragg her in the direction
the patrol had come from. 
Luckly sunnykit was able to carry her sister and find her way back to camp.

When the whole patrol  was back news of the two dead foxes brought joy as the cats
sat outside the nursery.  so those orange things were foxes... Then sun was
setting and sunnykit had left the nursery again to check on her syblings and friends.
Silverpaw and ravenpaw had been in the patrol.  "how are you?" she asked dreamkit. 
"fine." she replied.
"are you going to come back with me?"
"yep." Dreamkit said.
 Sunnykit got up and turned her head to face her sister. "you coming?"
"I want to watch the sun go down."
"ok." Sunnykit said and walked back to the nursery.
When sunnykit had settled down in her spot next to rainkit, she wondered why dreamkit
wasn't there. She could tell goldneflower was wondering the same thing. "it's almost
moonhigh. where is she?" Her mother said. Sunnykit pretended to sleep as she scented
silverpaw enter the nursery. "hello silverpaw. What are you doing here?" Goldenflower
" I bring news from heatherpool. " SHe begun. 
"dreamkit has to sleep with heatherpool for a couple nights." 
"Why!?" Goldenflower yowled
"heatherpool has told me to tell you dreamkit was injured in the fight. She will
but she may never become a warrior."

MON3Y_B4B3 says:   6 August 2007   782196  
kk very gooodd......
sunnycat says:   6 August 2007   661496  
THX! bet'cha can't wait till chapter 2!
bunniNANGEL says:   6 August 2007   476843  
chapter 2?
sunnycat says :   7 August 2007   314771  
of corse!/ what'da expect? you tink i'm just going to leave you
hanging saying over and over in ur head *the suspence is killing me!!!
i'm not that mean./ silverpaw is helping me. She said she put the same
story from her point of veiw on her website


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