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Learning LayeringsCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
12:08:56 AM (GMT)
Well this summer I am really trying to learn how to do layerings. Hopefully Kupika
will help me more on this. I have tried many tutorials but I do not really get it! I
even tried looking at some of the artwork on here with great layerings but I am still
clueless. If you look at all my art I usually do the max of 3 layerings. One for
sketch, another for outline and color, and the last for background. I really want to
start doing skin layering. Well hopefully I will learn soon. Either way I have to
work more on realism. (self portraits of course! xD. lol) 

Hope you like my art and please critique in them! ^_^!

Hypnagogia says:   10 July 2007   131888  
Anthony you dummieface~
Layering is easy.
Sometime I should come over to your house and teach you how to layer
on your photoshop elements.
I'll try to make some sort of Anthony-friendly tutorial for you,
though. I may post it on Kupika. x3 I'll do a photoshop and an oekaki
version! o:
Choclat says:   11 July 2007   539794  
Yes you should. 
I just wnat to do that skin layering. I don't understand why people
make the canvas black and then color on it. It looks hard! XD.
Merleawe says:   21 July 2007   321577  
hmm thats more of a pro thing. First draw the outline, (make sure its
on layer 0) and then go to the layer above that. Right or left click
(i think left click .__. and select "MultiplY" then color it in.. :]
its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
Choclat says:   21 July 2007   113349  
Thanks so much! I tried it out and it helped so much! THanks!
Hypnagogia says :   31 July 2007   424699  
Actually you want the lineart to be on the TOP layer
Actually I rarely ever use multiply so the multiply step isn't
necessarily a must.
There's TONS of tricks you can do with layering, like...
mask mode and shit

The black is mainly actually for when they clean up the layering
it's rarely black--it's usually a midtone base like a redbrown
and that's so that while they're cleaning up, they use a monochrome
(the background color) to make sure they clean up correctly.
Also it can help set the overall tone of the page; such as using a
dark navy if you want it to be a nighttime picture, or a brownish red
for... most everything else. Like forests or just non-background
I like monochromes. They help a LOT when cleaning up. o3o


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