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There is this guy...Category: Love
Friday, 29 June 2007
05:16:47 PM (GMT)
Ok there is this one guy i like. But he probally doesn't like me that i mean were
friends and but... i am fat i have never had a real boyfriend in the 12 years i have
been on this planet. He is my best friends ex but she has a boyfriend rite now so she
wont care if we do go out. But he acts like im not even there. so ya it SUCKS big
time. but i guess not having a boyfriend in the 12 years i have lived i does
something to you... IT makes you CRAZY!!! god i hate my life but not enough to make
myself go emo. which is actually surprising. but w/e my life sux as it is i wasnt in
the same class as my BESTEST FRIEND this year in grade 7 and next year in grade 8 we
are not in any classes together. I swear i have had badluck since the day is was
born. GOD I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! anyway its not the end of the world, its only half

lots of luuv,

LIVE_life_AS_it_COMES says:   26 May 2009   872662  
I know exactly what you mean!!!

I like this guy, and I have to sit with him/work with him for at leats
an hour every school day! He his smart, but really popular, and he
just doens't hang around with me and my friends. Well, it goes like
this . . . .

I have my friends, lets call everyone different names. There is Leah,
Amanda, Rosie, and Baro. Leah's cousin, Kyle, has some friends, and
one is called Mike. Mike is SO funny, and can be friends with whoever
he wants. He hangs around with people near the end of the social line,
(like me+my pals, and my pals cousin + co.) Mike's friends up at the
other end of the scale, are annoying, but kinda cool. One, in
particular, called Shawn, who is really cute/smart/funny, but also
mega annoying, and a total jerk. I have been on countless websites,
made countless wishes every way possible, and they all say that we'd
be perfect for each other!!! But Shawn JUST DOES NOT notice me, and
right now my heart is broken . . . -.- 
But I must move on, and now thinking about him drives me to insanity.
Mike seems to like me too, though, so my life is TOTALLY messed up.
But hey, Nallie is always there for me . . .

But that is another story!!


NONE of the names are true. Well, you know what I mean. THE SORY IS
‹Kairos› says :   8 May 2010   146455  
lol same thing happened to me. im friends with one of my bestest
friends. weve been friends since kindergarten. and i liked him since.
anywho, he flirts with me, then again he flirts with every girl. but
rumors have it that we like each other so the grade is trying to get
him to ask me out at the end of the year.

he did this really adorkable and embarressing thing one time. i have
this mood ring and i put it on my left hand on the wedding finger.
well at recess, he took it off of my finger and bent down on one knee
and 'purposed to me' this was in front of all my girl friends. they
were waiting for my answer when he suddenly put it on as if i said
yes, and kissed me on the cheek. i was so embaressed and the girls
started asking 'whens the wedding?' all excited and everything like
its nothing out of the blue. well they started planning that at the
next dance-THE FORMAL DANCE-would be the wedding date.

since then, its now like 3 months later, weve been 'married' but the
wedding was postponed cause he had to go to chicago for some reason.
anways it was funny how the girls got to a certain subject of the
wedding process. some of the guys were apparently ease dropping adn
shouted 'what about the honneymoon??!' lol thegirls looked at me and i
turned red adn they giggled.

apparently were still 'married' and im preggos with triplets.
funny world huh?


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