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1st, 2nd and 3rd chapters of oni masksCategory: (general)
Thursday, 28 June 2007
03:17:55 PM (GMT)
what the title says?

opening song!


“Why….are you doing this?” She asked, her voice shaking. She backed away slowly
butting into cold main hall’s wall. “I love you so much.” Tears streamed from
her eyes, her short red fiery hair was loose in a bun, showing her fox ears her tears
were brightened by her aluminous bright blue eyes.
As he came closer, his hakama swaying in the wind. He grew a slightly twisted grin,
and spoke in a cool voice “I love you too…kitsune bitch.” His pale face hollow
flowing black hair and grey eyes he pulled his hand on her shoulder. 
“No…” Shaking her head, her heart racing faster and faster. His katana in his
left hand, grasping it tightly he gave no second thought thrusting it straight into
her chest. 
Her corpse crumpling to the ground, eyes rolled back towards her head, blood ebbing
from the blow in her heart. Walking away, he gave no second 
thought as he glimpsed a pair of blue eyes, like her mothers. Watching, tiny doll in
most eyes. Apart from the fact…she was half demon half human.

Chapter 1

Fudo and his classmates were on a school trip to the Tusukimi shrine. Suddenly a
gothica Lolita girl came up and held his hand, and dragged him down a hallway.
He found himself on his own, like the place suddenly became deserted. Fudo wandered
around. A couple of minutes later he found an Ho Oni Fire Mask. Suddenly a fox demon
popped out. The fox demon got into a small with Fudo and revealed some of her fox
tails. Her mask melted into him, and he deflected the fire back at the demon. He
ended up getting knocked out when her tails whacked him hard in the face. He awoke to
find the demon gone and his friends carrying him home telling him he had been burned.

Chapter 2

“Don’t wait up dad!” Fudo called as he was leaving the house. “Be careful
son!” his dad called back. Fudo was an only child and his mother died when he was
born, leaving his father, Taro, to cope on his own. He did his best to bring Fudo up
single-handed but it was quite a struggle for them, as now Fudo’s mother had died
they didn’t have much money to live on. They didn’t have much money when she was
alive anyway. Achika also left behind a cat that she had had for years. They kept a
picture of Achika on top of their telly as a memorial of her. On his way to school
Fudo always bought a lily to put on his mothers grave after he left school. As he
arrived in the classroom, he noticed that there was a new girl. It was the fox demon
he had fought yesterday! 
“I challenge you to a fight at break!” he cried. “Show yourself Demon!” As it
was, the fox demon didn’t have her ears or tails showing, so their classmates were
left wondering what was going on between them. 
“Do you know Momoko then Fudo?” One of his mates asked. Momoko walked calmly up
to Fudo as if nothing had happened the day before. 
“You are indeed a cute one!” She said and kissed him.
Fudo stumbled away in embarrassment and all the girls around him laughed. Momoko
walked away as calmly as she had came.
Lots more things had happened before at long last, Fudo could go home. First Asakura
sensai  had asked Momoko if she knew anyway in the class, and she had said she knew
Fudo, so he almost died of embarrassment when she was told to sit in the empty chair
next to him. Next during Science when Asakura sensai had said to pair and share with
the person next to them about changes in their bodies and he had said about his hair
growing longer and himself growing taller. She had said about her fox tails growing
longer. Then Asakura sensai had said for them to say out loud what each other had
said. Momoko had said exactly what Fudo had said, but Fudo was struck dumb because he
knew he couldn’t tell her secret to the whole class.
“What a day!” Fudo said basking in the sun. “That Momoko girl freaks me out”
As if by magic, Momoko appeared standing above his head. 
“I have no place to go” She said. “I am an orphan and have no home to live
“And why are you telling me this?” Fudo asked.
“I was wondering… you have a house between two people… could I live with
“Well… all right. But only for a little while”
Momoko jumped on Fudo, hugging him and kissing him. 
“Well we had best be getting home now” Fudo exclaimed.
They walked home together bags swinging over their shoulders. 
“I’m home dad!” Fudo called as they walked into the hall. “A new girl joined
my class and she is and orphan and has no where to live. I told her she could stay
with us for a little while… is that ok with you?”
Taro walked out into the hall. 
“Of course its all right with me son! You know I’m always happy when you bring
new friends home! Now you have a new friend staying with us for now.” He was
smiling as he said all this. 
“Hello Fudo’s dad. I am glad to meet you.” Momoko said with no expression at
all. She gave a little bow. “Thank you so much for letting me stay.”
“Call me Taro dear!” He replied. “And we are very glad to have you!”

Chapter 3
After a long, hard day at school, the girls in Fudo’s class were lazing around by
the school bath.
“Ah the water is warm…” Luna sighed. 
“Yep… I wonder where the new girl got to?” Miki said.
“I think she went round the other side girls.” Homura said. Homura was actually a
boy, dressed in a girl costume he had found. 
At that moment Momoko entered the bath house with a towel round her waist. The bath
house was beautifully made around 1869. It consisted of two giant baths, one for the
boys, one for the girls, it had a sauna room out round the back and all the students
loved it. It was considered quite fashionable back then, but in the time now it
didn’t seem quite so nice to young kids.
“I smell a rat.” Momoko exclaimed. “And I think he’s sitting right in front
of me.” She walked up to Homura and yanked his towel off. 
“Lets get him!” Everyone shouted. They charged at full speed towards Homura. Fudo
happened to be passing as all this happened. He had gone to the pet shop after school
and had bought an orange rabbit. It had been a tiring day for him and he needed
someone to talk to besides his dad and Momoko. All the girls in his class were to
take a cooking lesson once every day. That meant all the boys had to aswell. The
cooking sensai had set them homework. Their homework was to practice cooking
different things. 
“Come on Momoko!” He called. “I’m going! Are you coming?”
Momoko stopped slapping Homura and joined Fudo.
They walked home together arm in arm.
Miki and Luna stared after them as if they were nuts.
“Oh my God!” Luna exclaimed. “Are they boyfriend and girlfriend or
“How am I supposed to know?” Miki said calmly as ever.
When they got home and Fudo had set up Bunny’s hutch, Momoko held Bunny up by her
“I’m gonna cook this… that all right with you Fudo?” She said.
“EEP!” Something fell out of Bunny!
There wasn’t a bunny there anymore! There was an usagi demon in it’s place!
“DON’T EAT ME!!!!” It cried. “LET ME STAY PLEASE!” 
“Ok ok! You can stay!” Fudo said. “Only if you promise to behave.
“I will I swear!” It said. “I’m Leiko! I am an usagi demon.”

ending song


momo09 says:   28 June 2007   356585  
oh as a note, i wrote the prologue, and drew the images ^^
dan_09 says:   28 June 2007   571111  
yes but.....

except the prologue of course!
QQQQ4444 says:   28 June 2007   286432  
prologe was brill. =)
donteatglue says:   28 June 2007   637627  
sweet ness
momo09 says:   29 June 2007   871823  
Woot someone liked my part! :D
Oh as a note, its Momoko's memory, Dan_09 convinced me to write the
memories and such.
dan_09 says:   29 June 2007   243684  
SithWedgie says:   29 June 2007   263845  
I have a lot to read o_O
dan_09 says:   30 June 2007   863819  
lol...... yep!
momo09 says:   30 June 2007   239865  
Danni chan...can we take off the miki and luna pictures they're a
little embaressing...
dan_09 says :   1 July 2007   599827  
no they are not!!!!!!!


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