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Killer On The Road - Chapter TenCategory: (general)
Monday, 14 May 2007
12:56:55 PM (GMT)
Stepping on the accelerator with all my might, the car speeded off. (Our car)
I looked back at Ella and Gwen, who were nervously biting their fingers and glancing
back at the car behind us.
"Nikki, look out!" Gwen said suddenly. I swivelled round quickly and my arms moved
just quickly enough to avoid a car that was looking worriedly at us. I pulled over
into a small car park until even we had to admit that we were lost. The other car had
gone now, because it hadn't been watching us when we'd pulled over.
"But he might come back," said Ella.
"Quick - in here!" I whispered, pushing open the door to a fast food restaurant. The
three of us sat at a table deep within the restaurant, so we were hard to spot even
if the man did come in. The place was painted a dashing red and blue, so bright it
almost gave you a headache looking at it.
"I'm going to get a drink," I said, pulling out a crisp note from my pocket. "Do you
guys want anything?"
"I'll have a banana shake," replied Gwen, leaning back on her chair.
"Ok, what about you Ella?"
"No thanks, I'm to nervous to eat or drink anything right now!" Ella said.
"Ella, if the man does come into here he's not really gonna pull out a knife with all
these people watching, is he? And plus, we can always shoot off soon quickly like
that other time. After all, he doesn't know what hotel we're staying at," I reasurred
"But does he?" asked Gwen. "You know, Nikki, he might have made a note that other day
when we managed to get back."
"It's not very likely, is it?" I looked back at her and frowned. "I thought we were
supposed to be making Ella feel better, not worse."
"Sorry, I was just pointing out the obvious."
"Well, it obviously wasn't obvious, because me or Ella didn't know it," I
said, pretending to be angry with her. "Well, I'm gonna go get the drinks. Are you
sure you don't want anything, Ella?"
"I'm fine," Ella insisted. "And also, we've got to watch our money, remember."
"Yeah, but we can afford a drink," I laughed, straightening up. I went over to
the counter and ordered a coke and a banana milkshake. I handed over the note that I
had found in my pocket and collected my change and the two drinks from the kind
worker. He smiled at me as I walked off. Was it me or did I recognise him? Then
suddenly I realised.
"Matt!!" I screamed, dropping the two drinks and rushing back over to the
counter. "What are you doing here? And why did you disappear that night? I love you
so much, Matt."
Suddenly, I realised what I had just said. I gasped, and put my hand to my mouth.
"It's OK, I love you too, Nikki," he said, smiling at me.
"You remembered my name!" I said, fascinated.
"Well, of course I'm going to remember my girlfriend's name."
Girlfriend... The word tasted sweet in my mouth.
"Am I your....?" My voice trailed off.
"Well, if you want, of course." Matt blushed, and took off his cap.
"Oh Matt, why didn't you wait for me that night?"
"I thought you deserted me," he answered. "I'm sorry, Nikki. Now, what hav you been
doing these past few days?"
"I honestly can't remember," I said.
"Here, come back to our table! I can't wait to tell Ella and Gwen."
"Oh, Ella, your little friend."
"Matt! She's great really, when you get to know her."
"Well, I suppose I could take a teensy little break..."
"Oh thanks!" I bent over the counter and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. I
ignored the disapproving looks from the customers behind me.
Matt nodded at one of the other workers and he took off his Burger House jacket. He
swung his legs over the counter and landed right beside me. I twisted my arm into his
and walked back to our table.
"Look who it is!" I said to Ella and Gwen, blushing.
"Hey, Matt!" said Gwen, smiling. "Sorry you saw me in a bad state that other night."
"It's cool," said Matt, pulling a chair up to our table.  "Hey, Nikki, do you want
replacements for those drinks you dropped?"
"Ooh, if you don't mind."
"So, what brings you in here? The lunch rush has gone."
"Well..." We've been being chased by a could-be killer for a few days now, and in
a rush we came into here. Then I ordered some drinks and shrieked because I saw you,
I don't think so!
"We've been being chased!" cried Gwen.
"Chased? What on earth....? By who?" asked Matt.
"This man in a mask," I said. "It's been really scary. We came in here out of panic
to lose him."
"Ah," said Matt. "I think I can do something about this."

Belsboys4eva56 says:   14 May 2007   287252  
wirte more write more write more please
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please i'm not going to
sleep until u wirte more!
Dragonfly01 says :   14 May 2007   453866  
whats he going to do?!
is *pauses between words* matt that guy *gulp*?
nah! he cant be!
anyway, write more pls! i SO agree with Belsboys4eva !


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