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Wednesday, 25 April 2007
06:56:47 PM (GMT)
* in the middle of a large battle...red #1 comes running out of the blue bace*

red # 1___ "stop fightin, stop fighting!! everyone, everyone look on to me! for i
possess the blue flag"
red# 2____"it's more beutifull than i ever imagined!"
red # 1___ "i have seen the top of the mountain, and you shall worship me as if i
were a god!!!"

                 *blues come and bash red #1 in the head with their snipper
riffles... red #1 falls to the ground*

red #1___"i regret nothing...nothing you hear? for i lived as few men dare to

____-back on the battle field____ *reds look at the blues, then at red #1, then back
at the blues. blues look at the reds, then at red #1, then back at the reds. reds and
blues look at each other... then start fighting again*

red # 2____"oh yhea!!! take that bitches!!!___*explosion*___"oh shit!!"____*runs
blue# 2____"yes!! headshot, i totaly pwn!___*gets shot with bazuka*__" oh you rocket
bitch! you shot me...eff you you mother effer!"___*makes disturbing gurgleing noise
while falling off large rock and dies*__
red # 4___"the only good blue is a dead blue!__*runs through small stream*___"shit,
this waters really cold!"
               * there is a large rock with a red and blue on each side... they stand
up and shoot just as the other one crouches back down*
red# 2__"hey"
blue# 3__"ho"
red# 2__"hey"
blue# 3__"ho"
red# 2__"hey"
blue# 3__"ho"
                       *red #4 steals red #2's kill*
red # 2___"you god damn fag!! you stole my kill!"
red # 4____"i didn't see you name on it bitch, tough luck"
                         *red #4 runs around another large rock and gets shoot
by blue #4*
red # 4___ oh you fucking candied bitch, i hate you"
blue # 4___"its a legitimant strategy!!!"
                   *blue #4 runs behind rock and gets shot at by red #6*

blue #4___"whoa!"
red # 5 ___"crap! hey blue...we're the only ones left, lets work together"
blue #4___"what?"
red# 5___"i'm coming out now"
blue #4___"o.k. me too"
                 * both guys emerge from behind there rocks...uggg... more rocks...
and come to stand on either side of the small stream*
blue #4___"hey red, what did you mean by saying we could work together?"
                          *red #5 hits the blue guy in the head with his gun and blue
guy falles to the floor*

red# 5____"like this bitch, i bash you over the head with my snipper rifle and you
fall to the ground and die... nice team work you god damn noob." " nice game every
body! G.G... G.G... grarlch!?!?"

                   *random person off screen sums up enough streanth and stoots red#5
in the head... he falls to the ground and dies.....*

                                             hwta a very happy ending!!!   no

Dragon_Fanatic says:   9 May 2007   264511  
You watch Red vs. Blue too!?
featherlightdreamz says:   10 May 2007   189362  
oh yeah.....it pwns!!!!!

my three fav. characters are___ church,tucker,and tex....
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   16 August 2012   489441  
I love red vs blue!

My fav characters are: Tex, Caboose, Tucker, Donut, and Grif.
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says :   16 August 2012   469217  

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