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The battle of the Fur.Category: My pets.
Tuesday, 3 April 2007
03:03:20 AM (GMT)
Brief decription of both sides. 
Zac is a werewolf but like no other he can willingly change except on a full moon. He
has fair hair, amber eyes, tall, has lean muscles (even thou there is a lot of power
behind them.) When he's a wolf he looks like any other but just bigger. (On a full
moon he's looks as if he hadn't quite changed fully.)
Moggie is my marmerlade cat. Meaing she has ginger fur. She really doesn't like
canines of any type. She come's up to half way up my shin. She is the sweetest and
most evilest cat you will ever meet or not meet.
Any way it all started yesterday morning. I was talking to Flower after taking her
for a ride. We noticed Moggie hanging around the stable. The stable is where we raise
the dragons, keep the horses and Zac. 
Back to what happened. Moggie doesn't hang around the stable because after a incident
when Eragon wasn't very old but that doesn't matter. What was even wierdier was Zac
was up. Since the night before was a full moon it was a bit early for him to be up.
what at eleven? thanks flower.
"What's wrong?" Flower doesn't mean to annoy people but she doesn't think before she
speaks.sounds like someone else we know. Zac piss off. Fower said "Cat got
your tongue?"
I think it was a good job I was there or I think flower will be pushing up daisies. I
think it really hit a nerve with a sledge hammer or a powerdrill.
I forgot how scary Zac can be.
That was ok. We found out that Moggie had wandered in and woke him up. So I had to
take Moggie in to the house. 
The next incident was later when I was checking Eragon over for fleas. Can dragons
get fleas? Flower! Soz
While I was checking Eragon over I heard this scrapping noise. Me being me thought
Seska (A black cat who's a nutter.) and Moggie. I was half right. It was Moggie but
it wasn't Seska.
I ignored it then Clifford (My sister's Wyvrn.) Told me to get the frist aid quick.
When I got to Zac's cage Moggie had him cornered. Why he had transformed is beyond
me. There was a large red scratch on his nose. A cut under his left eye. His right
leg was bleeding and Moggie looked unscaved. I have no sympathy for Zac. i told him
over and over again moggie can't hurt him as much when he's human.
It was after lunch when I was going to try and take Zac for a walk. I looked
everywhere for him. Clifford said he'd gone saying that he's getting his revenge. One
thing remember this. Cat+Water = An hour of cleaning up wounds. Remembered that good.
now times it by two because Zac got Seska as well.
that was yesterday. I hope nothing happened so far. The again it's only 8:00am. I'm
going to feed them all then take Flower out. Moggie is so far more interested in
cleaning herself from head to tail.

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