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Anime Story PlotCategory: Anime Story
Thursday, 8 March 2007
03:52:59 PM (GMT)
Before I actually do anything, yes I I did this idea from Bootheghost. She said it
was an awesome idea for me to make one. So don't go complaining that I copied.
Because your comments will just be ignored, okay?

Basically what I'm planning to do is write a story and find anime pictures to put
into it, like Bootheghost did. Just so you all know what I mean by 'anime story'.
Under this little bit of information, I will write the plot.

The Earth had turned into a dark, depressing solitary place that mankind destroyed.
They ruined their world, and killed themselves off. The humans. Feared by all the
magical creatures that lived there, hidden away. But slowly, after having realised
that the humans are gone for good, these mythical creatures were creeping back to
take what was once theirs back. They took a while, as there were still half human
beings out there, such as merpeople and catpeople. But after seeing that these half
humans were very, very different from the killer race that once dominated the world,
everything went smoothly for them.

After having rebuilt all their towns and so on, and regained the ability to live
happily without needing to hide, the magical creatures reached an obstacle. One of
the young catgirls discovered a baby. A girl. A human. Immediately there was panic.
Many of the people wanted to kill the child, for it was a human, a race that every
single magical creature on Earth had learnt to hate. But in the end, it was decided,
as the human was only an infant, it would be allowed to live.

So the little girl was brought up by the catgirl's family, and now she's a very well
developed person. But fate means that she must find out about her real past. But
when? And how will she react? Only time can tell.

Yeah, not very good, I know. It'll probably be edited a few times. And Episode one
will come soon, once I figure out a title and am completely happy with the plot.

mew_berry_san says:   8 March 2007   153999  
Me thinkio it is coolio!
midnightxangel says:   8 March 2007   218239  
Thanks! Oh wow it looks like alot now o_o;
Bootheghost says :   9 March 2007   412782  
awsome! i think its a better plot than mine, cos mine is pretty
random! i shall be ur number 1 veiwer!


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