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Dreams 2 part 2Category: Dreamy Story
Saturday, 6 January 2007
05:49:15 AM (GMT)
"Nothing, nothing." i sighed, i was lolling my head round, i was trying to figure
out problems, Skate was doing the same.
"Ok then, best be off." He said, Skandar packed his bags and walked out, shouting:
"Bye Passion!"
"Love ya!" I shouted back. i heard him tutt and close the door. He really wasn't
interested anymore.
"I gotta go." Skate mumbled and followed his mother out.
"Bye, Skate." I said raised my hand and gave a little wave to him. I rushed to the
door. His mother closed the door, he was still on the street.
"Skate!" I yelled. His blonde hair prang when he turned, his saphire blue syes
sparkled with hurt.
"Yeah, What!?" He shouted, wow was he cheesed off.
"Ouch, hurt me, Skate try harder!" i yelled, i've had enough i wasn't gonna get told
off by my best pal, the sun was hurting my eyes, the wind was warm, the sun was going
down but very bright.
"So what, what do you care for me!?" He shouted, people turned in the street.i was
going red i could feel it.
"I care for you Skate you're my best pal!" I screamed.
"Oh Yeah!?"
"Why don'tcha prove it!"
"Maybe i will!" I bit my lip and i stumbled. "I kinda like you Skate." i mumbled.
"What!? You're mumbling Girl speak up." he started running, when i mumble i usually
end up unconcious, Skate only understood it, he was there for me.
"I said, what if i liked you more than a friend." i said when he came over. He was
sweating, his stud gleamed in the sunlight.
"Well you would have told me ages before, Passion?" He asked, oh boy i was hurting
him, i never keep a secret from him.
"I love you Skate." Me and Skate moved closer, we would've kissed if Skandar in his
limo hadn't beeped Skate away.
"Wow, jeez, Pazz, that's serious." He grumbled, we started laughing, his sweat soaked
hair looked gelled, he looks perfect when he's dirty lol.
"Yeah well, it's life Skate." I gave in and moved close to Skate and kissed him, he
didn't see it comming, it was so fast he went mad.
"Eugh, Get off my Passion!" He screeched, i whizzed round, hurt and slammed the door
on him.
I fell down, Presents, our dog, came up and started licking me, i wasn't breathing,
my lips were turning blue and the only person who could save my life was outside,
locked out.

To Be Continued...
Will she survive?
Will Skate tell her the truth?
Will Jaz {her character} ever lift off?
Will she break up with Skandar?

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