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Friday, 29 December 2006
06:49:51 PM (GMT)
Bloody Halls 2 (Different Person)

Meena was happy it was now the summer vacation. Now she can hang out with her new
friend Jamie. Jamie had been in a tragic life and now she has a happier one and Meena
was making her enjoy it.

"Mom can I go to Jamie's house for a sleepover?" said Meena "Sure! I'll help you pack
your things right after supper. But I think you should call Jamie's mom before we do
anything." said Meena's Mom. 

Meena turned off the T.V. and headed to phone. She had memorised Jamie's phone
number. "Hey Jamie can I talk to your mom... Oh I just wanted to ask her about your
sleepover party... Ok. I Mrs.Jones I just wanted to know if I can have a sleepover at
Jamie's house... AWESOME! I mean thank you... Bye!" said Jamie , she hung up the
phone and ran to her mom to tell her the news. "Mom , she said YES!" said Meena
happily , Meena's mom smiled "I'm happy for you. Now hurry up and eat your soup so we
can pack you bags.". 


Meena's mom drove Meena to Jamie's house. "This is gonna be so fun." Meena thought
(this was her first sleepover... maybe her last.)
Meena's mom dropped Meena off. "Have a nice time dear." said Meena's mom sweetly ,
and she drove off , Meena waved and walked to the door. 


Mrs.Jones answered the door. "Oh hi , you must be Meena , come in!" Mrs.Jones
greeted. Meena walked in. The house was really lived-like. Suddenly Jamie came
running. "Hey Meena , were gonna have so much fun!" said Jamie as she pulled Meena to
her room.

Nighttime arrived

"Jamie! I have to go to my work party! I'll see you 2 later!" said Mrs.Jones as they
heard a slam of the door. Jamie got up "Yay my mother is gone." she thought. Suddenly
the power came off. Everything was pitch black. 


"Who's there? Is that you Jamie?" said Meena trying not to sound freaked out ,
"Jamie? Jamie?" she put her hand on something cold. It felt like a hand so she
clinged on it. The lights came back on but they twitching. Meena gasped she was
holding a bloody arm. She dropped it quickly. The lights kept on twitching. She saw a
figure come closer and closer to her. The figure had a butcher's knife in her hand.
It was laughing maniacly. Meena backed up and tripped over flashlight. 


Meena's head thumped to the ground as it rolled to the figure's feet. The lights
stopped twitching. You could see the figure's face clearly now.

Was it Jamie?
Nope. If you were thinking that.
It was...
Mrs. Jones


SweetMae101 says:   29 December 2006   432929  
OMG that poor girl Meena got killed for nothing. She shouldn't have
been friends with that Jamie. And Why would her mom kill her. WHy does
she have grudges too? You don't have to answer that but still this one
is scarier then the other one!
robertgalaxy says:   29 December 2006   446859  
wow.. meena got killed right!! for not doing anything.. wow.. SCARY!
LovingHeart1 says:   29 December 2006   425885  
Wow that's scary!
Rubyrings says:   29 December 2006   842991  
PopcornParteh11 says:   31 December 2006   473345  
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (I'm gonna have bad dreams now lol)
lamb_rissa says:   4 January 2007   312853  
omg scary! (but i thought jamies mom was killed in te last story..)
Iesha210 says:   5 January 2007   426767  
No. Mrs. Jones adopted Jamie!
kokokat2324 says:   6 January 2007   753914  
im scared but its so kool so i have 2 read more!!!!!!!! its
delicious!!!!!!! o er............i mean its scary!
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! now my worst fears r gonna haunt
me 4 the rest of my life!!!!! ^-^
kokokat2324 says:   6 January 2007   361532  
wait so whos hand was meena holding on 2?
Iesha210 says:   6 January 2007   685913  
maybe Mrs. Jones other victim
mizzAzn says:   7 January 2007   239131  
I love it!!!!
PunkCutie11 says:   14 January 2007   518872  
Dat is pretty scary...i'm never gonna be able to sleep again...
MelMyaMelody says:   20 January 2007   714891  
sportychic1299 says:   13 March 2007   252371  
wow u can really write stories
LafyTafy101 says:   14 March 2007   732225  
that was scary....
scooty says:   15 March 2007   336363  
scooty says:   15 March 2007   749623  
xoFallenAngelzxo says:   1 April 2007   867766  
OMG ....>.<
kittykat1 says:   15 June 2007   627266  
i love it! it is sooooo scary!
bunniNANGEL says:   14 August 2007   938237  
Chari_the_Charizard says :   29 May 2008   958517  
COOL!Now this is what you call scary people!Congratulations!You're
the onlyy person who made a truly scary story!


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