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Young Corrupted KidsCategory: EWWWW!
Thursday, 7 December 2006
04:23:04 PM (GMT)
OMG soo many little kids are messed up these days. i met this kid on here and he was
9 years old. in his diary he was asking for girlfriends and S*x! I MEAN C'MON!! UR 9
YEARS OLD........WAIT A WHILE!!! This is so fricken messed up!!!!!!! and all these
older irls were posting"oohh yeah i'll date u and we can do it together"
EWWWWWWW.....they said it cuz they thought his CARTOON pic was hott! ANYONE CAN MAKE
THEIR PIC LOOK HOTT......he probably is a sick old man sitting at home getting
"happy" cuz little kids think he's hott.!!! i cant take this.....plz post ur

PunkyMunky11 says:   7 December 2006   884691  
I totally agree with you.
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   139291  
THANK YOU!!!! a lot of people say they disagreed!! =]]
ASD says:   7 December 2006   587196  
u is so wwrrrooonnnnngggggggggg
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   494455  
how am i wrong??????? these kids r wrong!! they are nine and have
done it with girls before! THAATS WRONG!
‹<3Fox Of Death<3› says:   7 December 2006   749495  
there is alot of people out there that will do that and they are
stupid for that they need to get on with there lifes and leave us
young people alone
kikileaky writes:   7 December 2006   884539  
i kno!! some people are really messed up in the head!
trippinout98 says:   7 December 2006   385172  
ya i agree
‹<3Fox Of Death<3› says:   7 December 2006   949573  
yup and thats y they need to leave us alone and that 9 year old
really does need to wait cuz that is messed up
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   878923  
ikno!! its called abstinance!! he probably doesnt kno what that
‹<3Fox Of Death<3› says:   7 December 2006   853985  
ya true
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   677726  
they probaly dont have a clue what they r doing and r gonna mess up
their ONLY body! but w.e. if thats what they wanna do....... i cant
help everyone!
sexyboy10896 says:   7 December 2006   634147  
i disagree
‹<3Fox Of Death<3› says:   7 December 2006   686359  
ya people can just mess up there bodys but that them and not us
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   914753  
sexy boy u disagree cuz thats WHAT U DO!!! and dont lie cuz everyone
just ahs to read ur diary.....FOR GODS SAKE UR 9 YEARS OLD!!
Mirua2 says:   7 December 2006   585245  
I think it is gross.
kikileaky says:   7 December 2006   929936  
so do u agree with me??
SkatingGalRules shouts:   7 December 2006   289997  
Rubyrings says:   7 December 2006   239915  
he`s cool
Mirua2 says:   7 December 2006   475466  
HE'S GROSS!!!!!!!
trippinout98 says:   7 December 2006   997886  
tell me about it
highschoolmusical1996 says:   8 December 2006   957248  
he is really gross and so ru rubyrings
_underscore_ says:   8 December 2006   349629  
sprousecutter says:   8 December 2006   717677  
I agree. I saw an 11 year old on here, she was asking for lesbian
cybersex! It makes me sick.
Dream2B says:   8 December 2006   329578  
Your so right some people on here are like little pervs wait alot of
people except for u and me lol no im jooking
supergirl123 says:   8 December 2006   833633  
Sooo agree
kikileaky says:   8 December 2006   522271  
i kno!! thank you all for agreeing with me!! thank god some ppl care
about themselves!!!! i wish all of u well!! <3
Chloeflower3 says:   8 December 2006   138529  
i sooooo agree. he/she must be sooo COOL. (constipated overwaited old
lady/man) lol
kikileaky says:   8 December 2006   685917  
hah!! i remember when we used to say that...i was like 10
KatzRo0l says:   8 December 2006   115968  
ur soooo right im so hapy someone finally posted it up
MaTt_4EvA_EmO says:   9 December 2006   365515  
I agree... its bout time sum1 spoke up.. it's wrong and whoeva says
and does stuff like that seriously has something wrong with them!
hereIride shouts:   9 December 2006   586554  
RedNeckPrincess says:   9 December 2006   327481  
thank u kikileaky.......and sexyboy ur not allowed to disagree, ok?
you're a little boy that should go find a hole and
probably have an std or might want to go get tested,
you could die in a few months XD
RedNeckPrincess says:   9 December 2006   732245  
btw a std is a sexually transmitted disease
RedNeckPrincess says:   9 December 2006   378914  
most of which have no cure
Alyson_96 says:   9 December 2006   133433  
i agree with redneckprincess. damn it's just sick and pisses me off!
if you look at threads, i only curse at the sick ones. its just
friggin annoying that ass holes ruin the fun of kupika (its still fun,
but not as fun anymore).
RedNeckPrincess says:   9 December 2006   697959  
yah...people make up stuff to make them more "intresting" I bet if we
stopped giving him attention he'd stop
Kait_07 says:   9 December 2006   139152  
These Kids Piss Me OFF!
Little Pervs? Yea!

kikileaky says:   9 December 2006   368446  
U guys are all right!!! sexy boy probably DOES has an
std..............hey my names katie too!!! (ppl call me kate!!)
clouds12 says:   9 December 2006   358519  
hey i TOTALLY agree with u! he is a sick sick person, he even said
he's having twins with his gf!! like what  a liar!!!!
RedThorn22 says:   9 December 2006   755948  
sexyboy10896 is a pervert
hereIride says:   9 December 2006   936551  
i know. and anybody else who thinks the opposite has done it with him
melonyjcha says:   9 December 2006   762189  
i tatally agree with u kikileaky!
lozzobaby says:   9 December 2006   161539  
i totally agree with you
& can i ask you a question how old r u couse you would be a good prime
you'd even give tony blair a run for his money
monkigirl says:   9 December 2006   398244  
i agree thats nasty
prettystar123 says:   9 December 2006   796219  
kikileaky you are so right!
kikileaky says:   9 December 2006   335922  
hey!!! im 13....i like tony blair...i live in the USA but we are
allies so its all good!!
penpalgirl says:   9 December 2006   585942  
iv had ciber sex but never use any info
kikileaky suggests:   9 December 2006   557271  
ohh well thats still try not to do it anymore kayy?
kikileaky says:   9 December 2006   592188  
i think im gonna make an ad to promote not being perverted like some
of these kids are!!
Koolkid says:   9 December 2006   335518  
*mocks sexy boy * i disagree
Hahalover says:   9 December 2006   188739  
i totally agree 
Rusty_Starr says:   9 December 2006   934337  
i agree w/ u but one diary entry wont really change the way ppl think
.... as u cant see by ready ur comments theirs still stupid ppl that
disagree so dont worry to much. :]
Rusty_Starr says:   9 December 2006   551563  
reading not ready ,sry
kikileaky says:   10 December 2006   189914 u disagree or ru making fun of him?
‹anastasiya's a fuck face.› says:   10 December 2006   635867  
thats frekin disgusting.
RedHalo says:   10 December 2006   423334  
koolkid.....why? that was finny kiki
fallten10 says:   10 December 2006   461286  
i really hate cutie_cutie
fallten10 says:   10 December 2006   618872  
he is trying to have it with 8 yearolds
RedNeckPrincess says:   10 December 2006   934268  
lol an ad?
RedNeckPrincess says:   10 December 2006   286819  
doesn't seem like people are trying to do anything about these "mini"
kikileaky says:   11 December 2006   588846  
yeh.....i never made the ad!!! might seem too straight
RedNeckPrincess says:   12 December 2006   937175  
LoL....straight forward shmorward! LoL!
kikileaky says:   12 December 2006   592936  
why do u want me to make one??? i will .....if u want me too
picklestar06 says:   15 December 2006   614754  
omg people are startin out soo gross and are goin to b pedifiles
‹Skelly› says:   15 December 2006   999723  
due im 11 and i dont eventhink about sex im probley not going to have
it till im engaged so i know i gave it to someone i love not some slez
kikileaky says :   16 December 2006   682593  
i kno....thats why i blacklist them when i find out they are GROSS!!


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