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part 4 plantfuck the sexistCategory: (general)
Friday, 6 March 2020
05:37:21 AM (GMT)
Plantfuck told me she was gonna talk to her ex, so my respect for her decreased 

anywho plantfuck decided the ingenious decision to talk to her abusive ex, because
she's a fuckin moron "he's the only one who ever understood me waaaaaaaaaaaa, yeah
fuck that crazyhot guy" (paraphrasing). so leo who was said ex, ununundied pretty
much told me via discord "lol i'm using her to make me feel better, putting her
though a shredder in front of my friends makes my ego swell even more" (actual
musa AKA rem AKA biggest retard I have met and plantfuck had phone sex which I found
the most hilarious thing in the world. this was in her I am always horny phase, even
called me once and said "please mister crazyhot sir please have the phone sex with
me" when I said no like a sane human being she said and I quote "but but MEN ARE
SUPPOSED TO BE EASY". this is when I noticed something, she hates men.
Like she thinks men are the worst, always telling me how men just suck in general,
pretty much became the biggest sexist I have ever known. while she was in her horny
phase another of her terrible Exes came back to her life and her dumbassery towards
this ex will be explained

Last edited: 6 March 2020

pussydestroyer says:   6 March 2020   585252  

i need to know the conclusion of this thrilling saga!!!!!!!
pussydestroyer says:   6 March 2020   424831  
the tea is SCATHING, as faggots tend to say
plantsforhire says:   6 March 2020   955155  
Keep lying and I'll give everyone on kupika your address lmao
‹2tbsp› says:   6 March 2020   660639  
Oh shit, we got doxxing in the mix now.
plantsforhire says:   6 March 2020   772783  
I can give you his number as well as his mother's!! 
plantsforhire says:   6 March 2020   891152  
And Zach since you're so good at psychoanalyzing people you'd realize
I hate men because my dad molested me and I use sex to get control
Maybe that makes me a slut but at least I'm not sitting at home
drinking 4 quarts of mountain dew playing RuneScape and masturbating
to hentai 
Suck my dick
plantsforhire says:   6 March 2020   181687  
And also ffion you're the biggest attention whore I know so why are
you even talking 
That's why you cheated on your online girlfriend to give some random
dude a tit job at a party 
You can also suck my dick 
BiggieAl says:   6 March 2020   137501  

Mountain Dew and hentai, that’s my dream night 
crazyhot says:   6 March 2020   651056  
I like how I do none of those things 
pussydestroyer says:   7 March 2020   610444  
i like how none of this is true or even a worthy excuse
shame she's gone but we know she'll be back to attention whore again
when her personality disorder makes her whole attitude switch and
she's lacking in irl male attention
madting B)
BiggieAl says:   7 March 2020   278377  
I’m pretty sure she’s Bayonnaise
Grizzlies says:   12 March 2020   735075  
this is the best thing to happen to kupika in years
BiggieAl says :   12 March 2020   661101  

Nah that’s you bby  

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