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Sunday, 14 July 2019
12:09:32 PM (GMT)
angel; do you have a nickname?
not currently 

awe; how old are you?
only 20 I'm a baby

baby; favourite colour?

bloop; spirit animal?
cliche but cat

blossom; favourite book/movie/song?
book: anything agatha christie 
movie: song of the sea or the secret garden or sunset boulevard
song: can't choose but right now I'm listening to the two armed man by

blush; what was your stuffed animal as a child?
I had a black webkinz cat named voodoo

breeze; most precious childhood memory?
walking in the forest with my parents when rhey were still together 
my dad had me convinced that fairies were everywhete

bright; mermaids or fairies?

bubbles; do you have a best friend?
I have a few

buttercup; showers or baths?
baths for relaxing 
showering for feeling clean and less depressed

butterfly; dream destination?
anywhere in mexico

buttons; are you religious or spiritual?
not really but I'm curious

calm; favourite scent?
those white japanese lilacs that bloom in late july 

candlelight; what did you dream about last night?
I think i punched my sister's husband

charming; have you ever been in love?

cozy; eye/hair colour?
my eyes are like blue green grey they change 
and my hair is dark red

cuddly; what’s your favourite time period?
I'm dumb but victorian 

cupcake; favourite flower/plant?
vanda orchids or venus fly traps 

cute; what did you get on your last birthday?
I don't think I did anything for my last birthday 

cutie pie; most precious item you own?
my tarantula Charlotte

cutsie; what makes you happy?
it's been so long i cant remember. 
sorry Matt that was so emo 
but the smallest things make me happy 
it took me a long time to get to this point but I could look around and find
something that makes me happy 
I'm on the bus rn coming from work and the guy sitting across from me has a flower
tucked behind his ear

daisies; describe a moment when you felt free.
ummm rn I'm about to get an apartment and it's cute and I'm making 15 dollars an hour
so financially I'm doing okay

daydream; how do you want to be remembered?
hopefully as kind idk

daylight; favourite album of all time?
a lesson in romantics and the pinkprint 
dont judge me

dear; zodiac sign?

delightful; concerts or museums?

dimples; have you ever written a letter?
of course
I love writing letters it feels really special

dobby; dream job?
laying in a hole in the ground while people throw money at me. 
no really mortuary science or social work 

doll; how do you like to dress?
it depends 
I only ever really wear black because any other color feels weird to wear 
I like being comfy but pretty

dovey; any paranormal/magical experiences?
not recently

dreams; do you want or have any tattoos?
I have a stupid saturn finger tattoo matching with my stupid ex
I'm gonma cover it with a cameo  

drizzle; do you believe in aliens?

euphoric; talk about someone you love.
I platonically love my coworker that I bake with 
shes  a sweetie

fairy; do you have a pet?
2 cats and a tarantula

fluffy; ocean or mountain?
I've never been to the ocean but I'm sure I'd love it 
I've been to montana and it sucked

forever; where do you feel time stop?
when I eat siete fuego chips

froglet; are you a good plant owner?
I love plants so much it's the most annoying thing about me 

garden; how many languages do you know?
sarcasm xD

gem; who are your favourite kupikans?
honestly sam because she's always sweet to literally everyone 
and shes studying to be a veterinarian like she cares about animals that much
otherwise aeisha because she's really sweet too 

giggles; what is your aesthetic of choice?

glittery; do you like anons? why/why not?
fuck if i care lol
why are you emo 
anyway no because it'd kill me not knowing who sent it

glow; list the top 5 things you like about yourself
my ugly birthmark
my hair 
my singing voice (only sometimes) 
my nose even though I still kinda hate it 
my work ethic

heart; silk or lace?

honey; coffee or tea? how do you take it?
I cant handle hot coffee
I probably have an ulcer from eating spicy food 
I love iced matcha with a splash of lemonade 
or black iced coffee 
maybe with vanilla almond milk idk

hugsy; do you enjoy people watching or bird watching more? why?
I like people watching and this sounds creepy but I like watching people when they
think no one is paying attention 
because its like a side of them thats more vulnerable idk
I sound like dexter 

hunnybunch; what sounds help you sleep?
my fan
nikki glamour

jewel; what’s your favourite kind of weather?
cloudy, grey, around 60 degrees
I love rain too

jiggly; what do you usually like to do on weekends?
work 😢
on my days off I binge watch tv and do basic things like eat

joy; do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
depends on who I'm around
I have an ugly laugh so only people Im comfortable with will hear it
otherwise I'm like heheheh xD 

kinky; do you blush easily?
way too easily

kisses; what romantic cliché do you wish for most?
not meeting someone on tinder 
all my co-workers are like you're ao hot download tinder all the girls will want you
but I'm like 
like that's probably how Id die 

kitty; what’s your favourite time of the day?

ladybug; what’s your favourite artist to listen to when you’re sad?
ollie mn because almost all of his songs have some form of comic relief 
like I'll be ugly crying and then hes like  
plz return my shrek dvds 
and it gets me every time 

love; what is your favourite season and why?
spring because its rainy and all my favorite flowers are.comimg out 

lovey; what is your favourite flavor of macaroon and ice cream?
not to be that bitch but its not macaroon its macaRON
and tiramisu
for ice cream strawberry

magic; what are five flaws you have?
I have a million but I'm trying to be positive about myself and beat my depression so
I'll skip this one .....

moonlight; do you prefer soft pastels, warm neutrals, or cool darks?
cool darks
sounds like me 
cool and dark

munchkin; what do you look for in your significant other?
creative and kind

paddywack; how would you describe a perfect date?
moonlit picnic

pebbles; how do you spend free time by yourself?
lately I dont have free time
but when I do I spend time w my siblings and I also take care of my plants

precious; what is something valuable that you learned in your life?
no one can fix you except yourself 
and no matter how much you want to you  can't fix anyone else

pretty; do you like to cook or bake more?

prince; how would you describe your handwriting?
ummm ugly

princess; do you play any instruments? if not, are there any you wish you could

prinky; how do you relieve stress?
again not to be that bitch but meditating 
it only works if you're not super depressed though 
so prozac then meditation lmao

pumpkin; what is your favourite kind of fruit/vegetable?
granny smith apples or watermelon w lime.and chili powder
I like english cucumbers

rainbow; what was the last line of the last book you read?
dude I'm on the bus rn

roses; what is the most significant event in your life so far?
my dads death 

ok I'm home goodnight

SubGenius says:   15 July 2019   622241  
it's not even emo tho, i thought i had some really good answers and
then just sorta realized that i hadn't done any of the things i'd
thought of in years, and didn't care to. i guess if i had had had to
pick something, it'd be reading? it's the only hobby of mine i still
actively engage in. (for now. trying to fix that as i pick myself up
bit by bit.) i dunno that i feel "happy" after i set down a book
really, but it's a nice escape in-the-moment type deal. 

oh, maybe my cat. shes pretty neato.

im doing really good ok i haven't been this emotionally stable in a
long time.   :c
philodendrons says:   15 July 2019   748787  
I actually get kind of sad and spacey after I finish a book 
it's good that you read though most people don't take the time to 
idk if you care at all but if you're struggling with depression plants
can really help
it's something small that you can take care of and its not as big of a
responsibility as a pet 
and it shows growth and progress so it's like something to get excited
idk even when I couldn't take care of myself ot always felt good to
take care of my plants 
plus they're really interesting and fun to learn about 
so maybe getting a couple plants could help you 
I know it's lame but its one of the biggest things that helped me 
Grizzlies says :   18 July 2019   196777  
wtf ily!!!

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