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DevotionCategory: (general)
Thursday, 28 February 2019
11:59:30 PM (GMT)
Kate didn't want to worry about the small details of what her next actions should
entail, she just wanted to finally be free and rid of anymore repetitive anxiety.This
was going to finally be her chance to be at peace and what better peace than what was
eternal rest?That which within common knowledge, was known as 'death'.The mere
thought of it's sweet release left her with a pleasant sensation coursing through her
body that she was unable to explain but nonetheless, seemed triggered by the
anticipation, yes, she was ready. Kate opened the capsule of pills which she had
finally succeeded in extricating from a chest where she knew her sister kept them
inside her room, after tonight, everybody was gonna regret the way they ever treated
her. Laying on her bed, indulging the last thoughts she would ever have in the world
of the living, flashes of the people she knew, who were responsible for motivating
her present actions, started to drift through her mind and as this happened, it
further cemented what she wanted to do.

Considering the two main culprits at hand, Kate's mind decided to firstly settle on
Leon, the one who had broken her heart and who's love she had only wanted to finally
be hers and hers alone all this time.He'd hurt her in a way that struck her to her
very core and had put her through such hell, that her mental sanity could no longer
hold on and it led to the actions that meant she needed to either leave this world
now or spend the rest of her natural life a prisoner on it. She found that she
heavily favored the former, the fate of herself could now at least be hers and hers
alone and she would make sure of it.She had had to deal with so much from those
two...she planned to finally seal away her pain for all eternity tonight, 'I deserve
to be able to make this decision', she thought.Right after thinking that, she began
thinking of culprit number 2 who just couldn't stay away from her man or apparently
understand that by not doing so, she was placing herself in grave danger, not
realizing the monster her actions were going to trigger to come up out of Kate to
play that night.

Initially, she'd trusted her and felt that she genuinely just wanted to be there for
her, she never would've suspected she was capable of bringing her the pain and
heartache she had and there was a time when if anybody tried to say anything negative
about her, she would come to her defense in a heartbeat.If she had it her way, a part
of her deep down inside would've preferred to have never have had to do what she did,
but she just couldn't take it anymore and the same pain that drove her actions then,
drove her actions now.She'd already had a fragile psyche and then finally she just
snapped, and it took her from double homicide to the suicide she now intended for
herself.Kate started to swallow the pills and iaid back down on the bed, waiting for
them to take effect as her mind began to flashback to all the events which has
dominated the past year and six months.

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