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Wednesday, 7 January 2015
11:01:16 PM (GMT)
Alex laid in bed boredly, letting out a long sigh as he looked down at the watch
around his wrist, waiting for his beloved boyfriend to get home from work. He chewed
on his bottom lip, knowing his boyfriend would he stressed when he came home. He
quickly sat up and got off the bed, pulling out a box from the closet, grinning

Casper walked through the door, closing it behind him and throwing his bag to the
floor. He slipped off his jacket as he walked into the bedroom, tired as hell. "Hey
Alex...." he trailed off once he saw his boyfriend laying in bed, completely naked, 
his wrists cuffed to the headboard and various sex toys were scattered along the bed.
The smaller boy was blindfolded and blushing deeply, knowing his boyfriend was
staring at him.

Casper swallowed hard as his eyes roamed Alex's body, biting his lip as he approached
the bed. "Fuck, Alex.."  He murmed, more to himself, as he ran a hand up Alex's
thigh, the other down his chest and to his stomach.

Alex giggled as he spread his legs wider. "Mmm Master, are you here to teach me a
lesson~? I know how much this stuff turns you on...come play with me, Master~!" He
cooed out, acting as innocent as he could.

Casper bit his bottom lip, lust beginning to cloud his dark eyes. He gave a small
smirk, wrapping his left hand around Alex's flaccid cock. "Tell Daddy what you want
him to do~" he purred out sensually.

Alex smirked and hummed softly as his cock began to harden "I want Daddy to play with
me, make me beg for him.. then make himself feel good with my tight little body." he
whined out, almost moaning.

Casper gave another smirk, the hand around Alex's cock beginning to pick up pace. He
held up two fingers with his other hand up to Alex's lips and gently tapped the lower
one. "Suck." He ordered.

Alex opened his mouth and sucked in his fingers, suckling on them expertly. He pulled
away for breath and panted "Maybe I should be sucking something a lot bigger,Daddy~"
he purred, licking his lips.

Casper smirked, hearing his words. "Would my baby boy like that?" He asked, taking
his fingers and positioning them at Alex's entrance, entering one.

Alex gasped, feeling one of his boyfriend's long fingers slip inside him "Mmm Daddy~
I bet you just want to Fuck my mouth, mm go ahead Daddy, I miss the taste of your
cock." he said, his voice dripping with lust.

"Fuck.." Casper murmured, turned on by the sound of his voice.. He adjusted himself
so his member was in front of Alex's mouth, one hand taking a hold Alex's hair and
guiding the blind folded male on to his cock.

Alex smirked as he took his boyfriend's huge, thick cock down his throat. He started
to bob his head, sucking on it as his tip hit the back of his throat continually,
Alex making sure not to even choke or gag.

Casper groaned happily, not releasing his hair, pulling slightly. He soon started to
thrust in time with Alex's movements, moaning loudly. 

Alex pulled at the cuffs, taking more and more of his boyfriend's cock in his mouth
until his entire length was down his throat and in his mouth.

Casper continued to give grunts and groans of approval, tilting his head back in
pleasure. He panted softly, grabbing one of the toys. It was a dildo, smaller than
his own member, but he thought it might be fun to tease his boyfriend with it.

Alex carried on working at his boyfriend's cock, Alex got even more aroused by the
sounds Casper made and he was horny, needing pleasure and he needed a lot of it.

Casper shut his eyes in delight for a moment before opening them back up, looking at
Alex. "You look so sexy sucking on me~" he purred, poking the dildo at Alex's
entrance teasingly.

Alex gasped and pulled away from his cock, panting hard. "Mm Daddy, Fuck me with it
pleassee~" he whined desperately, sucking and licking at his dominating boyfriend's

Casper groaned and grunted softly in response, pushing the toy deep into him before
pulling it out and pushing it back in repeatedly, fucking him with the toy.

Alex gasped and arched his back, screeching in pleasure "f-Fuck yes Daddy! G-give me
more! I need more!" He moaned out, whimpering in pleasure.

"More? Tell Daddy how much more you want." He smirked, moving the toy faster. He
reached over to a different toy on the bed with his free hand, grabbing a cock ring
and slipping it on to Alex's hard member so he wouldn't be able to cum until it was

"You wanna know what I really want? I want you all to myself, I want to Fuck me and
only me! God I'm so tight for you.. all for you" he purred out, feeping the cold ring
slip onto his throbbing cock.

"Beg. Daddy wants to hear you beg." Casper said hotly in his ear, not stopping the
movements of the toy.

"Fuck me! Please Fuck me master!! Fuck your dirty little boy! I'm so fucking wanna feel me around your big fat cock?" He panted out, biting his
bottom lip hard.

Casper let out a shaky breath, a smirk playing at his lips. "Mm, I wanna fuck my
dirty little boy so bad~" he purred, pulling the dildo out and lining himself up with
Alex's entrance.

"Mmm yeah master, take off the blindfold? Let me watch you Fuck me senseless?" Alex
whispered, licking his lips and curling his toes excitidly.

Casper smirked and reached over, untying the blindfold and throwing it aside. He
rested his hands on Alex's hips before slowly pushing into his tight asshole.

Alex gasped and tilted his head back, instantly wrapping his legs around his
boyfriend's waist "t-tell me how tight I a-am Daddy.." He moaned out.

"Ngh, you're so fucking tight baby, I could fuck you all night and day~" he growled
as he started to thrust in and out, gripping onto Alex's hips tightly.

Alex started to arch his back and moan out his boyfriend's name loudly. He panted and
let out little high pitched noises, feeling the bed rocking underneath them.

Casper leaned down to Alex's neck, biting down on his skin in response, smirking a
little bit, enjoying Alex's loud moans.He held on to his hips tighter as he moved
deeper inside of him, hitting his prostate.

"Oh Fuck baby!! There!!.a-ah!!! Right there!" He screamed as he pulled on the cuffs
and moaned loudly like a porn star. His eyes rolled back in pleasure and he let his
head tilt backwards, just loving the feeling of Casper's cock deep inside his ass.

"Scream my name baby, I wanna hear you yell louder~" Casper growled in his ear as he
slammed against his prostate. "Tell Daddy how much you love having his cock inside

"DADDY CASPER~!!" He screamed, shaking with pleasure "You make me feel so good!! With
that big thick hard cock of yours!! Ngh!! This is so much better than me fingering
myself and pretending its you!!" He moaned out at the top of his lungs.

Casper dragged his teeth down Alex's throat, groaning happily. "You scream so
beautifully Baby boy~" he said hotly in his ear, pulling out nearly all the way
before slamming back in against his prostate.

Alex screamed even louder, arching his backand pulling at the cuffs harshly "c-cum!
I-I gotta cum!! I-I'm gonna o-orgasm!!" He whimpered out loudly, his cock throbbing,
needing release.

"Beg and I'll let you cum." He smirked, not removing the cock ring yet as he snapped
his hips forward, not slowing his thrusts, getting closer to his own release.

"Please!! Please master!! Let me cum!! I-it hurts!!" He screamed, tightening around
Casper's member.

Casper gave a slight grunt in response, removing the cock ring and quickly stroking
Alex as he pounded hard into him. He soon came inside Alex, his hot seed gushing out
and filling up the smaller boy.

"O-Oh sh-shit! Your cum f-feels so g-goo- AH!!" He screamed as he came all over his
stomach before going limp on the bed, panting.

Casper smirked, panting softly as he slowly pulled out, some more of his cum dripping
out. He proceeded to uncuff Alex.

Alex's arms dropped to his side's as he panted "s-so.. good.. baby.." He breathed,
exhausted from the rough sex.

Casper pecked Alex's lips softly, still panting as he laid down beside him, running
his fingers through his hair.

Alex curled up into Casper's chest happily.. He pressed his lips to his bare chest,
lovingly murming out "I love you" before closing his eyes.

Casper smiled softly when hearing those words. He wrapped his arms around Alex's
small body and kissed his head. "I love you too."

The end~

‹Vampiric Love Raped Me› says:   15 January 2015   195495  
Ew, nasty as hell
‹aleхcнan тнe ĸawaιι ѕĸιттleprιnce› says:   15 January 2015   775662  

Gay sex is fucking hot 
‹Vampiric Love Raped Me› says:   18 January 2015   738599  
To each their own. 
‹Gross› says:   23 August 2015   711698  
Jfc, I got hard reading this lol
‹aleхcнan тнe ĸawaιι ѕĸιттleprιnce› says :   23 August 2015   830177  

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