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Speak of Love (OHSHC fanfic) Chapter 5: SaviorCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 September 2014
11:41:27 PM (GMT)
Been a little while, but even longer for here. I updated this a few weeks ago on
fanction.net. But here it is. As this fanfiction develops, I'm seeing the possibility
of having lemons/limes (which is sexual content) and if I do decide to add one, I
most likely won't post it, but I'll post the link to it for fanfiction.net just in
case someone wanted to read it. Here we go!

Chapter 5: Savior

Under the safety of her covers, Haruhi closed her eyes in an attempt to forget what
was happening right outside her window. But no matter how hard she tried, it was
always there; the loud booms, the bright lights, and the crippling fear. She felt
completely and utterly alone in the darkness that engulfed her.
	Only when she heard the faint click of the apartment door open did she feel a small
amount of relief. Haruhi tried to bring herself to get out of bed and greet her
savior of the night, but a loud clap of thunder immobilized her.
	After opening the door of Haruhi’s commoner home, Kyoya called out in a giddy, yet
silky voice, “I’m here, Haruhi. Where are you?”
“I’m in my room, senpai.” Haruhi responded, though she wasn’t positive he
could hear her over the sound of raindrops hitting the windows. 	
	In the living room, Kyoya was pleased to see that she had laid out some towels and a
set of clothes for him. He was drenched to the bone and wanted to get into dry
clothes—even if it was only a pair of Ranka’s old sweatpants and a tee shirt.
After taking off his shoes at the door and collecting the things laid out for him,
Kyoya made his way to the bathroom. He dried off and changed clothes quickly, also
making sure to fix his scraggly wet hair a bit.
	Once he reached Haruhi’s bedroom door, he paused for a moment out of sheer
nervousness. He had finally realized what he was doing here.
‘God, what am I going to do? I don’t know how to comfort someone, let alone
her. How the hell am I supposed to do this?! What if I let something stupid slip?
What am I going to do then? I don’t know if I’m ready to tell her how I’m
feeling yet. I shouldn’t be freaking out like this! Dammit, is this what Tamaki
feels like all the time?’ 
	The now not-so-cool-and-collected Kyoya put his head in his hands during his brief
mental breakdown and did so until a flash of lightning lit up the entire apartment
and brought him back to his senses. His absurd and overly dramatic thoughts only
lasted a few seconds.
‘I can’t just leave her in there by herself. I came here for one reason and
that is to help Haruhi. I’m not really quite sure how to do that yet, but that
doesn’t matter. All that matters right now is her.’
	Upon entering Haruhi’s room, he saw what he had never ever wished to see. Haruhi
was curled up under her eyes shut and her hand over her ears, partially shielding
them from the random loud thunder claps. She looked afraid and defenseless. Kyoya
stood in the doorway for a brief moment, his eyes wide and glassy with worry and
fear. Not wanting to spend any more time seeing her in such a state, he made his way
across the room and sat on the edge the twin bed near Haruhi. He cautiously placed a
hand on her back and thought to himself, ‘Since this bed is so tiny, that means
we’ll just get to be closer.' He smiled at the thought, but then quickly cast
it off when he heard Haruhi’s soft, shaky whisper.
“You’re here Kyoya-senpai.” She took her hand off of her left ear, but
continued to keep her eyes shut.
“Of course.
	They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity with only a few brief roars of
thunder and terrified winces to temporarily cease it. Kyoya began to get
uncomfortable just sitting on the edge of the bed and decided move back closer to the
middle of the bed and rest his back against the wall that was behind it. Haruhi moved
back with him and then proceeded to rest her head on his lap to calm herself—she
felt like it would be pointless sitting up because the thunder would just make her
want to become small again. Her move shocked the shadow king a bit, but he was also
pleased to see her looking peaceful in a way—and he also couldn’t disregard how
amazing it was to have her so close to him. While continuing to rub her back, he
looked down at her and smiled.
‘This feels absolutely perfect. Besides the fact that she is scared, I see so
much peace in her face. Also, the fact that we are so close is exhilarating and it
could not feel any more right. I really do hope I’m helping her.’
	With time, the thunderstorm began to die out and with each passing roll of thunder;
Haruhi’s reactions became less and less dramatic. Eventually they stopped all
together and it seemed as though Kyoya’s comforting hands had lulled her to sleep.
The raven haired boy was beginning to nod off to sleep as well when he heard a voice
he hadn’t heard for what seemed like forever (though, it was only an hour and a
half or so).
“Thank you for being here. It really means a lot senpai.” 
“It’s no problem.” Replied Kyoya sleepily.
There was a short silence between them made quieter by the letting-up of the rain.
Then Haruhi looked up at Kyoya with her large chocolate eyes. Oh, how he had longed
to see those eyes since he got there that evening. 
“Hey Kyoya-senpai?” Haruhi asked in an unserious and semi-sleepy tone.
“Do you remember the last time we were in bed together?” She asked with a small
He chuckled softly and returned, “Why yes I do.”
“Yeah.  You tried to rape me.” She stated bluntly, yet lightheartedly.
“Well to be fair, I was only trying to prove a point.” Kyoya countered with a
“Then can you do me a favor senpai?”
“And what would that be Haruhi?”
“Don’t try to prove any points tonight.”
At that moment Kyoya had to restrain himself from laughing. He never thought that she
would say something so ridiculous like that. 
“I’m not that kind of a man, Haruhi. You have absolutely nothing to worry
“It’s not like you’d have anything to gain from me anyways.” She said with a
The raven haired host only smiled back at her in response and after a few moments of
silence, Haruhi spoke up again.
“I’m going to go to sleep Kyoya-senpai. You don’t have to stay the night, but I
would really appreciate it if you stayed until I fell asleep.”
“As you wish Haruhi. Goodnight.”
	Haruhi lifted her head off of Kyoya’s lap and moved over to lay her head on the
pillow beside him. After she found a comfortable spot, she immediately fell asleep.
Kyoya watched the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest once her breathing became slow
and steady. He also took time to admire her pure, peaceful face that was now
completely oblivious to the fear it once felt. Her delicate skin was completely free
of any sign of stress and her lips were parted ever so slightly, which gave her an
innocent, childlike look.
	‘I think it would be impossible for anyone to look as beautiful as she does at
this very moment; or ever for that matter. She is perfection in the flesh. But still,
she was foolish to say that I would have nothing to gain from her. Though what she
gives me has no monetary value and will not help me in my journey to of being head of
the Ootori family business, I have everything to gain from her. Haruhi Fujioka, you
could finally be the one to give me something I’ve been longing for, for most of my
life: happiness.’
	With one last look at her sleeping soundly, Kyoya quietly got out of her bed and
turned to walk out of her room. When he reached her door he paused for a moment
before deciding to go back and do what he had wanted to do all night. 
	Once again he stood at the side of the bed and took in the image of her before
leaning over and kissing her softly on the forehead. The girl stirred slightly but
did not wake. And with his heart beating at a rapid pace, he turned and walked back
across the room. He stole another quick glance at the love of his life before gently
closing the door and leaving the Fujioka residence.

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