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Speak of Love (Fanfic) Chapter 4: A Dreaming DayCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 29 July 2014
03:27:29 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4: A Dreaming Day

	After taking Haruhi’s hand, Kyoya led her into a small room, away from the rest
of the hosts. The room was dimly lit and beautifully decorated with candles and
detailed paintings of colorful roses along the white walls. As breathtaking as it
was, it was also an oddity because Kyoya was never aware a room like this even
existed in Ouran Academy; but his curiosity was soon cast away when he remembered
whose hand was touching his own.
	After the two of them sat down on the red velvet sofa conveniently placed in the
center of the room, Kyoya released the girl’s hand and placed his on his
uncontrollable shaking leg. A small blush then crossed his face when he noticed that
Haruhi had placed her delicate hand upon his. His blushed deepened when she started
to speak to him and rub his hand with her thumb.
“Kyoya-senpai, what is it that you wanted?” 
She then flashed a faint—almost embarrassed— smile that made him melt inside.
“Well I-I… I just wanted to tell you something.” Kyoya’s voice wavered as he
“Well then, what is it?”
	Attempting to regain his composure, the raven haired boy drew in a deep breath. With
an nervous and nearly inaudible voice, he answered “I lov—“
	Bright sunlight ripped through Kyoya’s dark bedroom and forced open his tired
grey-brown eyes. Once they partially adjusted to the new light, his eyes met his
sister Fuyumi, who was walking towards his door. With a groan, the hypotensive evil
lord sat up in his bed and muttered, “You know, you could’ve just come over and
told me to wake up instead of making me half blind.”
“It’s nearly noon Kyoya; I think you kinda deserve it.” 
“Whatever. I was up late last night.”
“Did you have a rough night or something? You never fall asleep with your glasses
Kyoya put his hands on his face and discovered that his glasses were, indeed, on his
face. He adjusted them so they were even and responded coolly, “No, I’m fine. I
was just examining some important data.”
“Like wha—”
“It doesn’t matter; I don’t want to talk about it. Can you leave now?” 
“Of course.” 
	Fuyumi shuffled out of his room, knowing it was time to take her leave. His eyes
were completely and utterly terrifying, which made it clear to her that Kyoya was
distressed. She desperately wanted to help, but finally settled with leaving him
alone because she knew well how Kyoya let absolutely no one into his personal life.
That worried her.

	Immediately after hearing the click door being closed, the normally calm and
collected Kyoya placed his head in his hands in order to keep himself from crying out
in frustration.
	For three days in row now, his dreams have been interrupted in some way. Thursday
and Friday it was an alarm and today it was Fuyumi. At this point he was convinced
that the universe didn’t want him and Haruhi together; whether it is in reality or
in his dreams. All he wanted was to finish his sentence.
‘“I love you, Haruhi.”
“I love you too, Kyoya. I’ve loved you ever since I walked into the host club for
the first time. Your beauty has always entranced me; as has your coolness and
intelligence. Please kiss me now and tell me we’ll be together forever.”
“I promise we will be together forever.”’
	The mere thought of her feeling the same way made him giddy and gave him enough
vigor to get up and start his bleak Saturday.
In the shower, he thought of the kiss they may someday share.
While combing his hair and getting dressed, he dreamt of holding her small frame
against his body during the hug he might give her.
When he was balancing the host club’s budget, he thought of the intellectual
conversations he and Haruhi may someday have.
And from then, through dinner, he pondered what life would be like with such an
astonishing girl by his side.
	Only when Kyoya came back to the comfort of his room at the end of his day of
dreaming did his fantasizing cease. After entering and then promptly closing the door
behind him, the raven haired boy scanned the room to look for what he thought to be
his most valuable possession: his little black book.
	Though he would never admit it, his book isn’t only filled with schedules,
budgets, and other host club accounting business. It also contains many of his
deepest thoughts; it could be considered a diary of sorts, but Kyoya would never call
it that even if that’s all it was. The topics in his book could range from business
affairs, background information about the host club guests, or his thoughts about the
people around him. Something about Haruhi could be found on nearly every page whether
it be about her debt or his feelings for her. Often times he would print her name in
small letters in the corner the page he was writing on—similar to how children
would write the names of their crushes inside hearts in between scribbling notes in
during class.
	After making his way to the mahogany desk in the corner of his room, the seemingly
uptight host lazily collapsed into his desk chair, relieved to finally make it to the
end of the day. After he finally located a pen in sea of clutter on his desk, Kyoya
finally began his favorite activity: writing. Writing fictional stories isn’t
really the shadow king’s cup of tea; he preferred to write journal entries. 
	Kyoya opened his trusty journal and began searching for a blank page. While flipping
through his entries, he stumbled upon a rant he had written in the beginning of his
first year of high school. ‘I had no clue my book was this old. Perhaps I should
buy a new book; I’m sure I’m running out of pages by now.’
	To reminisce, Kyoya decided to read it:
 	“Damn everything to hell! No. Damn anyone who stands in the way of my success.
Why couldn’t I have been the first son? Taking over the Ootori family business is
something I feel like I was made for. I deserve this! Why can’t father understand
that?! Even with my absolutely perfect grades and social status, I still don’t
stand a chance against my brothers. I am the third son. The third son is normally
receives nothing in terms of inheriting family business, but I’ve come too far to
let that happen. I need this and I won’t let anyone or anything get in my way.
Father will be proud.”

	Thoughts of his old rant plagued his mind as he began to write on a blank page. He
wondered if his thoughts had changed at all now that Haruhi made her way into his
life. Was she more important? Though she had become one of his main topics of
thought, the rest of his brain was still clouded in future family affairs and his
will to surpass his father’s expectations.
	His train of thought bounced back and forth between his left and right brain;
between business and love. 
‘As an Ootori, it’s my job to be the best at everything I do. If Haruhi was
brought into the picture, I would most certainly lose track of what is most
important. And plus, if I was losing track of things, there would be no way I could
surpass my brothers.’ 
	Kyoya set down his pen once he completed his entry and proceeded to skim over
it, though it didn’t do much good because he wasn’t focused.
‘But maybe with Haruhi I could finally be happy. I remember a few years ago
Fuyumi asked me if I ever would be and now I think Haruhi is the answer to that.
She’s made me smile when there is no reason to and made me think about why I am the
way I am. Is this fascinating woman my true key to happiness?’ 
	Once again, he skimmed over his new entry that contains business affairs
followed by a paragraph about the romantic idea of him and female host’s life
together. Afterward, he closed his book and looked out the window to see raindrops
begin to fall on the glass. Kyoya had always found the rain to be rather peaceful,
now that he knew the one he loved had and immense fear of thunderstorms, it made him
	Before he knew it, his phone was in his hand and he was dialing Haruhi’s home
phone number. The rain began to come down harder as he brought it up to his ear,
confident she would answer since Ranka was at work. One clap of thunder and a few
rings later, Kyoya was met with a quiet, uneasy voice.
“Hello Haruhi.  Are you okay?”
“Just dandy. “ Her response was drenched in uncomfortable sarcasm.
	Noticing her annoyance, he immediately apologized and said, “I just noticed it was
starting to rain pretty hard and I know how they make you.”
	The girl winced as thunder sounded once again and replied in a softer manner than
before, “To be completely honest, I’m not doing very well at all. I was trying to
get some studying done, but now all I can do it sit under my covers on bed.” A
quiet scream pierced Kyoya’s ears as a particularly loud clap of thunder rang
“Well, perhaps…if you wanted, I could come to keep you company.” The shadow
king brought a hand to his face, as if to hide his embarrassment from his
The female host hesitated for a moment, but was then immediately accepted his offer
after yet another rumble of thunder. With a soft voice, she said, “This won’t be
any trouble will it?”
“Of course it won’t be any trouble; anything to keep you happy.” ‘Damn,
why did I say that?’
“Thank you so much Kyoya. I’ll unlock the door for you.”
“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
	After the two hung up the phone, Kyoya was brimming with happiness and anxiety. A
smile was plastered on his face while he was looking for a coat and shoes he didn’t
mind getting dirty. 
	When he got downstairs, he wrote a brief note explaining where he was going just in
case someone cared. After he placed it on a small table, he nearly bolted out of the
front door. The cool Kyoya Ootori had dreamt a day like this would come for a very
long time and with a sudden burst of courage, he made it happen himself. So now, the
love of his life was waiting for him; alone and scared. He had never run so fast in
his life.

‹Sherry Web› says:   30 July 2014   249217  
The lack of lemon disappoints me and where the hell is the yaoi? 
SilentlyLoud says:   30 July 2014   715504  
While I'm not apposed to yaoi and lemons, I'm not sure how good I'd
be at writing them since I've never done it before. If I can find a
place for one, then maybe.@MageGirl 
SilentlyLoud says:   30 July 2014   780895  
‹Sherry Web› says:   30 July 2014   845960  
Wakarimasu, anata wo yurushite. 
SilentlyLoud says:   30 July 2014   302909  
I don't know what that says and neither does Google
‹Sherry Web› says :   30 July 2014   281461  
I understand, you are forgiven. 


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