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Wednesday, 28 May 2014
07:37:41 AM (GMT)
A) Available? Yup
B) Birthday? 2nd October
C) Cell phone? Stupid american quizzes, MOBILE phone, yes cx
D) Drink you had last? Smoothie
E) Easiest person to talk to? Hm... I'll get back to you on that one
F) Favourite colours? Pastel colours
G) Gummy bears or gummy worms? Probably gummy bears
H) Hometown? South of England, I'm not being any more specific than that XP
I) Favourite ice cream? Ben and Jerry's phish food oh my dayyyysss... Or anything
with caramel, honeycomb, brownies or fudge in...
J) Just something you always say? 'Aha' when i don't know what to say
K) Killed someone? Oh sure..
L) Limeade or lemonade? Probably lemonade, i don't think i've tried limeade ^_^
M) Money of love? Right now, love. But obviously money's a bonus too
N) Number of siblings? 3
O) One wish? To find someone that cared about me, would be my best friend, boyfriend
and soulmate all rolled into one
P) Person you last commented? Cant remember
Q) Quiet? If i don't know you, then yes... If i know you really well and I'm
comfortable around you, fuck no XD
R) Reason you smile? I only really put it on so no one knows how i really feel
S) Song you last sung to? Sing by Ed Sheeran
T) Time you woke up today? 10:30am
U) You like someone right now? Yeah, but its complicated
V) Vegetables? Yeah
W) Worst habit? Cracking my knuckles
X) X-rays? Not that I remember, but i had meningitis at 5 months old so i might have
done then.
Y) Your favourite food? No clue, too many
Z) Zodiac sign? Libra

‹CNNInternationaal› says:   28 May 2014   125771  
A) Available? Hai B) Birthday? 16th September C) Cell phone? No,
samsung galaxy SII D) Drink you had last? Water E) Easiest person to
talk to? Namaste F) Favourite colours? Blue, Gray, Red, Pink, Black G)
Gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy worms H) Hometown? , West New York,
New Jersey I) Favourite ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip J) Just
something you always say? Yahoy, when trying to be upbeat K) Killed
someone? No, but I'm not too far from having my own highly publicized
murder trial L) Limeade or lemonade? Lemonade, never heard of or had
limeade M) Money of love? Love, I'm not a gold digger and I don't like
Mr.Wright for his money N) Number of siblings? 0 O) One wish? To be a
successful television journalist, that's a household name P) Person
you last commented? *Shrugs* Q) Quiet? Only around others or in public
R) Reason you smile? Something makes me laugh S) Song you last sung
to? Dancing In The Velvet Moon Rosario + Vampire T) Time you woke up
today? around 6:20am U) You like someone right now? Mr.Wright, my high
school's video production teacher V) Vegetables? My favorite is
spinach W) Worst habit? Rubbing my hands together, it's been a habit
for me since I was very young) X-rays? I have the most vague memory of
one . Y) Your favourite food? Ramen noodles Z) Zodiac sign? Virgo
Phantom says:   29 May 2014   129646  
im easy to talk to
Hannahxxx says :   29 May 2014   469042  
Yeah very true @Phantom 

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