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Thursday, 1 May 2014
07:47:38 PM (GMT)
His tongue slides the pearl forward, pushing it past his teeth, his lips, my lips,
my teeth. I accept it and roll it around in my mouth, tasting the drop of saliva that
comes with it. He breaks away to take a drag from the hookah, closing his eyes and
sucking on the metal end of the hose. Then his face is back against mine and he is
holding my head steady, with both hands on either side of my face, pushing my hair
back, tipping my head back, and I watch as he empties his lungs into my mouth, the
pink smoke flowing out from inside him and down into me as he kisses me. It tastes of
strawberries. I move the pearl under my tongue and hold it there, but he's already
slipping his tongue into my mouth and his tongue is searching for the pearl. I try to
suppress a smile and hold my tongue down tight over the little sphere, but somehow he
slips it away from me and takes me back into his mouth. I watch him suck on it. He
kisses my forehead and nuzzles me. I take a drag of the sweet pink smoke, leaning
back against the silk pillows and blowing smoke rings while he spits the pearl into a
jar and takes a little box off the shelf. The box rattles and he opens it delicately,
removing a fresh, clean razor blade. It is perfect; shiny, smooth, sharp. He pulls me
to him, careful not to let the blade touch me while he pins me down on the bed,
holding me down by my shoulders. I trust him, but now I wish we had smoked some
menthols instead, something heavier that would burn my throat and give me enough of a
nicotine buzz to settle my nerves. He's got the blade between his teeth, and he runs
his tongue against it, creating a small cut. A drop of blood grows bigger than the
pearl, and he leans in to let me lick it off. It is sweet and metallic, but mostly
sweet. I stick out my tongue and he slices it, quickly, carefully. I feel the blood
pool on my tongue and he leans in and laps at it, before kissing me on my open mouth.
He starts to suck on my tongue, tasting my blood, still holding me down firmly. I
kiss back, unsure of whose blood I am tasting, likely a mixture of ours, enjoying it
regardless. I push my hips up against him, rocking my pelvis into his, and he pushes
back. I'm relieved to feel his hardness, because I can already feel my pussy
beginning to grow wet, the lips tingling and my clit aching as it gets hard. Once the
blood in our mouths stops flowing, he breaks off the kiss and nuzzles me, smiling. He
presses me hard into the bed and humps me playfully. I arch my back and blush, unsure
of where to put my hands, until he rocks his hardness roughly against my clit,
causing me to grip his waist as if by reflex, and I continue to hold him there while
he grinds slow and hard against me. It isn't playful anymore. He unbuttons the front
of my shirt, and rubs my tummy with one hand while the other cups one of my breasts,
feeling the silk fabric of my bra. I consider taking my shirt off all the way, but in
the end I leave it on because the flannel is warm and familiar and I'm nervous. It
makes me feel safe. I shiver as his hands reach behind me to unhook my bra. He pulls
it away, then cups my breasts in his hands and squeezes them, rubbing deeply, pushing
me down against the bed. I moan softly, enjoying his touch, while he begins grinding
on me again. I reach down and slide my shorts off, and he gets up enough for me to
kick them off. My panties are already wet, and he reaches down and presses his hand
against the wetness, rubbing while kissing my cheek. Teasing me. Then he slides his
pants off, and his shirt, and lies down on me, only in his boxers. I blush as he
grinds his hardness against me. He cups my breasts in his hands again as if he
doesn't like them being exposed. Then he slides his arms behind me, pulling me
against him, still grinding. I almost want to cover myself, hide my breasts and my
tummy, but I force myself to relax. His body is pressed against mine, I'll be fine.
It feels good. Too good. He brushes my hair back, leaning in my whisper in my ear.
"I'm going to make you mine tonight." I breathe deeply, trying not to overreact, but
I want to cry, to grin, to beg him to be gentle, to demand to be fucked hard, all at
once. I can't react, so he rubs my sides and kisses my lips softly before pulling my
panties down, scraping his fingernails into my soft flesh as he removes them, down
over my hipbones and off. He reaches behind him to grab a blanket and pull it over
us. Then he slides his boxers off. I'm not sure if I should look or not. Not that it
matters, it will be inside me soon enough either way. I blush hard, unsure of what to
do. My thigh muscles are contracting in short bursts of movement and I can't help it.
He pushes my legs apart. I think, oh, duh, I should have spread them. But oh well. It
feels good for him to push me. And he doesn't seem to mind. He holds himself up with
one hand, the other grips the base of his cock. He presses the tip against my pussy
lips, rubbing it up and down to get it wet, then settling it against my vagina. He
looks down at me. Smiles. I try to smile too but I'm afraid I just look scared. I
wonder, will that be a turn-off, or a turn-on for him, if I am afraid? Before I can
consider it further, he's already forcing himself inside me. I gasp, in shock, my
eyes-wide, my mouth open. I didn't think he'd go in so fast. My teeth chatter and my
lips tremble, and I say, "Please don't hurt me.." It comes out as a whimper. I
immediately blush and look away. Why did I say that? Stupid. Embarrassing. I wait for
him to react but he only smiles at me. His cock is not in me all the way. My pussy is
tight, and there is some resistance, but he pushes past it with a hard thrust,
causing me to moan and gasp. He pulls out, all the way, and grips my body with one
hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip. Before I can brace myself, he's already
inside me again, and I feel my heart race. My whole body seems to tingle and throb. I
arch my spine and bite my lip, trying not to moan too loudly as he fucks me. The pain
turns to pleasure the longer he's in me. I can feel him watching me, and I feel
self-conscious, afraid of making a weird face while he's overwhelming me. I take a
chance. Between moans, I whisper, "Baby, stop.. You're hurting me." And just as I'd
hoped, he grips me harder, digging his fingernails into me, pinning me down roughly
as he fucks me harder and harder, and it hurts bad, worse than when he first shoved
it in, but the pain is so, so sweet. I can't help it, now I'm moaning uncontrollably,
helpless beneath him. He growls playfully and keeps fucking me hard. Just when I
think I can't take any more, he goes harder, and brushes roughly against my clit,
triggering an orgasm I hadn't expected yet. He doesn't slow down, but he smiles at me
and says, "Wait for me, missy. You aren't supposed to be cumming yet, naughty girl."
But I can't help it. As he fucks me deeply and grinds hard on my clit, my body
seeming to ripple with waves of pleasure as my orgasms increase in intensity. Soon he
is moaning loudly, as my pussy contracts and clenches hard against his thick cock. He
growls, "I'm gonna fill you up, baby, nice hot cum in your tight little cunt..." He
trails off into moaning and then gasps as he begins to orgasm, pumping me full of
fresh, hot cum. I squeeze my eyes shut, and tears run down my cheeks as I cum with
him, completely overwhelmed. He keeps rocking his hips into me, feeding my pussy
every last drop. There isn't room for it all, and it begins to spill out, getting the
both of us, and the bed, soaking wet. He claws me hard to get a grip on my body,
because my pussy it soaked and slick with our sex fluids. He finishes filling me up,
and sighs loudly before collapsing on me, panting my name. I close my eyes and hold
him, still crying, rubbing his back. I love the feeling of his warm cum between my
thighs. He slips his arms behind my head to hold it close to his, and then we fall
asleep together, exhausted and naked, his cock still in me. My pussy is sore, but I
like it. The soreness makes me feel sexually satisfied. 

‹Wonderlust King› says:   7 May 2014   205535  
. . . . . What?
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   10 May 2014   225542  

Judging me? 
‹Wonderlust King› says:   11 May 2014   528163  
No, mostly surprised. xD 
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   16 May 2014   525989  

me too. 
‹Hella› says:   22 June 2014   245248  
Did this actually happen
‹stickyvaporeon› says :   22 June 2014   739858  


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