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Noah and ZoeCategory: Stories
Saturday, 26 October 2013
09:34:06 PM (GMT)
It seems like forever that Noah and Zoe knew each other. Their relationship started
off as friends and they were the closest of friends. They would talk about everything
and anything, even if they didn’t agree with each other. One day Noah shared his
thoughts and feelings with Zoe that he had fallen in love with her. She blushed and
smiled saying she felt the same way just didn’t wanted to act on it first. They
dated for months, but things weren’t all perfect. They soon found themselves
drifting apart; Noah tried to talk to Zoe about things. But she seems to be distance
at times and just didn’t want to tell him everything. They soon came stop dating
and remind friends. Noah found it slightly difficult but understood that there might
have been something, but wasn’t sure. Over the next year they remind friends and
talked off and on. One day out of the blue Zoe wanted to get back together with Noah.
At the time he wasn’t dating anyone and seems excited that Zoe wanted to try again.
They started dating again for a long time and it seem to be good, but every now and
then Noah felt that Zoe was drifting away from him. He wanted to ask her what was
going on but knew that she wouldn’t tell him. Zoe stop talking to Noah and avoided
him as much as she could. Noah once again knew something was wrong and tried to give
Zoe the benefit of the doubt. One day with Noah and his friends where out on the town
they saw Zoe holding arms with another guy. They stood across the street watching
them as they walked down the side walk looking at the different shops. “Uhm, I
didn’t want to tell you. But I saw Zoe with the same guy at Chubby’s and they
were kissing.” Holly said to Noah. He looked at Holly. “I was there and saw that
too.” Christian said to him. Noah took a breath and look the other away, “we’ll
be late for the movie.” He said as he turned and walked down the other way. His
friends followed not saying a word to each other, just making jesters at each other
not to annoy Noah. 

Zoe saw Noah and his friends as she walked passed one of the windows. She could see
his face in the reflection and felt bad that he saw her but at the same time glad
that he did. A few days later, Zoe sat on her couch with phone in hand as she
wondered if she should call Noah.  Her mind raced wondering that he might be saying.
“You bitch what the hell you are doing!?!?” She thought he might say. Then she
thought ‘why didn’t he come over and say something to her?’ She shook her head
thinking about what to do and decided not to do anything. She placed the phone down
and just sat there with her knees pulled to her chest. 

Nearly a year past they still haven’t talked to each other. Their once happy
relationship faded away, Zoe was at the coffee shop one day and saw Holly. They stood
there for a moment feeling the awkwardness of it. “Hi,” Zoe said to Holly. Holly
half-heartedly smiled at Zoe, “Hi.” Zoe smiled back, “How are you doing?” She
said. “Oh I have been good. What about yourself?” Zoe shrug her shoulder
slightly, “oh I been good too.” Zoe responded. Holly nodded her head as she saw
Zoe wanted to ask her something else, “well I best get going.” Zoe looked at her,
“uhm, have you see Noah?” Taking a breath Holly suggested that the have a seat at
one of the table. The two women sat that at the table by the window, “You know you
hurt him. He really loved you.” Holly said to Zoe. Zoe nodded her head, “I know.
I know you don’t have to tell me, But please.” Holly took a drink of her coffee,
“Seven months ago Noah got in a serious accident. They thought he wasn’t going to
make it. For about three weeks he was in a coma, then he woke up.” Zoe’s eyes got
wide and she bit her lower lip. “He got better. About two months ago he said
sometimes life wakes you up and he decided he going to do a little traveling. I got a
post card from him the other day from France telling me he actually ate snails and is
going to head over to Italy.” Zoe’s eyes started watering up, “H…he almost
died?” Holly shook her head, “but it seem like he is having fun and doing what he
wants.” In Zoe’s mind the thought of not having Noah around was more frighten
then anything she could imagine. “When will he be coming back?” Zoe asked. Holly
moved her head to one side, “Don’t know. He really didn’t say he was coming
back.” She said to Zoe. Zoe’s hand clinches her knee trying to keep her leg from
moving. “Does he have his phone on him?” Holly looked at Zoe, “Zoe why would
you want to talk to him now? You have someone.” Zoe lifted her face toward the
ceiling, “I made so many mistakes in my life. I got scared when Noah and I were
together. He was so serious and talking about our future. I felt as if I was trapped
and wanted to get out. I pushed him away and I never meant to do that.” Tears ran
down her cheeks as she looked at Holly. “I really don’t know why you didn’t
talk to him about that. I don’t even know how he knew that I would run into you
either.” Holly said as she reached into her purse, and pull out and envelope, “he
said to give this to you if I ever ran into you. If you want to know where Noah is
staying you have to ask Annie.” Holly said as she stood up and getting her things
together. “I really have to go back to work.” Zoe looked at her, “thank you.”
Holly nodded and walked out of the coffee shop. Zoe opened the envelop and took out
the letter, she started reading the letter.

 ‘Hey Zoe, it’s been a while since we last talked. I saw you that time with
that other guy walking down Greenville. Holly and Christian said they saw you kissing
that guy a few days earlier. I thought about it, and I’m sure that this is what
happen the first time. I don’t know what made you come back to me but I was happy
that you did. So I guessing that you found someone new. I was so mad at you, at times
I wanted to just call you up and yell at you. Then I would think about it, maybe I
wasn’t right for you, maybe I did something wrong. Whatever it was I’m sorry,
I’m not mad at you anymore. I just wanted you to be happy. So if that guy is the
right one for you, be happy. Live your life as if tomorrow was your last. Take a
moment and see the beauty in things. Don’t worry about me, you know how I am.  I
was you friend in the beginning and I’m still you friend. I love you, take care of
yourself crazy girl.’

Zoe eyes water up more and she cried at the table and holding the letter to her
chest. One of the works came up to her to see how she was. Zoe couldn’t say
anything, just kept crying. A few days later Zoe headed over to where Annie worked at
and talked to her. “I really shouldn’t tell you where he is staying at, but I
guess its up to him to open the door or not.” Annie said to Zoe as she gave her the
hotel address.  Zoe went home and packed her bags and headed to the airport to catch
the next flight to Italy. A day later Zoe ended up at the hotel; she plead with the
girl at the count to give her Noah’s hotel number. Zoe took the elevator up and
walked down the hall way to Noah’s hotel room door. She stood there for a moment
and knock on the door. Opening the door, Noah looked at Zoe. “Uhm? How? What?” He
said as Noah was surprised by the sight of Zoe. Zoe lunge forward wrapping her arms
around Noah’s neck and kissing him, they fell back into the room. Noah was confused
and push Zoe away slightly. “What are you doing here?” He asked her. Zoe smile at
him and then noticed a young woman sitting in the chair. Zoe’s heart sank into her
chest, “who is she?” Noah got Zoe’s arms off him, “this is Isabella.” Zoe
bite her lip, “I…I’m Sorry. I…didn’t know. I’m so sorry.” Zoe said as
she started backing out of the room. Noah looked at Zoe, “what are you doing?”
Isabella got up from her seat, “she is someone you know?” Zoe ran from the room
but bumped into a man at the door. “Pardon, you ok?” He asked Zoe. Zoe clutched
at her chest and fell to her knees. The sight of the beautiful woman in Noah’s room
only brought her such pain and she wanted to die there. Noah help Zoe off the floor
and to the bed. With her eyes close tightly and tears running down her face, Zoe
mumble “I so sorry, so sorry.” The young woman and man came over to Noah, “do
you know her?” They asked him. “Yes, She is a friend of mines. I’m not sure
what she is doing here. She didn’t even know I was even out of town.” He said to
them. “Armando, we should leave them. We will try to show you Italy tomorrow.”
Isabella said to Noah. He nodded, as they left the room. Noah lean over Zoe and touch
her face lightly, “Zoe, open your eyes.” Zoe kept her mumbling shaking her head.
Noah lean his forehead against Zoe’s forehead. Zoe slowly open her eyes, as she
seen Noah’s eyes looking back at her. Zoe grabbed Noah and pulled him to her,
“Sorry, sorry.” She said to him. “What are you doing here?” Noah asked Zoe
once again. She just kissed him softly and deeply. His mind confused and his heart
wasn’t sure what to make of this. Before knew it she was pulling his shirt out and
undoing his pants. “No, Zoe what are you…” before he could say anything she
took hold of him and pleasing him. Moments pass, “wait, we need protection.” Noah
said as he reached over to the side table. Pulling him to her, Zoe said “Don’t
need it.” That night they made passionate love, over and over again. The next
morning, laying there in bed with Zoe in his arms; Noah tried to put things together
wondering what was the deal with this crazy girl. Zoe lifted her head and looked at
him, “I made so many mistakes with you. I was so afraid when you use to talk about
our future. I wasn’t ready to go down that path with you. So I ran away, pushing
you away. Hopping you would get mad at me and leave me. Then when you weren’t there
when I needed you, I missed you. When I found out that you almost died, I couldn’t
imagine my life without you. If you are willing to give me a chance, if you are
willing to take me back, I’m ready for our future.” She said to him as tears
started to flow down her cheek. Taking a breath Noah looked at her, “I forgave you
a long time ago. Part of me wants you back but deep down feels like you might just
leave again.” Wiping her tear from her cheek, “I will never leave you again. I
promise.” Zoe said to him, as she crossed his heart. “And beside we didn’t use
protection, so I could be pregnant.” She said to him, with a slight smile.  “Yeah
you might be.” Noah said with a smile and a slight laugh. Zoe crawl over onto him,
“well let’s make sure I am.” Noah looked at her, “you sure about this?” Zoe
lower herself onto him, “Yes” She said as she continued; “maybe after this we
could find a church and get married.” Noah gasp as Zoe slowly made passionate love
to him. On May 19 they got married in an old Italian church with a few new friends.
Last edited: 26 October 2013

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