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It's been 3 years; I think it's about time for an updateCategory: (general)
Sunday, 29 September 2013
05:09:12 PM (GMT)
Okay, update on the people first.

Connor and Marianne were not real. They were fake people I made up to make
DaKarra think that I had fit in as well in 8th grade as she had in New Mexico. The
truth was, we were jerks in 7th grade, and once she moved everyone hated me. Heck,
they hated me before too, but they were too afraid to say it to my face while there
were two of us. I made friends with some of the outcasts but none of us were ever
that close. Connor and Marianne were  my way of showing  DaKarra that I could move on
too, even though I hadn't

I haven't seen Owen since  8th grade graduation, and I'm glad for it. I hear
he's still caught up in drugs and he doesn't really seem all that happy. I was still
kind of into him freshman year, but have long since gotten over him. I thought I'd
never get over him, but now he's just a distant memory.

Zach and I dated at the end of eighth grade and broke up 3 weeks later. We've
talked on and off since then, and I even went on a date with him last year. We're
planning on getting together again soon, whether for a date or just to hang out, I'm
not sure yet sure.

Brianna and I are now really good friends, even though we still have our
issues. She and her cousin Justin ended up going to my school, and though I hated
them at first, we've become really close. I love that girl to pieces.

I haven't heard from Marissa and Jessica personally since 8th grade, but I see
them on facebook and they both look really happy. They're drop dead gorgeous and I'd
like to talk to them again, just to see how they got along since then. I didn't even
remember that I had a grudge against them until I looked at all my old entries,
probably because it was a superficial jealousy.

Now on to what I've done:

I never finished the Masked Illusions story; instead I wrote a book called "The Ivory
Locket" for creative writing class freshman year.

I was too scared to try out for West Side Story freshman year, but sophomore year I
tried out for Glass Menagerie and got the role of Laura, one of the main parts. Later
in the year I stage managed for the play Steel Magnolias. As a junior, I'm stage
managing the play Fools and the musical Zombie Prom. I'm also playing Shirley in the
One Act "Oh, What a Tangled Web".

I only got a GPA of 2.8 freshman year, but sophomore year I picked up the slack and
brought my cumulative GPA up to a 3.5 with my year GPA at a 4.2. I was ranked 4th out
of my entire sophomore class.

I haven't actually dated anyone since eighth grade, due to what I've discovered is
commitment/trust issues, but have gotten pretty close. I've been asked out by a bunch
of people, but I've never really been able to say yes. It's probably one of the
biggest things I struggle with now.

I may or may not continue this later, but either way I think the point has been made.
If you think you're going through hell, think again. It always gets better.

‹☁I Hate☂Me Too☁› says:   29 September 2013   282545  
Gurl please. I wasnt even happy in 8th grade. All these ghetto chicks
got me expelled which is why I had to move again. I thought you were
like happy and havin a good life and I didnt want to bother you with
my problems which is why I think we drifted apart.
Cheetos says :   29 September 2013   805986  
Life is great now


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