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A quiz takes one's mind off thingsCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 10 July 2013
04:18:37 PM (GMT)
Name: Most call me Bunny, Cori, or Enakai. Single or Taken: Single.. Happy about that: I only cry into the darkness about it occasionally. What are you wearing right now: A red sleeveless shirt with two buttons at the collarbone along with purple shorts. Righty or lefty: Ambidextrous Animal: That is rather vague but I assume you mean favorite.. In that case; Sea Butterfly Sport: American football or Hockey Month: It is July right now but if you mean my birthday; May Juice: Uhm.... Lemon? Have You Ever: Bungee Jumped: Nope. Made yourself throw-up: I'm a wimp, too scared. So, no. Gone skinny dipping: Erm, no. Bathtub count? Didn't think so. Loved someone so much it made you cry: Certainly Played truth or dare: Yessir Been on a plane: Never. Been in a hotub: Nope, however I have been two feet from one. Swam in the ocean: Yes. Fallen asleep in school: No. I'm very focused in school. I just want to hurry up and finish. Broken someone's heart: Yes... Bleh... That was a sucky thing to have asked. Cried when someone died: ....No, I'm heartless. It's like "Oh, my great grandmother died? YAY!" Cried in school: Yep yep Fell off your chair: Hm.... Oh, yes. Four times What is: Your good luck charm: My two necklaces.. Beside you: My stuffed animal named frost. He is really soft, man Last thing you ate: Cheesy eggs. What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use: Herbal essences~ Ever had: Chicken pox: No no Sore Throat: Yes, a lot. Broken a bone: My toe @-@ Do you: Believe in love at first sight: Infatuation at first sight.. Long distance relationships: Depends on the person Like school: Sometimes.. Who was the last person that called you: George.. Who was the last person you slow danced with: Micky (druggie and drunk) Do you like filling these out: Yes, it takes my mind off things Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: Glasses. Do you like yourself: Obviously. (lolno) Obsessive Compulsive: Even numbers, I suppose. Social: I try to be. What did you do yesterday: Woke up, showered, brushed my teeth, talked to a someone for six and a half hours, did something with my family, curled up on my bed, stared at the ceiling, and thought of the impossible. Gotten any awards: /best friend ever/ /favorite middle child/ What car/truck do you wish to have: Mustang. Where do you want to get married: Outside, in some sort of beautiful field. Good driver: I have not the slightest Good Singer: I think so.. Own a lava lamp: Never. My brother did, I wanted to take it.. How many remote controls are in your house: At least twenty What was your last dream about: Lovey dovey things, When you last showered: This morning. Scary or Funny Movies: Bothhh. Chocolate or Vanilla: Depends.. I adore vanilla ice cream but chocolate mousse is just, yes. Root beer or Dr.Pepper: Rootbeer. Summer or Winter: Winter. Silver or Gold: Silver. Gold is too flashy. Diamond or Pearl: Pearls, again diamonds are just too flashy. Sprite or 7up: Sprite. Coffee or iced tea: Coffee. Today did you: 1. Talk to someone you liked: Yes.. 2. Buy something: Nope, I'm saving my money to buy people things. 3. Get sick: Tummy hurt. So, yes. 8. Talked to an ex: Ha, no. 9. Miss someone? Yes, very much. Last person who: 10. Slept in your bed: My cat and I. 11. Saw/heard you cry: Eh... George? I think.. If not, then my 'friend' Licy. 12. Made you cry? Uhm.. I can't really.. 13. Went to the movies with: My pop. 15. Said "I Love You" to: Oh, gosh -.- George. 16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: Ferk no ;-; What kind of beast am I? 18. Been to Mexico: No. 19. Been to Canada: No, 20. Been to Florida: Yes, I have family there. RANDOM: 22. What book are you reading now: Sherlock Holmes. 23. Best feeling in the world: Being wanted and needed. 24. Future KIDS names? Roux or Copernicus. 25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes, a few actually. 26. What's under your bed: My sister's heels and purses. Also, I have a few Orc knights hidden about down there. 27. Favorite sports to watch: I'd rather participate. 28. Favorite Locations: London, Ireland, Canada, and my home town. 29. Piercing/Tattoos: Ears and I pierced my lip when I was thirteen or something. (I let it heal so my parents wouldn't murder me) 30. What are you most scared of right now: People leaving me and being alone. 31. Who do you really hate: I don't hate, just strongly dislike. 32. Do you have a job: Yes. 33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with: Uhm, yes, cappn'. 34. Are you lonely right now: Yep.. (35 36 37?) 38. Song that's stuck in your head right now: Eyes by Rogue Wave 39. Have you ever played strip poker: Nope nope. (40, 41?) 42. Have you ever been on radio/TV: Never. 43. Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit": Oh, golly, no. 44. Ever liked someone, but thought they'd never notice you: Ha, yeah. Really random: What color is your underwear right now: Uhm, well, black. Do you like him/her: I like a him, if that's the question.. Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex (visual): The eyes, hair or hands. Are you too shy to ask someone out: UH, YES. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn: Butter and salted~ I haven't had popcorn in a year and some months though, so. (braces<3) Dogs or cats: That's not fair.. I love them both, but.. I guess dogs. Favorite Flower: Birds of paradise. Have you ever fired a gun: Yes. How many pillows do you sleep with: Four. When I am ready to sleep, I tuck three in a corner and sleep on just one. If you read all that, you deserve alot of hugs.
Last edited: 10 July 2013

‹Saudade› says:   10 July 2013   239833  
Winter. <3
Infatuation at first sight <3 ;D 
dfsaghjkl; <3
‹Mr. Pink› says:   11 July 2013   223704  
I have red shorts but that'd be matching, so :L 
‹Saudade› says :   11 July 2013   310642  
You're perfect ;-; 

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