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Sunday, 19 May 2013
11:57:55 PM (GMT)
So I've got eighteen roleplay ideas in my last roleplay idea diary, and I really do not wish to make that diary any longer than it is at the moment. So, I'll just continue it here. c: 19) A freshman in high school is very quiet, Gothic, small. He seems to be depressed. Hr doesn't respond when people talk to him, until another goth, a senior, decides to, not liking the marks he sees on the younger ones wrists. It'd be very angsty, full of sadness and very cute once the two depressed goths get together. They can make each other happy and distract each other from the things that made them goth in the first place. 20) An angel and a demon. The angel is actually mortal for the moment, unbeknownst to him, he had died and was reborn as a human. But he still kept his angelic qualities and, unless something happens on Earth while he is a human, he will become an angel once again when he dies. Satan, not liking the idea of an angel on Earth, sends his own son to Earth to kill the angel so the angel cannot spread good anymore on Earth. But when the demon sees him, he falls in love. Now, the son of Satan isn't exactly a normal demon. He's the fucking Antichrist. So this is a bit problematic. But he doesn't seem to mind at all, and makes friends with the angel, and the angel slowly loves the demon back. 21) In the very far future, a boy of an extremely wealthy family is bought an inhabitable planet for his college graduation. He takes a ship there and builds a house and grows food. But, because he went there alone, he soon gets lonely. So he uses what he learned in college to creative a race of beings very close to humans. He can create them at any age, can controlled every last little detail. And one day, he makes a boy around his age, but set everything else to random. He befriends this boy and eventually falls in love. 22) A boy around the age of fifteen or sixteen is found in the jungle, with a tiger. The tiger treats him as a child of her own, and they are very close. An explorer, who has set up camp near the cave they stay in, is discovered by the boy and at first, the boy is scared and he stays away from the explorer, but the explorer eventually gains his trust, mostly through things like candy and sweets. He and the tiger and the explorer end up all living together in the jungle, and the boy and the explorer fall in love. 23) It would be about this man, fresh out of college who's always wanted to be a writer. He is pleased when he gets this job at a publishing company but less pleased when he meets the boss, who he is working as the new assistant for. The man treats him very harshly, often making unnecessary demands but begins to fall in love with his assistant the more time they spend together.
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