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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
12:12:25 PM (GMT)
Chapter 8: Armageddon 

A few days had passed since the last battle with the Chaos General. After setting up
barriers around there respective planets the guardians all regrouped to Earth to plan
out there next move. Solaris was unfortunately still unconscious since that day. With
Luna watching over him Dius told them about Luna who later gave a full explanation.
With this information they scanned the area around Solisian."What about that other
armies planet. What was it you said it was called um Lunaris." Mitsuki said. The
Guardians looked at each other then sighed realizing they completely forgot about it.
"How could we completely forget about it. I know we aren't on good terms with them
but we should of seen this when the planet went dark." Kairi said. She then explained
to them that after the great war a decree was signed by the King of Lunaris that gave
all there territory to us and that they could no longer conduct business or govern
without there say so.

But a few months before everything began the planet went silent with no one going in
or out. They at first thought it was nothing but now they understood why. They
quickly scanned for the planet to find that it was engulfed in a very dark aura that
seemed to bend the dimension itself around it. Activity however around the planet
seemed to stop. "I'm not sure how much time we have left and with Solaris out of
action it'll be hard if there commander attacks us here at full force. So we
shouldn't waste anytime." Borea’s said standing up. The others agreed as Luna
walked back from Solaris room.” We need to train his friends who he gave power to.
They need to at least be able to go into there celestial armor before we confront
them." Luna said. Solaris friends all stood up along with the Guardians and then and
there they all created a pact to save there friend and brother from his fate.

Within Solaris subconscious a battle was already being fought. With the seal of Chaos
finally broken both Omni and Chaos were at war within him both fighting equally in
terms of power. Solaris could only watch as the chains that bonded him kept him from
moving." I wont let you have my body Chaos no matter what happens." Solaris said
tugging at his chains. "This body will be the instrument of my resurrection I will
not have you interfere brother." Chaos said firing a blast at Omni who deflected the
attack.” I’m not your brother and you shouldn't even exist your creating an
unbalance in the dimensions and have to be stopped." Omni said as there swords
clashed. Solaris had no choice but to watch as the two gods fought each other within
his very body. Those viewing him from the outside only saw him as unconscious and his
energy unchanged. 

But Luna knew what was going on and on the night before the big operation she went to
his bed side and held his hand. An ominous light surrounded there hands as Luna fell
fast asleep. His spirit was now floating through the layers of memory within Solaris.
His and Omni's seemed to coexist peacefully but she began noticing something strange
about some of them. Delving deeper she saw memories of someone in a dark place there
soul engulfed in an unknown dark energy. Further down she could see what appeared to
be a transparent view of the Realm of Creation where she and Omni lived. On one end
Omni was creating the universe while the other within the dark realm stood alone
unable to see or do anything.

Luna watched as the history she knew passed before her eyes and at the end of it was
a bright light. She shut her eyes then reopened them as she landed behind Solaris who
was still chained up. Looking around she felt the sudden shock wave as Omni and Chaos
clashed swords. " Solaris are you alright..." Luna asked but while she was moving to
the front she spotted him, the one who created her and gave her a name. Omni also
noticed her and smiled as he dodged an attack from Chaos." I'm alright we need to get
me loose so I can help him." Solaris said struggling to get free again. Luna nodded
and summoned her sword and began hacking at the chains with all her strength. Chaos
also took notice of this and began charging at them.” No I will not allow you to
interfere with my resurrection Luna." Chaos said as his blade pulsed with energy and
he swung down at them both. Luna prepared for impact but a light suddenly appeared in
front of them and the attack hit a barrier and exploded. When the energy dissipated
it was Solaris who stood in front of them to protect them both." Are you both
alright. Luna you should get out of here I can take care of Solaris." Omni said
readying his sword as Chaos hovered over head. Luna looked at them both then turned
to Solaris and began slashing at the chains again." I wont leave him here while you
fight, I'm his only family and everyone is waiting for him to wake up. They need him
for the final fight." Luna said as he energy began to build and cracks could be seen
on the chains. Omni laughed a little and looked at Chaos who began building energy.

Taking no time to wait Omni launched himself at Chaos and the fight resumed. Solaris
wanted to help as well and tried breaking free by summoning as much energy as he
could. With there combined power the chains began to snap one by one. Chaos enraged
began aiming for them both but Omni deflected the attacks." Your not going to win
Chaos don't you get it yet your evil will never triumph over the will of the
universe." Omni said as he kicked Chaos in the face sending him down to the scattered
remains of his seal. As he got up a burst of energy enveloped the area. Chaos looked
up to see that Solaris was finally free and in a form similar to Omni's his energy
pulsing and building as he stood beside him. There swords began to resonate as they
took a stance with them back to back. "You will never be allowed to get free again
and we will defeat your army no matter what. Seal of the Celestial Phoenix." They
both said at once raising there swords toward Chaos. Angry Chaos lunged toward them
both, darkness engulfing him transforming into a giant black and purple dragon. When
there energies were finally in sync the released a massive amount of energy that
burst from both there blades shifting into a crystal phoenix. When the two collided
the phoenix began to wrap around Chaos who struggled roaring and firing out blast of
chaotic energy. But moments later he was completely encased within a crystal and Omni
moved closer as the seal formed again around Chaos.” Its almost time for our
destinies to fulfilled and the war to take place." Omni said smiling at Luna before
he vanished as the seal was completed. With that Luna told Solaris what was going on
and how his family would do anything to protect him. Solaris knew it was going to be
hard once the fighting started but he had resolved to make sure his friends and
family got home safe.

The next day both Luna and Solaris woke up to the everyone standing around them.
Silex had brought them to Earth as the final preparations were made." Everything is
ready for our assault on Lunaris." Sam said helping them both up. They made there way
to the central room and activated the hologram. Planet Lunaris was now showing signs
of activity as the energy around it started to expand." We might be able to get close
with the crystal but the planet itself is surrounded by a barrier that doesn't seem
to have any weak spots.." Borea’s said sitting down in one of the chairs. The other
guardians did the same and Solaris's Earth friends stood behind there respected
teachers. " At any rate our substitute guardians need a little extra training before
we continue. Luckily Solaris is awake and can set up a place for us to do so before
the operation." Silex said leaning back on his chair. Solaris agreed that his friends
would need more time to train and would gladly make something for them. Once everyone
was ready Solaris created there rooms, all the rooms were designed around the
elements of those who entered as well as having an environment that would help them
train through there weakness as well. They all bid farewell to each other as Guardian
and there students stepped into there training grounds. The rooms were also special
in that time did not move within them thus making it so that if they spent a year
training inside only a few seconds would have gone by in real time. Solaris and Luna
walked toward the seats as the doors reopened, it had only been maybe a minute when
everyone came out. Judging by there cloths the guardians had deemed the others
guardian status. Everyone was in there armored form with Arthur being the only one in
cloths since he had already gone into it once and just needed practice using it. They
were all now ready soon the beginning of the end would come.

It was time everyone prepared for what could be there last fight together. Solaris
friends all went home to say goodbye to there parents and spend some time with them.
His siblings did the same by letting Solaris take them around the world and letting
them see where he had been living for so long. They all had fun even with the threat
hanging over them and certain truths not known yet. Later that day they all got
together and celebrated all there accomplishments so far." Alright now that were
ready ill open the gate to the space around Lunaris." Solaris said grabbing the
crystal. Everyone nodded and stood behind him as the dimensional gate opened. Dius
stood beside Solaris gripping her short swords in hand as they all jumped into the
portal. As they began there descent the spatial energy began to flux and grow darker.
This was a sign of how much the planet and the area around it had been corrupted by
the chaos energy.

Suddenly everyone felt a surge of energy pass through the gate that forced them out.
After regaining balance they looked around to find themselves in what appeared to be
a dark chasm filled with sharp rocks and rubble from what appeared to be a battle.
Solaris and the others floated up over the wall and were shocked at what they saw.
The planet had been decimated, the sky was filled with black clouds but felt
different from the ones on the other planets, these were more concentrated and felt
more evil. In the distance were the remains of cities and scattered about the ground
could be seen the crush and scattered pieces of vehicles and armor from soldiers.
From what they could tell far off into the horizon lava seemed to be pouring out of
the planet. Solaris knew that they must of used that attack on the planet the same as
on earth." Alright I can only sense chaos energy here I don't think there are any
survivors so lets move out." Solaris said gripping his sword tightly in his hand. The
others felt the same way even though they had not always been on good terms with the
Lunarians then still respected them." I wonder if the king and queen are alright.
There just as strong as mom and dad so I hope there ok." Bianca said as they floated
over another city toward the capital.

They could all feel the pressure of the dark energy around them it slowly trying to
corrupt there bodies. Luckily all the training they did helped as an aura of light
surrounded them keeping the darkness out. As they continued on they finally landed in
what appeared to be a open plain. There was nothing in site, ruins and all signs of
life were absent from view and the ground under them seemed to be scorched. " What
happened to this place. I know the planet has been devastated but this place seems
worse then the others." Kayam said as he picked up a fistful of the charred earth. "
Its like the planet has lost all its life force and...look that sword out there in
the center I think that’s.." Silex began to say and as he did while running to it a
bolt of lightning struck it and shattered the sword release a wave of dark energy the
surrounded them and spawned chaos soldiers. The group quickly got into a circle
summoning there weapons and building there energy as the horde of soldiers stared
down at them ." Damn what’s going on I can sense them everywhere its like the whole
planet is spawning these monsters." Solaris said. He could feel all the chaos energy
in the air and around him even with his aura up everything felt dense as if trying to
crush his body from the inside. The chaos soldiers readied themselves as some flew
into the air and others stayed on the ground. They all looked different with the
group noticing that many seemed to be soldiers from other planets. Kairi noticed that
there armor was similar to some from Lunaris and that’s when she saw him. It was
Arma king of Lunaris floating high above the army and in his hand he held the moon
sword. " That’s not him and neither is the sword but that means he was either
killed or captured. His sword must of been his last effort to seal the chaos army
away but since..." Kairi began to say then stopped. She had realized from the
beginning when Solaris had gotten there his aura had shifted slightly as if Chaos was
trying to communicate with his minions.

" So this is the welcome committee huh. Lets show them that they cant get away from
hurting our loved ones." Solaris said as his aura expanded out. The others nodded and
there powers began to build up around them. In one short burst everyone dispersed
onto the field. Sam and Dius were first to begin the assault. The two wind guardians
dove down into the horde weapons ready." Time to see if my training paid off. Tempest
Arrow!" Sam yelled arming her bow and firing off several arrows that quickly turned
into giant tornado's that scattered many chaos soldiers across the field. Dius
laughed to herself watching Sam and brought out her short swords out. " That's good
but let me show you how your teacher does it. Mach Nine Wind Slasher." Dius said
crossing her arms with her blades behind her. Two seconds later a deathly silence
consumed everything in a mile radius and the ground split and shattered as the sonic
boom exploded from around her and waves of energy dispersed destroying everything in
its path. Sam watched in awe as the vacuum created from her attack expanded with
enough force to leave the area they were in completely empty. The two woman smiled at
each other then quickly got there weapons ready as more soldiers quickly filled up
the area.

Further away from the wind users, Bianca, Abbi and Izzy were having there debut
battle with the enemy. " Looks like its our turn ladies, don't let the men show us
up." Bianca said summoning her Axe. It looked different from a normal one with two
axe heads on either side and a spear head between them. Izzy and Abbi nodded and both
summoned a staff imbued with there elemental energy, one of ice and the other of
water. " Lets do it sis and show them who the best new guardians are. Water Dragon! "
Abbi said floating high above the enemy. As she did several flying chaos soldiers
surrounded her and attacked but when they did Abbi's staff shot out a circle of water
the engulfed her and transformed into a giant dragon that roared and whirled around
her hitting all the enemies before leaving its head by her feet Abbi now in what
appeared to be ceremonial priestess robes. "That’s right Abbi we'll show them who's
boss. Ice Dragon." Izzy Said pointing her staff into the air. The air grew cold
around her and a pillar of ice appeared from under her and encased her and the
enemies below. In a roar ice spikes shot out from the ground and the pillar freezing
the enemies then shattering. When the pillar shattered Izzy was standing on top of
her dragons head wearing the same robes as her sister. "Way to go my students now let
a master show you how its done. Tsunami Ice Prison!" Bianca yelled swinging and
slamming her axe into the ground. With a giant crash the ground split open and a
massive water wall appeared on all sides engulfing everything in its path then Bianca
turned her axe over and slashed at the water around her instantly freezing it
creating what appeared to be a ice canyon filled with ice spikes coming from all

In the distance away from the others Kasai and Kayam were having there own fun as
group after group of chaos soldiers went flying into the air. "Come on Kayam put your
back into it and lets barbeque these freaks of nature. Dragons Flame Fang." Kasai
said swinging his Axe hammer and releasing a blaze of fire the morphed into a giant
claw and swept away a group of enemies. He laughed as he dashed through the enemy
swinging his hammer and sending anything in his path flying. " I wont let you beat up
more enemies then me. Eternal Dragon Dance." Kayam said taking a sword stance then
warping all around the battle field before smashing into the ground and standing. As
he took his normal stance burst of flames exploded all around him and the ground
shook under his feet. So far all was well and Solaris was heading toward the shadow
of the moon king.

The others were doing just as good as the rest. Silex and Arthur were having it easy
being as there element was amplified on the ground." With that year of training there
is no way we can lose. Earth Splitter!" Arthur yelled smashing his fist into the
ground. The ground shook the shattered creating a chasm then swallowed up a large
group of enemies before closing up. Silex was proud of his student for how far he had
come along with all the others. " Yes all of you have come so far. Guardian training
usually takes several years and you have to be part of the royal family in order to
even get the training but you all are the exception and are worthy of being called
guardians. Terra destroyer." Silex said jumping into the air summoning a giant orb of
earth energy then sending it hurtling toward the ground creating a massive explosion
on impact. With all the attacks going off around the planet, some of the guardians
were concerned about the planets stability but with so much corruption surrounding
and in the planet there was no way to return it to normal.

Everyone was holding there own on the battle field and were dong there best to weaken
the enemy. Kairi, Mitsuki and Luna had joined together to combat there own group of
chaos soldiers." Lets get this started don't lose focus and we'll get through this.
Divine Burst!" Kairi yelled transforming her guns into twin cannons and firing off a
powerful immense laser the cut through the enemy forces. Mitsuki had learned to
control her daggers using her light element powers and creating several more having
them float around her like a halo." This is going to be easy I just hope Solaris is
doing alright. Celestial Barrage." Mitsuki said aiming her hand in front of her and
firing piercing beams of light that destroyed all in its path. But the most fearsome
of the guardians was Luna. No one had seen her fight before and after discovering who
she was they knew not to expect anything less then power beyond that even of there
parents. " Its been so long since I've used my powers to there fullest but now isn't
the time to hold back. Anima Dimension Devastator!" Luna yelled changing the sword in
her hand to a staff. She circled it around her before slamming the bottom into the
ground, as she did a large spatial rift opened up and grew bigger and bigger as it
began pulling enemies into it. The other guardians could see what was going on as
Luna's attack grew almost to the size of Earths moon before it collapsed and exploded
sending out a huge shock wave across the planet that cracked open the planet and
swallowing up many of the chaos soldiers. When the attack finally dissipated they
could all sense that about fifty percent of the enemy forces had suddenly vanished. 

Solaris and Borea were now facing the chaos shadow of the moon king. They smiled as
the felt the army below them slowly disappear." Its no use fighting us King Arma just
give up now." S

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