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Thursday, 13 September 2012
08:00:48 PM (GMT)
// Name: Darek Simmons Gender: Male. Age: Fourteen. Blood Type: AB- Weight: 100 lbs Height: 5'6 Hair Color: Darek has a mixture of brunette and lightly shaded red-brown like color for his highlights. Eye Color: Usually brown and slightly dark black, it's hard to tell between the two colors. Country of Origination: Darek, to this day, does not know where he once was or most of his past. Region Character Lives In: Barrock. Mutation: Darek is a breed/mutation with sharp like fangs, a long pointy tail and a pair of medal-like hrons on his head. Also, the iris surrounding his eyes is a bright yellow that is shown in the dark, as well as sharp nails he uses for scratching or taking out enemies. Anything Needed to Keep Mutation in Check: As part of his demonic state of mutation, as refferred he as a pair of dark like dragon wings on his back, sharp nails, a yellow irised rounding in his eye in which he can see in the dark, flexibility, long pointy tail and a pair of horns on his head. No one really knows what he is, but prefers to be a hybrid or animal like mutation between different species. Personality: Darek is cold as ice. Slick, appealing, devious and dark as the night. Rather this, he can be a very distant person and usually isn't the type to be found around amongst other people in a large group of number. Socially an outcast, there are many things that could go wrong when he is around. He is potrayed as a violent, stubborn and athletic person who would just want attention, but also use that against others in tricking them. Stories and fairy tales are nothing but a waste of time for those who want to grow up expecting Princes and Princesses, but end up with horrid lives they wished they never had. Despite this, there are times where in some situtations where he gets rather lonely or depressive and normally attract people who want to help him, but push them away in return. In why he doesn't believe in love, friendship or pity. Because of this, he's a very smart and educated matter, but his stubborn and rather shy side hide him in a corner he cannot escape. In conclusion, it is said that maybe one day he will break the emotionless curse on himself that he held against others. Never, to trust again. History: Darek grew up in a small neighborhood, isolated by the fact that no one 'loved' him in a particular way that he was left and forgotten by everyone around him. It was by time that he grew cold and distant, and grabbing attention didn't seem to work on others who stopped worrying about him, and soon he did bad things that got him the attention, but many times worse the pain he had gotten after. Darek had been like this for several years, yet he seemed to enjoy the looks of pain and displeasure on people when he did such things. At one point at the age of ten when things seemed to be getting way out of control, he came home one day to a broken hearted father who was left by a mother who couldn't handle him anymore. This, was the start of the beatings he got from his father who isolated him and made sure he felt the pain they did whenever he did anything bad. Three years this went on, but he seemed to continue to keep doing bad things. I think it was about a time that year that he lerned the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf', and yet the things he learned had messed with his head. Growing up he feared being alone with his father everyday, so he would stop by a library and read a book or possibly do something with his life that was a secret only to him. A year later it came to Darek's realisation that as he grew older, the less options were given to him and less time of freedome he had. Upon this, he quickly moved out of the house without notice and moved into an apartment in the Barrocks where he stayed for the following year. Picture: Looking through my folder Other: N/A Nickname is Deakesh, another language for 'Demon' Name: Elenore "Lenore" Kenby Gender: Female Age: Fifteen Blood Type: A Weight: Seventy-five pounds. Height: 5'3 Hair Color: Lenore has a bright but scrawny amount of hair that are pulled into braids that twist down to her shoulders, while her long bangs are pulled back in two small skull pieced clippings. Eye Color: Lenore has a different mutated color to her eyes, having her left eye pupile enlarged and dialated with a iris circle surrounding i, while the other, sometimes lacking, has a tiny but stern little pupile to fill its spot. Country of Origination: London, Britain. Region Character Lives In: Barrock. Mutation: Lenore is an embalmed mutated girl who had died of pneumonia in the early 1900s from a surgery gone wrong, yet like any others she never knew the reason why she was brought back to the world, undead. Anything Needed to Keep Mutation in Check: Lenore does not exactly have anything like robotic eyes, or even a tail. But what she has is a crazy yet malicious mind that can make poeple think differently of her surroundings, but reall your opinions wouldn't matter to her anyhow. In a way, the only thing out of 'normal' would be her two different dialated yet blank white eyes and her very pale complexion as if the flesh inside of her was sucked out. And last but not least, after surviving from the dephs of Hell in which she came from, she had gained a pair of demonic wings that she can choose to who can see them whenever she likes. Personality: Lenore has been a somewhat malicious girl, hurting people out of spite or revenge, to a well-meaning but dim person that kills people by "accident", stemming from the fact that Lenore is generally unaware of her surroundings as well as the fact that she is dead. Lenore says she loves animals (especially cats), but she constantly kills all her pets. Later she reverts back to her old self and starts hurting those around her with full intentions on what she's doing, as it can be seen when she declares that her dream is to take over the world. Sometimes, she appears to enjoy others' misfortune, since she smiles when she hurts or kills them and is often depicted as quite violent, especially when she is unhappy about something or when she is angry. Lenore usually does and says things that do not have sense most of the time, resulting in the annoyance of her level-headed companion, Ragamuffin, who considers her a dimwit, calling her "special in the head". However, despite all that, it's unclear whether she's really dense or she acts stupidly on purpose, just to torment Ragamuffin for fun, because at times she is shown to be quite intelligent-such. Apparently, she can let others see her wings only if she desires to. History: Lenore lived as a wealthy but very weird wealthy girl who only lived with her mother after her father had committed scuicide as an act, but had gotten to far. It was around the 1900s, Lenore's mother had begun to notice her strange obsessions and intentions on hurting others around her as well as her poor health. During those young years, Lenore's mother had tooken to her counciling, but only heard strange things from her daughter before her health had become unstable and she had to see a doctor to the point of surgery. But all did not end well, Lenore's surgery was a miss and her death was taken on that bed. Some believed her mother was as crazy as her daughter because that night as she lay and almost reached the pillars of Hell, was the light that shone through. Half way to becoming a Devil, like the one she heard stories about, and the one she was interested more in about. But, the light pulled her back into her death spot. No one really knew what had happened, and neither did she. But all she knew was, that morning she woke up on the ground as if she were alive again, things had changed and she would half to start a new life. Though, she herself acts as if she weren't dead. Many years had passed until she had almost given up hope, she was always alone in the dark alley apartment where she had moved to in the Barrocks. That day, her life would change. The day she met Trever, the day she turned fifteen and created a new life for herself and ohers around her, but truly nothing had changed then. It was an early day, the poor still dragging their feet on the streets, the empty alleys and the dustless streets that remained empty. Lenore had been wanting to go to the pet shop today to get a 'toy' but because of last time, she was banned because they were 'broken' as she said. Running into the hallway she bumped into a tall looking pale boy who had given her cold eyes, but she repayed with a gentle warm smile up at him. Her knee was cut, and she herself couldn't wait to fix it when the boy kneeled down and set a band-aid on her knee with a warm smile, the day Lenore's heart skipped a beat and she had made what they called.. a 'friend'. Other: She owns a lot of animals and stuffed toys, but usually her animals or 'toys' so called are killed quickly by her never counting up the price. So far, she had so many she could not count them, so she gave them numbered names so she could keep track. Picture: * Looking... I'll probably go through my collection of pictures from years back >.< * Name: Trever Haynes Gender: Male. Age: Eighteen, when in reality around four hundred and longer. Blood Type: A Weight: As light as a feather ^-^ Height: 6'0 Hair Color: Lenore; One of her eyes Eye Color: Deep black, but in light an Earl Grey. Country of Origination: His parents had come from North Korea, born in the eastern Hemesphere. Region Character Lives In: Barrocks Mutation: Trever is a four hundred year old vampire who also generates from a two-hybrid father who was a werewolve. So in any case, a hybrid of a vampire and werewolve,yet pert of him is part human in ways he cannot explain. At times may very between having ears that perk up when surprised or at special occasions, but as other, he is a normal heart-throbbing man who catches eyes easily but would unexpectedly be the poorest of them all. Anything Needed to Keep Mutation in Check: Mostly his ears perk up at special times and places, but overall nothing unusual or eyecatching to others as appealing to his appearance than his vibrant black eyes. Personality: Trever is a little unsure of some of Lenore's crazier ideas and is oddly enough used to it. Still, Trever is loyal to Lenore, often joining her plans. He is often infuriated by her dimwitted behavior, but he goes along with her in the end. One example is when Lenore says that he is her little kid (or "baby", as she calls him) and, after many protests, he gives up and lets her put a baby bottle into his mouth. In contrast to the brutal, savage nature in his original vampire form, he seems quite interested in somewhat more human-like activities, though he does not admit it (he persistently denies it and tries to change the topic). These actions imply the fact that he views himself as her parental figure, or at least as her guardian. History: Trever can at first sight look like a tall handsome yet lonely and exagerated, but he has a very interesting background story and personality. Trever was a 400 year old immortal vampire who fed upon the flesh of the living. One night he attacked a young man and ate him, but unfortunately, his wife, who happened to be a powerful witch, witnessed the scene. This witch had only gotten to him once before, but he words she had told him and herself that repeated in his ears were like a curse that stayed in his mind until he had become emotionally, physically and mentally unstable to the point of starvation and horrible health. Picking up his financial needs he moved to the Barrocks looking for a cheep home to stay in, but also a place to escape his insanity. Other: He has above-average grades in many topics or as in -living-life situations as an intelligant folk who would know what to and what not to do at certain times. Despite this, he can become very confused or uncertain to rates he would pass out and stay knocked out for days. Picture:
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