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Tuesday, 11 September 2012
03:34:40 PM (GMT)
Lenore Lynchfast


Embalmed undead.
She died of pneumonia at the beginning of the 1900s.

Lenore has developed from being a somewhat malicious girl, hurting people out of
spite or revenge, to a well-meaning but dim character that kills people by
"accident", stemming from the fact that Lenore is generally unaware of her
surroundings as well as the fact that she is dead. Lenore says she loves animals
(especially cats), but she constantly kills all her pets.
Lenore reverts back to her old self and starts hurting those around her with full
intentions on what she's doing, as it can be seen, when she insults Ragamuffin and
calls him all kinds of names and where she declares that her dream is to take over
the world. Sometimes, she appears to enjoy others' misfortune, since she smiles when
she hurts or kills them and is often depicted as quite violent, especially when she
is unhappy about something or when she is angry.
Lenore usually does and says things that do not have sense most of the time,
resulting in the annoyance of her level-headed companion, Ragamuffin, who considers
her a dimwit, calling her "special in the head". However, despite all that, it's
unclear whether she's really dense or she acts stupidly on purpose, just to torment
Ragamuffin for fun, because at times she is shown to be quite intelligent-such. 

Lenore was an orphan who died in the early 1900s of pneumonia from being isolated and
sent to an Asylum at the early age of ten. 

She has two big, black wings, gained after her return from Hell. Apparently, she can
let others see her wings only if she desires to.
She has a 400 year old vampire 'butler' doll that she had made come to life after
getting her embalmed blood on his body causing him to come back to life. Ragamuffin,
the vampire, was feeding on a young girl's body when her sister, supposively a witch,
cursed him as a doll forever until Lenore picked him up and took him home.



Four-hundred years old, seen as in his early twenties or younger.

Cursed doll / Vampire

Ragamuffin is a little unsure of some of Lenore's crazier ideas and is oddly enough
the occasional voice of reason. Still, Ragamuffin is loyal to Lenore, often joining
her plans. He is often infuriated by her dimwitted behavior, but he goes along with
her in the end. One example is when Lenore says that he is her little kid (or "baby",
as she calls him) and, after many protests, he gives up and lets her put a baby
bottle into his mouth. In contrast to the brutal, savage nature in his original
vampire form, he seems quite interested in somewhat more human-like activities as a
ragged doll, though he does not admit it.
Ragamuffin becomes very protective of Lenore, his actions imply the fact that he
views himself as her parental figure, or at least as her guardian.

Ragamuffin was a 400 year old immortal vampire who fed upon the flesh of the living.
One night he attacked a young woman and ate her, but unfortunately, her sister, who
happened to be a powerful witch, witnessed the scene. The witch cursed him and
transformed him into a doll. A drop of Lenore's blood eventually returned him to
consciousness, but since her blood was mixed with embalming fluid the curse was only
partially lifted: he will never cease to be a doll.

He can change into his vampire form whenever her wants, but usually feeds on Lenore
to gain power over the embalmed fluid in her blood. 

Ragamuffin can at first sight look like a rag doll with worms for hair and polyester
filling, but he has a very interesting background story and personality. 


Alois Trancy



Alois seems to have an overall cheerful disposition, in spite of hardships and
misgivings. However, his emotions are quite unpredictable, fluctuating from
enthusiastic and hyperactive to angry the next, and he loses interest in things
fairly quickly. Alois often uses harsh and impolite language, such as "bloody" or
other swear words, regardless of whom he is speaking to.
One of his few consistent traits is his attachment and dependence to his butler,
Claude Faustus, whose attention he is frequently trying to attract. His horrific
childhood, which contained no parental figures, is the likely cause of his extreme
need for affection and acknowledgment from Claude. Although his harsh temper was
evident even in childhood, his sadistic streak, bizarre promiscuity, and crude
language stem from the sexual abuse he received shortly before contracting with
Alois enjoys the authority of a noble he obtained, and utilizes his power
sadistically. In order to feel dominant, he abuses others and makes them feel
uncomfortable and inferior for the sake of own satisfaction. However, Alois
particularly directs the cruelty to Hannah Anafeloz. He often lashes out physically,
and demeans her with vile remarks when he believes that she is trying to take someone
else's attention away from him.
Despite how he mistreated her, Hannah later admits that she has loved Alois the whole
time, and his attitude towards her changes completely; he accepts her loving him
since he can no longer gain any of the acknowledgment he sought from Claude.

The unofficial story is that, shortly after he was born, Alois was kidnapped, and his
mother, in her deep grief, committed suicide, leaving his father to search for him
During his time spent abducted, Alois claims that he was kept as a slave in an
unknown village. An event, which occurred within the said village, left all the
villagers dead, leaving Alois as the only survivor. Alois then returned with Claude
Faustus and soon became the head of the Trancy household, after his father died under
mysterious circumstances.

However, later, Alois experienced a flashback about his actual past as Jim Macken, an
orphan from the village. He and his little brother, Luka, had been treated unkindly
by the villagers ever since their parents died, which forced them to survive as
thieves and pickpockets. Jim expressed a bitter hatred of the villagers, and declared
that everyone who was cruel to them ought to die.
When a mysterious calamity swept the village, killing nearly everyone including Luka,
Jim was taken in, along with a group of other boys, by the head of the Trancy estate
who kept them for the purpose of pedophilia. While in captivity, Jim heard rumors
about a fairy that grants wishes, and after following the instructions he was given,
he summoned the spider demon, Claude. In spite of that, he realized he had no wish to
fulfill, and Claude told Jim to call for him again when he finds a wish.
Although Earl Trancy originally despised him for his defiant attitude, Jim set about
seducing him. Soon, he became his favorite bedmate, and subsequently his heir. Jim,
parading from then on as Alois Trancy, received favorable treatment, such as
fashionable clothes and more freedom in the mansion.
During a meeting, Alois discovered that the person who is allegedly responsible for
the strange deaths in the village was another demon, Sebastian Michaelis, during his
Faustian contract before Ciel Phantomhive. Alois then formed a contract with Claude,
vowing revenge on Sebastian. When Earl Trancy died, Alois became the new earl and
released all the captive boys.
 "Then show me those eyes. Not the eyes of those villagers who looked as if they'd
seen a pile of shit. Not the old man's greedy, inflamed eyes. That day, those eyes.
Those eyes that longed only for me, Claude."


Alois is a young boy with light-blond hair and light-blue eyes. He wears a long plum
purple frock coat, a forest green vest with black lining and a black back, a white
button-up shirt, brown shorts, long black stockings, brown high heel boots with
purple laces, and a dark grey-black ribbon tied around his neck. 
Alois holds his Faustian contract seal with Claude Faustus - an encircled, gold and
red pentagram-like shape - on his tongue. His contract seal is not visible at all
times, and is mainly only shown if Claude is nearby.
Last edited: 11 September 2012

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