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Ib FanFiction 1= Lylia Part 1Category: (general)
Monday, 10 September 2012
06:38:17 PM (GMT)
Lylia Looked toward her father as they drove down the street. She then looked to the
window, watching the familiar art gallery pass by. 
	“Papa?” she asked quietly. “Why do we never go to Guertina’s art
	Her father frowned at her. “You ask every time we pass, Lylia.” He pulled out a
the familiar small, white handkerchief as he spoke, holding it tightly.
	“You never took me or mama when she was still alive.” Lylia whined. “And mama
always wanted to go.”
	“If I take you this once, will you never ask to go again?” Her father sounded
more distant than angry, though she agreed with a large smile. 

	As Lylia and her father entered the gallery, she peered further into the rooms.
There were people all over, and the numerous paintings of people and other things
were quite amazing. She pulled at her father’s long coat, eager to go look.
	“Go ahead, Lylia.” he said. “I’ll... meet you later. Just give me a call and
I’ll come running.”
	Lylia nodded and ran to go look at the paintings and sculptures. She stopped for a
moment and looked at each one as she passed, until she came to an unusually long,
large one with it’s own room. It seemed to have been done it crayon. She read the
plaque beneath it, “??? World,” as she could not understand the first word. As
she finished reading it out loud, the lights began to flicker and turn off. 
	Lylia looked up, hearing the voices of the other people in the gallery fade to an
eerie silence. She brushed her hand along the wall of the painting, pulling it away
as she felt something leaking from the wall. She glanced at the blue paint, which was
the paint she had felt, as they dried into words.
	come down below lylia. ill show you someplace secret.
	Lylia blinked. Had the wall... no. It didn’t. Maybe she would go down to the fish
painting, the one her father had gone to so he could wait for her.
	Lylia continued to think about it as she made her way down to the odd fish painting.
As she stepped into the room, she saw that one of the velvet rails were gone, and
blue footprints walked into the water.
	The girl peered into the painting, looking around before stepping into it.
Lylia shook her head, looking around again. She was in a dark blue room, and there
were two doors on the sides of her. She stood slowly, walking toward the one on her
right. She pushed on it, but found it was securely locked somehow. She again tried,
but she could find no way to unlock it.
        Suddenly, she heard a voice from the other side of the door.
“You need to go get the blue key, like the rest of us did! And... be careful! The
rose, the petals... They...”
        Lylia did not stay to hear more. She made her way to the other door, pushing
it open and walking down the dark corridor. At the end stood a small table with three
items kept upon the top; a black rose, a white rose, and a blue key. 
        As Lylia picked up the key, she heard something walk up behind her. She let
out a gasp and wrenched herself to the side to face whoever it was as it grabbed her
shoulders, coming face to face with a boy of about 15. 
        “Relax, relax, calm down. I won’t hurt you.”
        Lylia let out a sigh of relief. “Do you think we should take these
roses?” she asked him.
        He nodded. “That might be best, they must have been left here for a reason.
I’ll take the black; I hope you like the color white.”
        Lylia nodded as well, and they both took their respective rose.
        The book looked at her. “Do you have a name, Little White?”
        “Lylia.” she responded. “What about you?”
        “Stephan.” he said. “Now, let’s go get that door unlocked.”

        As Lylia and Stephan neared the blue door, they could hear more faint
whispers from the other side. Slowly, Stephan unlocked the door and pushed it open.
Lylia peered inside to see the others within. 
       One stepped forward as the pair stepped through the door together. He looked
around age 25, and had jagged black hair, blue eyes, and an orange rose. 
       “You’re stuck here too, huh?” he asked them. Stephan nodded, glancing at
Lylia “Well, I guess we have nowhere to go but forward now.”
       Stephan grabbed for Lylia’s arm gently, pulling her after the three others.
She looked toward them as they passed, and when Stephan finally let her go, she felt
another hand on her shoulder. She turned quickly to get away, but stopped when the
figure spoke.
       “Garry...” murmured the girl. She clutched a beautiful red rose in her
other hand.
       Lylia looked at the girl, confused. She looked about 20. “My... my name is
Lylia.” she said to the girl. 
       The man with the orange rose had walked back to them. “Oh, Lylia, this is
Red. She doesn’t speak much. You’ll get used to her, don’t worry.”
       “Garry...” Red murmured again.
       Lylia smiled a bit, unsure of what to do as she pulled away from Red. She
retreated over to Stephan and the other two. Red stayed where she was, until the boy
with the orange rose urged her forward. The girl kept her eyes locked on Lylia, but
her gaze remained distant. 
      “Lylia! Over here!” Stephan called.
      She walked over to him, where he stood talking to a short girl who clutched a
light pink rose in her left hand. Beside her was a taller boy, with an indigo rose.
He stood facing a wall, seeming to be reading the small sign on it. Stephan pulled
Lylia beside him, and the girl smiled.
     “You’re Lylia?” she asked as she smiled, and Lylia nodded. “I’m
Madeline. And this is Alec.”
     The boy with the indigo rose looked away from the wall. “It says to stay away
from the wall...”
     Madeline laughed, and pulled Lylia with her down the narrow corridor. Just as
they stepped in, Red burst in and grabbed them both, pulling them away from the walls
and toward the center. As Red for them away from the walls, black, shadowy arms burst
out to grab them, though the girls were just out of reach. 
     Madeline screamed, and Lylia stood motionless. Red motioned for the others to
stay where they were. The man with the orange rose spoke.
     “Go with Red, you two. She seems to know what she’s doing here. Maybe
she’s the only one who really does. Trust her.”
     Lylia and Madeline looked toward Red, who was slowly walking in a light,
dance-like motion down to the end of the corridor.
     “Let’s follow her, then.” said Lylia after a moment, and Madeline nodded.
     “Garry...” murmured Red.

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