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Have some WWII Vari...Category: OCs
Saturday, 8 September 2012
06:34:34 PM (GMT)
A tinny ringing hit the stiff winter air, lasting only a moment before the phone was
answered, silencing the cutting sound.  An unheard voice on the other end of the line
said something, and the nurse looked up, placing a hand over the mouthpiece.
"Miss Longacre?  Phonecall."
A dark haired woman looked up from a patient, her features concerned, "May I phone
them back?  I need to help this man."  Without waiting for an answer, she turned
back, cutting a length of clean white bandage and staining it red as she wrapped it
around the soldier's arm.  He was unconsious, and Miss Longacre was glad for it. 
She'd much rather that than having to sedate him herself.  She hesitated, smoothing
his rough auburn hair away from his eyes before standing up from his side, and
heading towards the nurse, who was still waiting with the phone.
"Miss, they need you.  Say it's urgent."
"Concerning what, Maggie?"
"They wouldn't say, Miss... Something to do with the Brittany mission? And the
Captain.  I don't know what it means, but they need you, Miss.  Miss?  Are you
Kari Longacre's face had fallen as she connected the information.  Her cheeks had
paled considerably, and she nodded faintly, her usually sharp green eyes focused on a
point that she wasn't looking at.
"Where.  Where do they need me to go, Maggie?"
"Uh... They said someone would be here in a minute- Miss, maybe you'd better sit
down?"  The younger nurse took Kari's arm, leading her to a chair and handed her a
glass of water.  "What is it?"
"Hm?  What is what?"  Kari asked, glancing up as if realising that Maggie was there
for the first time.
"What's happened, Miss?"
"O-oh... Nothing... Nothing..."
Maggie let out a small laugh, "Agent Whelan was right... You can't lie very well."
Kari nodded dismissingly, not really hearing her.  The Brittany Mission.  The
Captain.  Surely not?  He couldn't be...?
Her thoughts were interrupted by an urgent horn from outside.  She looked up
immediately, getting to her feet and heading to the tent's opening, "Maggie, take
care of things while I'm gone.  You'll be okay..."  Her voice faltered a little,
betraying her, but she broke into a jog as Agent Whelan got out of the car, meeting
her in a tight, secure hug.
"Salem, what's happened?  Why do they need me?  There are other nurses- Doctors, in
fact! Why do they need me?"
"He asked for you.  Come on, we should go..."  His voice was weak, filled with a soft
bitterness which only hardened as he saw Kari nod and push away from him to get in
the car.  He frowned, and got in behind the wheel, driving away as fast as was

To be continued when it's not nearly midnight...

‹})i({ look, a butterfly› says:   8 September 2012   379464  
My grandfather was fighting in that war on Normandy beach D-day. He
is still living and is 94. Everyday he drives to his friend's vaccuum
shop and talks with his veteran buddies.
I love him. He is going to teach me how to drive.
‹defineMANIAC› says:   9 September 2012   640795  
Er, yes, alright.
You do realise that this is completely fictional?
Also, driving in his day was no doubt very different to modern laws. 
You won't pass with just him as a teacher. 
branches says:   9 September 2012   252828  
Hmm o^o
Seems quite good so far. The only thing that seems unrealistic is the
name "Kari" in WWII.

/quietly twiddles thumbs anticipating a continuation.
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   9 September 2012   206123  
I'm not the author so I really shouldn't be replying orz
but this is based on an AU RP, and these characters were originally
intended for a more modern setting o n o
so that's why Kari's name seems a bit unrealistic! 
branches says:   9 September 2012   193282  
OOOoOoOoOoHhHhHh. I see.
Never mind, then. orzzz 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   9 September 2012   170307  
Haha!  Yeah, I would answer, but SOMEONE already did...
I'm writing the next bit now.

More realistic than Val :PPPP 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   9 September 2012   331636  
Shut up :P You're his fangirl anyway so you can't talk! 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   9 September 2012   735335  
I wasn't complaining!
Just sayin', is all :P 
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   9 September 2012   137630  
Yeah yeah :P 
‹defineMANIAC› says:   9 September 2012   455375  
I love you Vaaaaaal 8333 
‹})i({ look, a butterfly› says :   10 September 2012   855791  
Yeah, I know. Just thought I would share. Sorry! 


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