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...I think I'm a bad VriskaCategory: trollmegle
Friday, 15 June 2012
12:16:15 PM (GMT)
▼: D --> Hello
▲: Oh great.
▼: D --> Sekret...
▲: Zahhak.
▲: And what the fuck, Serket!!!!!!!!
▲: S-E-R-K-E-T.
▼: D --> Oh
▼: D --> Right
▼: D --> It seems my fingers aern't fully working
▼: D --> Aren't*
▲: That much is clear
▲: . So, now that you've completely fucked the spelling of my last name, let's get
on with the rest of the shit that happens when we communic8
▲: Which could 8e anything, knowing you.
▼: D --> Ever notice notice how our hives look villainous
▲: Ofcourse mine does.
▲: I'm just kickass like that!!!!!!!!
▲: I never really paid that much attention to yours.
▼: D --> you never pay attention to anyone but yoruself
▼: D --> Yourself*
▲: That is not completely true........
▲: Thinking a8out the miser of others is pretty fun too. >::::D
▲: *misery
▲: Your fail is ru88ing off on me, Zahhak.
▼: D --> Heh
▼: D --> You know... I learned something tonight
▼: D --> If you aren't so focused on soemthing
▼: D --> Death is fun
▲: Death is fun no matter what, as long as you're the one causing it!
▼: D --> No I meant
▼: D --> Experiencing death
▼: D --> E%periencing*
▲: What kind of sopor shit have you 8een slurping????????
▼: D --> not sopor
▼: D --> They call it, deer
▼: D --> ER
▼: D ---> beer*
▲: I am assuming that is some kind of awful human concoction.
▲: I thought you didn't mingle with them.
▼: D --> What do i care in death
▼: D --> I can do anything
▼: D --> I have no fears here
▼: D --> No worries
▼: D --> I can just...
▼: D --> Let go
▲: You still sweat though, right?
▼: D --> Sometimes
▼: D --> If I get flustered
▲: Who even are you anymore????????
▲: What happened to that constantly perspiring freak who was good with mechanical
parts and actually gave two shits about the Hemospectrum?
▼: D --> Hey, i'm still good with my roboti%
▼: D --> I'm just
▼: D --> calmer
▲: You can 8e calm without letting most aspects of your personality and who you
were go flying out of the fucking window!!!!!!!!
▲: Death doesn't have to change anything.
▼: D --> I died for what i believed in
▼: D --> And so did Nepeta
▼: D --> If i hadn't been so worked up about the hemospectrum, she w001dn't have
▲: Yes, 8ut where does that leave you now?
▲: As if there is anything else that can happen now that you're gone.
▲: Why do you have to 8e so calm? It's not like you!!!!!!!!
▼: D --> Beer is very mellowing...
▼: D --> Though i have to drink a lot of it
▲: I'll confisc8 your goddamn 8eer!!!!!!!!
▼: D --> I'll just dream up more
▼: D --> I think you need to mellow out
▲: No, fuck you!!!!!!!!
▲: I'm plenty mellow.
▲: You need to stop 8eing so fucking calm.
▲: It's 8oring and slightly annoying.
▼: D --> You know what the best part about being like this is
▼: D --> I don't accidently break stuff
▲: That's even worse!!!!!!!!
▲: That's practically all you did when you were alive.
▼: D --> You are no fun to talk to
▼: D --> I'm gonna talk to someone else
▼: D --> Good bye
▲: Fine, fuck you too.
▲: Come 8ack to me when you're the idiot I remember and found slightly interesting.

‹IcePath› says:   16 June 2012   985365  
no Vriska is a bad Poison <3
‹the Gaythiest› says :   17 June 2012   808528  

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