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My rules from DaddyCategory: Daddy and me
Tuesday, 29 May 2012
11:07:08 PM (GMT)
Daddy is a nickname for my boyfriend just to clear things up before you even start
thinking anything

1. I must always think of myself as positive and beautiful, never anything negative.
2. When crossing a street with Daddy where traffic is present or on busy streets,
Daddy's hand must be held.
3. When walking by the road with Daddy, he will keep me away from the traffic, unless
on a bridge in which Daddy will keep me away from the edge in his embrace.
4. I must obey Daddy's word, for his word is final.
5. I must never hurt Daddy. With words or my fists. In the bedroom does not count.
6. If Daddy says I'm deserving of a punishment I will not fight with Daddy over
7. I must do everything in my power to make my Daddy happy as possible.
8. Any rule I break I am to tell Daddy
9. I must acknowledge my health and take better care of myself
10. I must always be ready at Daddy's beck and call
11. I must go to bed every night before midnight, unless on the weekend, holidays, or
when Daddy say's I can stay up.
12. Daddy will order for me in restaurants.
13. I am not allowed to play with myself without Daddy's okay.
14. I will not play/stroke Daddy without permission.
15. I should try to write in my journal or atleast 2 times a week

I'll add more as he decides on them.
Last edited: 1 June 2012

‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› shouts:   30 May 2012   649204  
Wha...... Is this incest going on?
‹Mr. Dad› says:   30 May 2012   231845  
I read the "in the bedroom" and thought the same damn thing... 
‹jesus_of_suburbia› says:   30 May 2012   769144  
Pottercest? Blackcest? Weasleycest? Twincest?
‹Mr. Dad› says:   30 May 2012   230173  
Ah, I read from another diary;; shes real into submission. 
bunnyboorants says:   30 May 2012   332226  
Yes its submission go look up Daddy Dom/babygirl than it will make
‹↑Oh•Touch•My•Tralalala↓› says:   30 May 2012   386143  
So.... You like incest not performing it however? Or do you really
like doing "that" with your dad? It makes you excited?.. 
Submission as in... Dominatrix? 
bunnyboorants says:   30 May 2012   316040  
No daddy is a nickname for my boyfriend
‹Mr. Dad› says:   30 May 2012   929138  
Daddys_doll says:   30 May 2012   538342  
Very nice rules your Daddy has set up for you. I love the holding
hands one when walking across the street. 
bunnyboorants says:   30 May 2012   964386  
I know right it's soo cute and He's deciding on more tonight.
‹<3OurGODisLOVE!!<3› says:   30 May 2012   384308  
Well the rules sounds like he is very controlling. What's up with the
punishment one number 6??
bunnyboorants says:   30 May 2012   420399  
Just so everyone knows I don't know how to reply to people and
anyways like if I don't follow the rules I can get one of several
punishments ranging from time outs and corner time to spankings with a
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   31 May 2012   423309  
random comments on random diary from my other account lol (fail)
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   1 June 2012   678008  
I first read this and i was like :O but as soon as she said that Dady
was a nickname for her boyfriend it all made sense. And all the things
that seemed horrible and wrong all of a sudden turned sweet and cute.
bunnyboorants says:   1 June 2012   316982  
really awe hehehe
the_bunnies_pet says:   2 June 2012   366357  
to bad u dont listen that much (Daddy)
bunnyboorants says :   2 June 2012   334575  
nyan sooooo


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