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Reasons of why Twilight sucksCategory: (general)
Sunday, 27 May 2012
06:03:15 PM (GMT)
These are reasons why I absolutely hate Twilight. I have never read the books but
I've seen all the movies so far. Its the type of movie where if your really depressed
go see Twilight. You'll laugh your ass of. Like I have a crappy life. I go see
Twilight and I laugh of how stupid and pointless it is.


2. It gives Dracula a bad name. I wanna see Dracula and Edward Cullen face off. Real
vampire vs. some Poser vampire wannabe. Who would win? Dracula, duh! Edward doesn't
stand a chance.

3. Crappy story line

4. The actors in the movies don't act at all. They stand there and look awkward

5. The directors did a horrible job on the movie

6. If your not big with film making and shit you'd think that the directors did an OK
job and maybe actually like the films. Don't. Just don't like them. There a waste of
2 1/2 hrs(Idk how long they are. I just estimated) of your life.

7. I will agree there has been badass moments in the movies but then directors
somehow make it suck.

8. Its the most cliche vampire movie ever

9. The werewolves aren't werewolves. They are lycanthropes. There is an obvious
difference between the two.

10. I want to punch Bella; She's a whore and she's a bitch

11. I hate how Bella decides which guy she's gonna date every day of that week.
"Today Ima date Edward but tomorrow Ima Jacob". I don't know why they stay with her.
I'd be like "yeah screw you. I'm done."

12. Dhampir babies don't kill the mother. They don't eat them from the inside out but
I liked the gruesome part of it.

13. I'm a complete vampire freak fan so I'm outraged by this movie

14. There are better vampire movies they should have made

15. Twilight should never have existed in the first place.

16. By now I'm just pointing shit out. I'm complaining but there not reasons anymore.

‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   27 May 2012   110731  
Okay, I'm just gonna copy and paste this from something I wrote on
imagebb not even five minutes ago. I'm not trying to be a bitch, it's
just this stuff is really annoying.

My god, guys... Who gives a crap about Twilight? How many of you have
actually READ the books? The books, although not anywhere near the
best novels I've ever read, are not that bad, especially for the first
attempt at a saga. The movies are what sucked. The hype is what you
guys hate. The annoying 13 yr old fangirls are what suck. But
seriously, it's been... what? Four or five years since the first movie
has been out? And you guys STILL complain about it? Give it a break. 

The haters are almost more annoying than the fanbase. Seriously. Shut
up about Twilight already and invest your time on something YOU enjoy,
instead of bashing others for something THEY enjoy.

And I'm also going to add this: You complaining about it is only
making it a bigger deal. If you stopped, then there wouldn't be so
much hype around it.

Also: While Dracula is obviously the BEST version of a vampire story
out there, you say that Twilight is cliche. Let me point out that
Dracula, also, is cliche. All vampire stories are going to be cliche.
Actually, Dracula is probably a lot more cliche than Twilight ever
was. The vampires on twilight were probably the farthest thing from
the stereotypical vampire I've ever seen, while Dracula is pretty much
hitting on every traditional vampire aspect (not that there is
anything wrong with that, I love Dracula,... I'm just saying.)

So yeah. The whole Twilight sucks! thing is just as annoying, if not
more annoying, than Twilight and it's fanbase itself...
‹unoriginal› says:   27 May 2012   615514  
I read all four books. They disgusted me. Mrs. Meyer cannot
write. However, I am tired of everyone bringing up the hate for the
sparkling fairies. It is indeed as irritating as the fan base. 
xX_AliceInsanity_Xx says:   27 May 2012   682516  
Umm.... Dracula is one of the first stories that brought vampires to
be. I have been obsessed with vampires since 4th grade. I refused to
read the books and I ended up reading House of Night and then
everybody started reading so I stopped reading it and read other
vampires novels. Its just people don't get exactly movie suck. Its not
just the sparkling vampire thing. You get used to it after a while.
Its the fact that people say Kristen Stewart sucks as an actress
because of Twilight. She's actually really good. The directors sucked
and I don't know where they were going with that movie. Plus the guys
aren't that hot. I wouldn't in this life or the next even touch Edward
cause he's kinda freaky and stalkerish. I prefer Jasper because he's
the funniest character in the entire movie. He finally speaks in the
third movie after having the same face in the first 2 movies. I'm not
an obsessive preppy and never will be. I did a scene from Dracula in
my drama class and no one had ever heard of Dracula or seen a Dracula
film. That pissed me off. I explained to the class who Dracula was and
gave them an entire history lesson of Vlad the Impaler. 
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   27 May 2012   571925  
I never said Dracula wasn't one of the first. The legend of vampires
itself though, is far older. And I've read the House of Night. Amazing
books. And yes, I agree, the guys aren't that hot. Actually, I've
never agreed with the whole Robert Pattenson thing. And
coincidentally, Jasper is also the one I prefer. And I'm not even a
huge fan, if I can even be considered one anymore. But you've already
proved my point. You hate the movie and the fanbase. Not the books.
I'm sorry, but you can't exactly have an opinion about the story, if
you haven't read the books. The movie leaves a lot out (especially
with Jasper, my god.). That's what pisses me off. The fact that you're
judging something without even really knowing. The movies were
absolutely horrible. The books? I know people who would argue they
were okay. 

But really, the whole reason I said anything at all, was because I'm
tired of people complaining about it. I've seen more hate surrounding
it than the actual fanbase. And a lot of the people who hate it, are
people who haven't actually given it a full chance by not reading it,
which apparently includes you.

Again, sorry, I'm not trying to sound like a bitch. It's just so damn
annoying when I hear something about it nearly every day.

...and the people in your drama class are obviously deprived. Dracula
is amazing! O: 
xX_AliceInsanity_Xx says:   27 May 2012   658109  
I absolutely refuse to read it. 8th grade was when I found out that
Twilight was a popular cause everyone owned it. I absolutely to buy
one. I hate popular novels and especially fan girl bullshit. Its
stupid. I don't get the point of every fucking preppy chick they are
obsessed with vampire but they aren't. They are obsessed with fairies.
No no no. Fairies are more bad ass then Edward Cullen. They can
actually torture people and kill them. The Cullens are a bunch of emo
pussies who calls themselves vampires. When I put my time to watch the
first movie I wasted 2 hours of my life that day. Now, I just watch it
for entertainment of how stupid the directors are. I got pissed off
when I watched Eclipse though. Vampires turn to ash not stone. They
have blood. The stone didn't even look real. It looked like foam or
the material that makes up a mannequin. And I'm not gonna waste time
reading every single book because its not worth it. I might not have
much of a life but I'd probably kill myself after reading a page of
Twilight. It doesn't have a good story line.

This is Twilight:
A girl and a guy meet. The guys a sparkly vampire. They date a week
later and Bella being the whore she is wants to spend eternity with
Edward but Edward refusing and being pussy the entire time and even
runs away. Bella goes crying to Jacob. She acts like she really likes
him at one point. Edward comes back and she's just like "yeah I don't
like you," to Jacob and runs back to Edward. A few fight scenes here
and there. No one cares about them. Then her and Edward finally fuck
and he breaks the bed. It wasn't even a sex scene. It was just Edward
breaking a bed. They did not even show boob. Then she's dying and
Edward has to come and save the day.

Who would want to read that piece of shit??? Its a romance novel for
pre teens. I wouldn't even consider it a romance novel. House of Night
is a romance novel. When she first see's Edward he's getting a
blowjob. Thats like 3rd chapter in the first book. THATS a romance
‹Mr. Dad› says:   27 May 2012   346611  
I didn't even read all your comment, I just like the "its just Edward
breaking a bed" xD 
ida says:   27 May 2012   249076  
‹Cowards•Are•Golden› says:   27 May 2012   431506  
I never said it was good. I said it wasn't the worst thing in the
world. I said I'm tired of people complaining about it. It's annoying.
If you don't like it, then ignore it. Don't sit here and bash it,
you're only making it bigger. Just because YOU don't particularly
enjoy it, not that you can even have a legitimate opinion since you've
never read the books, doesn't mean it's shitty to everybody. Obviously
it's popular enough to make money and movies off of.

I don't like Twilight either... but at least I gave it a fair chance.
And I don't go around boasting about how much I dislike it. Why?
Because I don't give a shit. Why waste my time complaining about
something that has no significant value whatsoever? It's pointless.
And it's only going to blow up more, anyway.

All I'm saying is, just give the Twilight hate a rest. If you want to
hate it, fine, you don't need to make it a huge deal, though, by
posting hate diaries about it.

By the way, I kind of think it's really immature to hate something
because it's popular. You said you liked the HON books but stopped
reading it cause it got a little hype? WHY? If it's good, why care?
You should be happy it's getting the recognition it deserves.

Anyways, again, my point wasn't whether or not it sucks. My point is
STOP COMPLAINING. We all know how much people hate it. We all know how
much some people love it. Do you honestly think people care what other
people think about it? No. It's just annoying. 
evangeline_choi1995 says:   27 May 2012   952556  
i agree to this. it's all based on stephanie meyer's romantic
fantasies. i don't like Bella. she can't even fight for her own sake.
and edward's too creepy in my opinion. In real life, you would freak
out knowing you're being chased by a bunch of vampires.
xX_AliceInsanity_Xx says:   28 May 2012   361476  
I stopped reading it for personal reasons as well. Plus this annoying
girl who thought I was friends with her kept talking to me about it
and it made me wanna blow my brains out. I'm fine if its popular. But
when everyones talking about it and also when people telling me
spoilers its not worth it. I mean Mortal Instruments is pretty popular
I'm still reading that. I need to get the 4th book in paperback and
thats coming out in theaters next year and I'm really excited for

Its not that I would run if I was being chased by vampires... well I
would but still. Its the fact that the books apparently talk mostly
about Edward Cullens appearance and everyone else doesn't matter to
her. And Bella needs to learn some martial arts. She's not going to
survive in life knowing about vampires and werewolves and them all
being after her whether to kill her or to fuck her(Not talking about
the sub characters here but the evil guys and Edward and Jacob) The
most bad ass characters are not even the main characters. Their Jasper
and Alice and they are the cutest couple ever. Though Jasper had the
same funny expression on his face the entire first 2 movies. And they
say he's a new blood which is why he loses himself so often but in the
3rd movie they say he's been a vampire for a while and he has this
whole back story and he wasn't turned by the father vampire Cullen
dude(dun know his name) but someone else turned him 
evangeline_choi1995 says:   29 May 2012   546540  
True *thumbs up* ^^ 
xX_AliceInsanity_Xx says:   29 May 2012   586892  
Yeah. So I have every reason to hate Twilight. I don't get why girls
love it so much. Its the kind of shit you watch if you want a laugh.
I've seen all the movies and gonna see the rest just cause I'm
depressed and need something to entertain me. But before that ima
watch Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter 
evangeline_choi1995 says:   29 May 2012   181687  
omg go for it!! XD  I've heard it is good. I wanted to buy the book
but decided not to  because I don't have much time on my hands. =u= 
xX_AliceInsanity_Xx says :   1 June 2012   497939  
Yeah it comes out on the 22 but I'm not gonna go to school on the 18
since thats final make up day and me and me and my friend Giuseppe are
gonna go see it. 

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