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Wednesday, 28 March 2012
04:04:47 PM (GMT)

Yuh. Alisa here again. Diaries crowding up on This_World, so... Yeah. And I forgot my
other accounts passwords. So.... Yuh, again.

YES I am writing another book at the same time as TColFdI. It is, yus, called Onyx
Apocalypse. In collaboration with my little friend Soapeh :3

It is about a girl named Onyx, who lives alone in the area of what would have been
Boston prior to the Apocalypse. As she is traveling, she meets two boys and a girl,
by the names of Luke, Link, and Ashlyn. The four find their way to survive in the
"thing"-infested city. Here's a little clip from it:

     I turned to run down the dark street. My blood was pounding in my ears. My
vision was blurry. Where were they? Why were they not with me?
     "Link! Patch! Where are you?!" I screamed. A loud, horrific screech came from
the building to my left. I ran faster, my feet screaming in pain with every step I
took. "Link! Patch!"
     I came to a large wall, towering over me. I looked back, seeing nothing but
shadow. The loud screech came again, yet much louder. I looked up and my eyes went
wide as I saw it. The black silhouette of the creature was on top of the left
building, and it was slowly lumbering toward the edge. I looked around, panicking. I
looked back up, seeing the thing at the edge of the roof. My heart nearly stopped as
I watched it jump from the tall building, landing maybe fifteen feet from me. I
looked around for a way out, but there was none.
     The creature slowly lumbered closer. I could see it clearly now, with it's
horrific claws and disgusting, rotting flesh. It's eyes were pure white, except for a
small, barely noticeable black glow toward the center. The thing was about seven feet
tall, and its head was tilted inhumanly to the side. Its back was hunched over, and
as it looked at me, it seemed to smile. The demonic smile revealed sharp,
serpentine-like fangs, with smaller fangs, as if they'd been extracted from a vampyre
and placed into its horrible mouth. I looked at it more closely, and realized it only
seemed half human. It seemed like a half wolf. Like a werewolf. With a closer
inspection still, I realized it also had scaled. I held back a cry of disgust. A
human, with parts of a wolf's body, and even snake, or even dragon-like scales? It
was horrifically revolting. The creature kept lumbering forward, and I saw its
drooping, rotting, greenish-brown skin, and black, wire-like hair. It was like a
mummy. A walking mummy. 
     A zombie. 
     No, not a zombie. The damned thing was a demon. 
     "Link! Patch! HELP ME!"
     I fumbled at my side. The demon was within ten feet of me now. I was shaking, it
was getting closer. I finally gripped my handgun and shakily aimed it.
     "LINK! PATCH!"
     And I shot.

Well, how's it sound? :3 OH and I WILL be developing this, mostly appearances.
Last edited: 30 March 2012

Soapeh says:   28 March 2012   169636  
Sexy :3..
khione3 says:   28 March 2012   500818  
LOL <3 Thanks haha. 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   28 March 2012   888229  
As a writer thats rather good. You should continue =^_^= I normally
like vampire stories though lol. Like vampire love stories.
khione3 says:   28 March 2012   781467  
Thanks :D Haha~ Yeah, I tried writing one once but all I could think
of was Twilight or Vladimir Tod so I couldn't do it because I was
afraid it'd either suck or be too much like Vlad Tod. 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   28 March 2012   314998  
I do nothing like Twilight or Vladimir Tod Despite how awesome Vlad
Tod is. I do more like books I'm currently reading. I use ideas but
make it completely different. 
khione3 says:   29 March 2012   875723  
What types of books are you reading? And I'd love it if more people
said things like you do, like comparing it to other books but not
completely shooting it down like it's shit and it's barely even
written. I mean, sure, it'd suck if it was something like Twilight
being rewritten but still. And using ideas but twisting them, that's
how I thought of the zombie-werewolf-vampyre-things. Hahah~ 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   29 March 2012   789239  
Yeah. Two books that are really good and funny are Blood Coven and
Mortal Instruments(has vampires in it but has also a lot of other
demons). Blood Coven is very funny at the beginning when Magnus bites
the wrong twin and then he has to take Sunshine to his leader and
break the news to him. The leader gets to the part about how to stop
the change and then Big Bertha the Vampire Hunter comes in and stakes
the leader in the heart. 
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   675651  
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   30 March 2012   923579  
Yah. I have just begun Mortal Instruments..... well sorta. It took me
longer than usual to finish the first book of Mortal Instruments.
Usually a book between 400 and 500 pages would take me.... around a
week to finish. This took me two months. Mainly because I couldn't get
into it but once I was in it I couldn't get out. Plus I couldn't find
when times to read my book. Usually I'll read in Drama class but I
sometimes do like to pay attention especially during the lectures. 
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   268722  
Hahah of course ^-^ 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   30 March 2012   319319  
Yah. I love reading as you can see. I am super pumped for City of
Ashes. The first book of Mortal Instruments is City of Bones and I
find the ending so ironic cause Jace and Clary are in love with each
other but have a love/hate relationship and turns out there brother
and sister. 
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   359599  
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   30 March 2012   899017  
That was my reaction when I read that. 
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   536415  
Niiiice... Wish more people would read this :C 
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   183253  
Or at least, comment. I love when people give me feedback, makes me
know what I need to improve on and continue doing. 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   30 March 2012   616352  
You should blantly say COMMENT
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   294421  
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   30 March 2012   615152  
Yah maybe even threaten them:
Comment or I'll hunt you down and castrate you >:D
khione3 says:   30 March 2012   456945  
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   30 March 2012   842123  
Thats what I would do. Lmao!


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