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Interview with an OC: Kari ^^Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 December 2011
03:12:43 PM (GMT)
Growing Up Meme

Have a character answer questions about their younger years. Treat it like an
interview. If you want to include parents, siblings, and childhood friends, it might
make the results more interesting! 

1. When were you born? Where?
On the 5th September 1995.  In a cottage in Rye, Sussex, England.

2. What were some of the first words and phrases you spoke?
I remember starting the stories my parents read to me with "Once upon a time", and
finishing with "Happily Ever After"...

3. At what age did you first attend school? What school did you go to? Did you like
Well, I went to pre-school and everything, and nursery, but my first main school was
the same as Salem and Aaron, Westhaven School.

4. Name one of your fondest childhood memories.
Sitting on my father's knee, with him reading Alice and Wonderland to me, with all
the voices.

5. Now name one of your worst.
When, er... When I was waiting on the wall outside Salem's house, waiting for him to
come out and play, and he never came...  Aaron had to come and find me because it got
dark... I was only five.

6. Name one of your most embarrassing.
My entire life... Oh no... There was a disco once, at the end of Westhaven.  I was
12, and I was dancing with Salem, and I tripped, and... kind of brought the whole
place down... literally.

7. Which parent/adult were you closest to as a small child?
Father, no doubt about it.

8. What about as a teenager?
Neither... Father died when I was eight...

9. Did you ever try drinking, drugs, or both? What all have you tried? Were you ever
Of course not!  Well, I've drunk before, but never masses...

10. Did you ever skip school? How frequently?
Never.  I loved school! Besides, I couldn't really go home...

11. Who was your best friend when you were really small?
Salem! We'd play princes and princesses, and he'd be a knight because he had a wooden
sword, and I'd be the princess...

12. Who was your best friend when you were a teenager?
I don't really have one... Until I met Val and Sabriel and Skye, of course.  Before
then, I was just on my own... with my books.  So does Hermione Granger count as a
best friend?

13. Did you sleep with stuffed animals? At what age did you stop – if you ever
Yes, I had a bear, but he was a secret... Mother didn't like the idea of stuffed
animals, and father gave him to me, so I couldn't tell her...

14. Did you ever have braces or glasses growing up? 
No, although I'm surprised I don't need glasses...

15. Did you ever break your arm or leg and need crutches – or anything similar to
Yes, I've broken my wrist before, from falling out a tree, and I killed my ankle
because Sabriel was trying to teach me to dance...

16. Did you ever have any strange habits that you outgrew but were teased for?
Yeah... When I'm reading, I sometimes start to read aloud without realising...

17. How well did you get along with your parents and siblings?
My father and Aaron, I absolutely adored!  My mother, not so much.

18. If you could go back and change one thing about the past, would you? What would
you change?
I'd try to fit in a bit better... I'm not sure I could remedy things between my
mother and me.  That grew purely from the fact I was a girl. And a useless one, at

19. What were some of your favorite pranks to pull when you were younger? Did you
have any favorite jokes? What made you laugh the most back then?
I wasn't good at tricks, I'd manage to spoil them before they worked.  I tended to
leave that to Salem and Aaron.

20. Did you have any pets? If not, why? If you did, what were they?
No.  I kept a grasshopper in a jar once to study, but otherwise, no.  Mother didn't
like them...

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