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Silent Love; Strangely BeautifulCategory: different
Monday, 19 December 2011
07:21:19 PM (GMT)
The first day they saw each other.. they needed another look.
Turning around thinking about them.

Saying their first words. Smiling since the first day.
Starting slowly, she questions if she feels anything for him.

They talk more and more each day.
To the point where the questions come in.

They learn almost everything about each other.
Those quiet days when he doesn't turn around.

She stares out the window while he does the same.
Soon enough they get their numbers and text all the time.

She asks him if he'd ever lie to her.
He says only if it's to avoid hurting her.


Texting even more now, she keeps him company on his trip to New York.
She asks if he's bored.
He says no because he's listening to music and talking to someone who's keeping him

She asks who.
He says you.


The next day she's at a concert.
Texting him while she's waiting for the band.
She asks Do you like anybody?
He says.. Nope.
She says with a broken heart, Same...
He says don't lie.
She says how am I lying?
H- You definitely like someone.
S- Do I?
H- Yah.
S- Who do I like, Cause I'd like to know.
H- Idk, you tell me.
S- Who should I like?
H- Idk?
S- Then I don't like anyone...
H- Okay I'm just gonna flat out ask it.. do you like me?
S- Kind of..
H- I knew it.
S- Well whatever you don't like me back anyway
H- It's not that, it's just your young and immature but not in a bad way..
S- Oh.. Well the concert I'm at is about to start, got anything else to say to me?
H- That I'm sorry things didn't turn out as you hoped.
S- Well that didn't make anything better.
H- Well what do you want me to say?
S- That you like me too, but I don't like it when you lie.
H- I kinda do.
S- It's the age?
H- Pretty much..
S- Well whatever then..
H- Jeez..
S- What?
H- You sound so mad.
S- I'm not, it's not the first time I've been rejected.
H- Okay, now your just trying to make me feel guilty....
S- Not I'm not I'm just saying the truth..

**hours pass with no reply**

**after the concert**

S- I still really wanna be friends though...
*no reply*

She goes to school the next day.
He doesn't talk to her or even look at her.
She feels as if she ruined everything. 

Her friend talks to him.
He says he doesn't know why she likes him. They've only talked for 4 days 
It's been 4 months...
He likes her, but he doesn't like her age.

The next day he looks at her while she's looking away..
He turns back around and waits..

Someone gets up to leave and he see's her look at them..
He stares at her waiting for her to look back..

She never does..

He gives up...

A couple days later he talks to her..

Starting over like before..

Talking slowly...

Ignoring everything said before...

Deleting the messages ever sent....

Meeting each other all over again......

Trying again, but without secrets.
Last edited: 19 December 2011

‹Kairos› says:   19 December 2011   937769  
I love this o3o
‹Nobody's Home› says:   19 December 2011   680169  
It's a true storyy ) 
‹Kairos› says:   19 December 2011   928578  
it's kinda depressing Bc I know
how the girl feels o3o 
but it's so cute and sad at the sane time 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   19 December 2011   869330  
Hahaha thankss, the girl is mee :3 
‹Kairos› says:   19 December 2011   209741  
are you ok? :0 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   19 December 2011   958572  
Yeahh... we're taking it sloww (: 
‹Kairos› says:   19 December 2011   615002  
always a good thing :D 
it's slot better then avoiding eachother
just to spare the awkwardness when 
really you're just making more 
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says:   20 December 2011   864652  
Ive had this happen.
‹Nobody's Home› says:   20 December 2011   135366  
Yeaahh :/ But I think he likes someone else now and I don't even know
how to feel....
It hurts.. :/ 
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says:   20 December 2011   169893  
Yes it does.
‹Kairos› says:   20 December 2011   331751  
I know how that feels too. you feel like crap.
like you had him. he was perfect. and then shit came
up and ruined both of you. and then you guys start 
talking again. in hopes hat they'll be an us in the near future
again. and then some idiot girls steal him away from you.
your guy. god I know how that feels. it sucks brah. but it'll get
better I pinky swear. 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   337615  
I sure hope so :/ he thinks I look good without make-up and he thought
my hair looked nice even though I didn't do anything to it. 
He's flirting with this other girl now so..  
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   663260  
dude he's a flirt. there's two types of flirts:
the ones hat honestly can't help it and two the
ones who do. I think he's just the kind that can't
help it, meaning he doesn't try, he jut comes off hat way. 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   500403  
I wish me and him could talk like before cause now he doesn't want me
to like him anymore or something... i really don't understand anymore 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   927631  
Guys are fucking confusing like that.
I mean they think we're the confusing bitches?
ha. no man you GUYS are. 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   221730  
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   520397  
A-mennnn XD 
dude best word of advice I can
give you is forget him. if he doesn't 
even wanna acknowledge you and tells
you to stop liking him he's obviously asking
for he impossible because you can't control
feelings. any fucking idiot would know that 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   648965  
Well he didn't tell me to stop liking him but I think he's just
talking to me when the girl he probably likes now gets off the bus :/ 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   813373  
oh fuck. I know that feeling. 
you feel like a freaking third wheel,
a spare tire he uses when the first
one isn't there anymore 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   278791  
Yeahh pretty much :/ 
It's like he just wants to get over me 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   325758  
guys are just stupid like that
he'll realize sometime that you 
were a fucking amazing girl to lose
to his high ass ego. it's his loss. not yours. 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   962825  
I hope soo.... ): I'd be dating him if I were older 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   161211  
how far apart are you Guys? 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   146467  
3 years. and I turn 14 before he turns 17 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   223366  
Ohh that's not too bad. I'm 17 and my bf is 18.
been together for almost a year now (: 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   348709  
He said he'll feel like a pedofile :/ But congratulations :D
He's 5" and I think i'm the only girl shorter than himm... 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   426618  
lmao lol thanks actually we're expecting :3
two moths along and I have a bump god I'm
pissed XD the doctors promised I would show
till atleast three to four months XD
aye I can see why he'd think like that though.
he's a junior and your a freshman 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   186459  
Congratulations?! Hahahaa (:
and yeaahh.. I know what you meaann ;// 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   354941  
thanks lmao I can't tell if you mean it or not XD
but yeah for some reason guys think it's weird
for that type of situation but for the girl 
it's like fuck yes! an older class rank is dating me! XD
I rmember hats how I was when steven and I got together XD 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   805135  
I mean it! Hahahaa
And yeahh, they feel like losers and we feel all cool and stuff :p But
they just have to feel opposite... 
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   861901  
in that case thanks! lmao guess who can
balance a pepsi can on her stomach at this 
verrrrrry moment?! XD
Hm..explain the second part where they 
have to feel opposite please lol 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   21 December 2011   204647  
lmfaaoo!! That's amazing!
And like they feel the opposite; you feel cool and they feel like
‹Kairos› says:   21 December 2011   908059  
well golly gee thanks! I mean I thinks it's amazing XD
aye! omfg I know right? it's so fucking hilarious at
first and then it's adorable and then it's still cute but they
shouldn't care Bc you guys like eachother 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   839002  
Yeahh I guess lol ;[ but I think he likes me and a girl his age ;/
Even though she's taller than him o.0 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   925175  
stupid cunts. stupid idiot drama queen bitches. 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   891777  
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   867079  
lmao dude. guys are so fucking confusing 
it's like they pms on us not the other way around
I blame their stupid pathetic high ass egos 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   373857  
There is no such thing as men -.- 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   894983  
unless they're all feminine XD 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   999237  
I hate the bipolar ones! >.< 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   657641  
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   898499  
They can never make up their mindd!!! 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   692405  
they need to take their damn panties off 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   962264  
They needdaa lay off their man periodd 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   136754  
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   721919  
LMAO!!! That's legit 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   975224  
as legit as it gets yo 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   325563  
Word to the birrrrddd, Feather turrdd, Chicken nerrd, somethin ya'll
bitches never hearrd! 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   171078  
XD I'm pretty sure you're my new bestfriend XD 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   263221  
Back at yaahh ;D 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   549703  
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   759018  
Dude.. how old are you o.o 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   596872  
on my way to 16 in a month or so 
but friends insist I'm really turning 5..o3o 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   393567  
Lmaaoo, i'm turning 14 soon :o i'm always friends with older people...
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   205783  
didja think I was like 70 or something o3o 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   132536  
17* lmaooo 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   718823  
aye atleast you were kinda close xD
but I did mean 70 xD lol but I'm not of course 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   722227  
hahahahaa good! O.O .... lol 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   306732  
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   867368  
duuhhfuuckk?! lmfao! 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   442223  
..I felt the moment called for it XD 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   427046  
it made it.... ninjaly awkward! O.O 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   507722  
ninja awkward is good! XD 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   363263  
I love how we're just talking on my diary entry lolololol 
‹Kairos› says:   22 December 2011   825551  
my bad XD I could message if you'd preferr 
‹Nobody's Home› says:   22 December 2011   224732  
I don't really careee lololol 
‹Kairos› says :   22 December 2011   784982  
imma message yo booty. 


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