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He drove me home today.Category: (general)
Friday, 14 October 2011
10:24:55 PM (GMT)
With Chelsea. And Miranda. And Alanna. But he stopped at my house last.
He was going to just drive Chelsea and I to the front of the building originally, but
he said he would drive me home if I wanted, so I said yes. And then Chelsea refused
to get out of the car until he drove her home. Oh, Chelsea. We took away her window
privileges and put the child lock on her door because she yells so much.  
So then he pulled up in my driveway. We kind of just sat there for a minute, talking.
Until finally I said, "I refuse to get out of the car." He just leaned over and
kissed me on the cheek. "Unless you want me to get out of the car. In that case just
tell me and I will." He laughed and said, "Why in the world would I want you to get
out of my car? I could do this all day." That took me off guard. In a really good
way. You see, most of the guys I dated in the past, it seemed like they didn't REALLY
care about me like that. Like, enough that they would skip charging their phone and
drinking arizona tea in an air conditioned house, just so they could hang out in my
driveway, in a car with a very high temperature, and just talk to me. 
I couldn't even think of a response, so I just kind of tackled him in a big hug, and
stayed there for a little while. He pulled me over gently into the driver's seat.  
In that moment, the way he was holding me by the waist, the way my head was resting
on his shoulder, the way his lips rest on my neck when he hugs me...I could have
stayed in that moment forever. When I finally let go, He looked at me, and said, "You
smell like popsicles."
I told him about how I had basically spent all of detention that morning reading
winnie-the-pooh and smelling myself because I just smelled so darn good. And then I
told him how I had just realized that my front door was most likely locked and I had
lost my key a while ago. He told me he'd wait there with me as long as I

We were in front of my door, and he was trying to get his keys from me. He had tried
multiple times to get them. Somehow, he grabbed them, but I managed to knock them out
of his hand and onto the ground, and put my foot over them so he couldn't get them.
And then he kissed me. On the lips this time. And I was leaning against the wall. and
it was perfect.  So, that lasted for a little while until we stopped and I picked his
keys up off the ground and ran to the swing with them. 
So while we were sitting on the swing, talking, suddenly my head was on his chest,
and I was looking up at him, and then I said, "So, you probably have to go soon,
don't you?" He answered, "Maybe." I handed him his keys and he hugged me tightly
before heading back towards his car. I watched him leave. But that's not it.
Within a minute, he was back in my driveway, getting out of his car, heading towards
me. He walked up to me, literally swept me off my feet, and kissed me.
Passionately. He set me back down on the ground and grinned. "I have to make that one
last." He said.
I've never been so satisfied with a moment in my entire life. Not. Even. Kidding.

Writing it here doesn't do it justice. But I don't think any way of me trying to
explain it could make it seem as amazing as it truly was.

SwingingInTheRain says:   15 October 2011   576326  
Paige fucking I can't write your last name on an online chat website.
God dammit. 
Why is he so perfect for you? 
You're so amazing, and he's so Austin, and I'm so happy for you.
I literally am grinning so big right now. 
I wish you could see it. 
"I want what you have cause you have what I need"
Oh sweetheart.
‹EvilSpaceSpaghetti› says:   15 October 2011   456871  
I know, I love it! 
He just keeps doing things that make me ridiculously happy!
You know what the cool thing is? I'm grounded. And then I just texted
my dad like, "I'm home." and he wasn't even mad. xD 
SwingingInTheRain says:   15 October 2011   579276  
I love your dad. 
‹EvilSpaceSpaghetti› says:   15 October 2011   483677  
I love him too. All he said when he got home was, "So why did you get
a ride home? I could've gotten you."
I don't think he actually knows how to ground me. 
Because normally I don't have to be grounded. 
SwingingInTheRain says :   15 October 2011   866848  
Ahahahaha <3 


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