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BECAUSE I'M BORED. Sorry for the caps!Category: (general)
Monday, 13 June 2011
01:49:21 PM (GMT)

I'm so bored right now. SO I decided to write down the story of ma my life.
Yes. Really. You don't have to read it. You just need to tell me if I've made any
mistakes ^_^. Enjoy!

My name is Chelsea Kristen Stewart (Born: Chelsea Katerina Stewart) I was born on the
9th of July 1995 to Konstantina and John Stewart. I'm half american, quarter Scottish
(That's where Stewart comes from) and quarter Bulgarian. I was born at home in
Seattle, where I lived until I was 2. My dad is a business man so we moved around a

When we left Seattle we moved to Chicago. Chicago was really pretty and I made my
first ever real friends there. Also my two sisters: Dessislavia Hayley Stewart (Who
goes by Hayley) and Francesca Evangelyia Stewart (Who goes by Frankie).  They are
twins and are now 13. 

 Unfortunately I moved to London aged 4. It was a new country and it was really hard
to understand them at first as they spoke a lot quicker than I was used to. Either
that or I was 4 and couldn't understand much. -_-. While I was there I apparently
made a 'best' friend called: Rosie . Whom I don't even remember but my mom keeps
pestering me to ring up. (I ain't kidding. My mum's still got her number on a tatty
piece of paper.) I don't even think I know a Rosie. It was around when I was 5 that I
realized my dad kept on moving every two years. 

Luckily when I moved to Boston, aged 6, my dad promised me we'd be there for 5 years
as his next locations would only be a short drive away. So while I was in Boston I
met my two best friends: Brooklyn Amelia Santos and Mollie-May Spencer. While I was
in Boston I finally had time to do extra-curricular activites and I graduated from
elementary school there! Brooklyn is partly Italian and Mollie is part English which
made us all closer because we were mixed and the majority of our classmates weren't. 
When I was 12, Mollie and her family moved to Montreal where she would attend a
boarding school. Her family were mega rich. Ok not millionaires but they had plenty
of spare cash. I would know as they took me to Australia with them for summer
vacation! 3 weeks of playing with kangaroo's baby!

The 2nd to last move we made was going to Atlanta. I met my first boyfriend there. He
was called Chris. We were both 12. Not much happened in Atlanta. Days came and went.
I met a new friend there called: Tessa but we soon became rivalish or just not
friends anymore.  I usually went to Brooklyn's or Mollie's or they would come to mine
for Christmas. This year they were coming to mine. Tessa wanted me to come with her
family to Florida for Christmas and I politely said no. Brooklyn and Mollie came and
we had a great time the three of us. When we got back to school the following week.
Tessa started spreading rumours about me and started hanging out with the 'popular'
crowd. Unfortunately for her they didn't like Tessa and kicked her out of their
group. Kind of. That's what Sophie my current best friend told me anyway. She is in
the popular crowd and I sometimes hang out with her 'popular' friends but usually I
was hanging around with the drama club people. For our end of year production, since
it was going to be the last year I was there, I decided to audition. Tessa copied me.
I went for the lead role. She copied me. I don't dance great but I can sing a little
bit. I can act though (I'm in Drama club). The judges said I was great and they would
think about me. I literally floated off the stage, buzzing. They said to Tessa that
she had a strong voice but you needed more than that in theatre  but she took that as
she was the best and they were going to pick her. In the end I got the part. Tessa
was absolutely furious (I mean who wouldn't have been) so she put itching powder in
my costume. Ugh my outfit itched for ages. Still no one knew because I've kept it to
myself. On my last day of that school, Tessa handed me a note saying:

Hey Chelsea. Sorry for being mean to you. I didn't mean to but I felt like you
weren't treating me fairly. You kept talking about your stupid Boston friends and it
got super annoying. When you leave this school, I won't be sad to see you gone but,
somehow I wish we could of gotten along better.

I obviously felt touched and went to find her, only to see she had already moved into
my locker -_-. 

My last move was to New York, where I am currently writing this. New York has been
fabulous! Broadway shows every week! I'm kidding . I've only seen like four Broadway
shows in my entire life. Anyways, I've only been in New York a year or so but I
wonder, If this is NEW York. What the heck happened to Old York?

Love Chelsea

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