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Lies Everlasting, Chapter 2: JacquesCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 May 2011
07:09:08 AM (GMT)
I woke up from the nightmare all sweaty. Imagine what the guys will think of
that... We'd just gotten through a small fight the day before. I was with some
guys who apparently thought war was a simple life lesson. Nornam, a big black guy
from Harlem, NY, was almost shot in the head. 
     "Yo, Johnson, you up?" 
     I turned to see Nornam staring at me from across the bunks. "Yeah."
     "You alright after today? Heavy shit from those Germans lately."
     I nodded. "I have a feeling we'll get bombed at any time. I mean, Hitler got an
army, man. An army who follows his word like its a new part of the Bible. I'm
beginning to think we don't have much a chance."
     Nornam shot me a look. "Johnson, you just losin' hope. Man, you need to just
calm it. If we don't beat this Hitler guy's ass, the Jews are gonna be his-to-ry.
That wouldn't be too good, man. Just give this war a chance, and maybe you'll see the
Americans can actually do something."
     I couldn't help but laugh slightly. My middle-toned voice made the laugh
actually sound enjoyable. "I'm giving it a chance... I'm just hoping we can get
something done."
     Nornam grunted and turned back over. He mumbled something and I sat up. "What
was that, Nornam?"
     "Fuckin' Germans need to learn they aren't the only country who can kick ass."
he said. Then silence.


     "Get up! We're on our way to the Germany border-- Expect to die, but if you
live... That works, too!" Major Launtnek barked at us. "We need a few alive to
actually do something!"
     Nornam grabbed up his M1941 Johnson and cocked it. "This is gonna get fun!" he
said to me. I smiled and grabbed my own gun, though fear was in every bone in my
     "We leave by 0800 hours!" barked the Major. 
     "Great." said Burnley, another white guy. "We got Germans shooting at our asses
and we leave early. Great plan!"
     Burnley was with Nornam and I, though Burnley and Nornam never exactly knew when
to shut up. We walked out, those two never quiet for a second.
     "Them Germans won't know what hit them when we go by, right Johnson?" 
     "What...?" I turned to face them only for them to laugh. "Come on kid, let's get
     This was going to be a long war.

‹harvestmoon♄› says:   14 May 2011   476641  
I'm really liking this so far- I read the other chapters too.
‹Forbidden_Temptation› says:   14 May 2011   990986  
thanks !!! :D 
‹zach33› says:   14 May 2011   594392  
dis my person?
‹Forbidden_Temptation› says:   14 May 2011   943514  
Yes lol... you like? 
‹zach33› says:   14 May 2011   117808  
exquisite says:   16 May 2011   582437  
You have a nice writing style. :P
‹Forbidden_Temptation› says :   25 May 2011   633752  
thank you 

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