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"No child is born with a stutter" (Organization 13 OC fanfiction~)Category: Organization 13
Thursday, 7 April 2011
01:43:19 AM (GMT)
Thane lived an average life in primary school. He had good friends, payed attention
in class, and got on well with his family. But that all changed. His Mother and
Father began falling out with each other when Thane was still in Primary School. His
Father eventually left the house, never coming back. For a while it was just Thane
and his Mother... Until his Mother's new boyfriend moved in. Thane thought that this
new guy was going to be nice and help them, he was wrong. He acted all nice towards
Thane's Mother, but when his Mum had gone to work, Thane was made to do all the
housework, to make it look like his Mum's boyfriend did the cleaning up. And if Thane
refused... A few bruises would appear on his arms, and sometimes his forehead..! He
would have to make up lies to his Mum about why he had bruises.

When he moved to High School, everything got worse. He had developed a stutter in all
his sentances, after being tortured by his step-dad. All the people in his class
started asking him why he had a stutter, and why he had bruises. This began to
irritate him slightly, but it got worse still. The rumours of Thane having a stutter
spread around the school, and soon almost the whole school knew about his stutter,
and began to humiliate him. They began to humiliate him even more when they found out
he was teaching himself to be a Samurai. Boys in his school were suppose to play
football, and date popular girls in the school. To his classmates and other pupils,
teaching himself to be a Samurai was 'geeky'.

Every break and lunch at school, Thane was greeted by people picking on him because
of his stutter. "H-hi T-T-Thane~!" "G-good luck in the t-test Thane~!" ect.
His stutter never disappeared. In fact, it just got worse and worse as the years
passed. He began getting bullied horribly, instead of just getting stupid comments.
He recieved 'noogies' 'swirlies' and fist fights, which usually ended up people
taking off his glasses and stepping on them infront of Thane, after they had beaten
him to a pulp.

It all got too much for his Mother to handle. And his Step-Dad handed Thane a
suitcase one day after school, telling him that he was the cause of making his Mother
ill with worry, and that he was to leave the house.
Thane picked up the suitcase, and left the house, having no idea where to go. Biting
onto his trembling lower lip, trying to stop himself from crying. He was so upset, he
wasn't really caring what would happen to him. He just didn't know where to go for
the night. He was homeless.

As he was crossing a road to get to the park to sleep on an empty bench, his shoelace
came in-done. He bent down to tie his laces and stood back up. Before he could start
walking again, he felt a bright light shining on him, getting closer and brighter.
When he noticed what it was, his eyes went huge, looking like a deer in the
headlights. But that was just what he was... The headlights kept getting closer and
closer. He tried to run but he couldn't. His legs were frozen in fear. A couple of
Thane's bullies were driving the car at top speed. And suddenly........

He lay there, perfectly still. The car's headlights had disappeared. They left. It
was a hit-and-run. And the victim was Thane.
It was too late at night for anyone to have witnessed what had happened. No one
walking around. The only person on the street was Thane. Sprawled out on the road,
blood everywhere. His suitcase had opened up and was standing upside down on the
pavement he was trying to get to. His suitcase made it.. Why didn't he..?
Why did that car have to come?
Why did he get bullied so much?
Why did he develop a stutter?
Why did his Father have to move out?
Thane didn't know.

He lay there on the road, blood staining his clothes, and getting into his hair.
His heart was slowing down, his breathing rate getting slower, his chest feeling like
someone was standing on him. It was difficult to breath. He was dying.

Before the light left his eyes, dark wisps of shadows began to form around him. The
shadows reflecting in his tear filled eyes. Just as he shut his eyes, and the tears
dripped down from them, the darkness took over him. He was now away from this world,
and is now known as Xanthe, the Faint Samurai.

All that was left behind of Thane, was his suitcase on the pavement he was trying to
get to...

‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   7 April 2011   681192  
 Oh! Poor, sweet Xanthe!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   7 April 2011   369944  
I lovels Xanthe~ <3 XD ^_^
I had to write out a story for him since I hadn't made one already~
And I decided to describe how he developed a stutter~ ^.^ 
‹Tama_♦› says:   7 April 2011   607893  
;   A  ;
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   7 April 2011   331222  
(hasnoideawhatthatemotionthatyousentmeans~ XD ) 
‹Tama_♦› says:   7 April 2011   936648  
(Uh... it's crying, Neoma xD) 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   8 April 2011   681229  
(wow... EPIC! XD I usually use this for crying- TT__TT
But cool~ I learned a new emotion icon thingy~ LEVEL UP~ 8D )
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   1 May 2011   464359  



D'awww noes! ;-;


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