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Khione Angel: Freelance Chapter 1Category: (general)
Friday, 1 April 2011
07:15:09 PM (GMT)
I mumbled to myself as a guard pushed me down the hall. I kicked back at him only
for two or more to grab me. I was beginning to feel the numbness fade from my body,
but I still couldn't fight.
     "Stop struggling, assassin." growled a guard. "We won't hesitate to bring Ser
Asa down to... help."
     I mumbled a curse and pulled away. Another guard grabbed my shoulders. Two
grabbed my arms and the one who spoke lead the way. I attempted to bite at the guard
at my shoulders, but I couldn't reach. I fingered the contact-like items in my
pocket. My hood began slipping back, so I leaned forward.
     Ari will hear about this and bail me. I thought. I saw the front guard
fumble with a ring of keys. The torches on the wall burned dimly. I heard the large
wooden door open. The guards armour clanked and my cape swished as they walked,
more-or-less dragged, me to a cell. I let out a hiss of protest as I was pushed in.
     I moved to the back wall and discreetly slipped the contact-like items onto my
eyes. No sooner than I finished putting them in, my hood and cape were pulled back. I
gasped as the guard pulled me up by my cape, the fabric digging into my throat
slightly. My hood slipped back and I silently prayed that I'd done what I had.
     "Taker her items." barked a Diamond Knight.
     "Cape and hood are all she has, other than her satchel Alexis."
     "Take them!"
     The Knight, Alexis, dropped me down. I took a long, deep breath and didn't fight
the guards as they removed my items. I whimpered a bit as Alexis kicked me back, but
I still attempted to look unphased. 
     "We'll be back soon." growled Alexis. He slammed the door of the cell and the
bars shook from the force. The last guard to leave my line of sight shot me a
seemingly sympathetic glance. I looked away. "Come on Syrán*" I heard Alexis bark.
     I slumped against the back wall. Fourteen years had passed since I first arrived
in Fayrfax from Shadowshyre, and this was my first capture. That really puts me
down I glanced at the crude bed and sighed. I slid down the wall and began to
drift to sleep.
     I shot a silver arrow from my ebony bow. A gold arrow hit the target next to
mine. A girl with a maple bow and on a chestnut horse rode in beside me. Her blonde
hair and brown eyes were proud. She pointed toward my arrow, then back at me. My
midnight horse snorted happily.
     "Khione." she said. "you're almost better than me."
     I smiled. The sun shown down warmly. "Only because you taught me, Ari."
     She laughed. "You ride your horse while shooting like an angel, Khi. Thats what
they should call you around here. Khione Angel Trian."
     "But your arrow is a tiger, and you already have your name, Ari Tiger. It's an
honor to be in the Trians with someone as talented."
     Ari laughed. "Make me laugh, cousin." Her horse whinnied. "If only we were
allowed in the city Fayrfax... Those Knights are too heavy on the poor citizens."
     Just as I went to agree our horses started going insane. I grabbed my horse,
Moonstar, by the mane and held on, trying to calm her down. Ari grabbed Fallenleaf's
reigns and pulled back. We could hear other horses approaching.
     "You go left, I'll go right-- it's Knights." hissed Ari.
     "Ari! Sissy!" a seven-year-old girl burst from the bushes.
     "Marijike, go with Ari." I told the girl through panic. Ari and I took off in
opposite directions. An arrow whizzed by my face and planted itself in the tree next
to Marijike. "Mari!"
     Another arrow went whizzing by and struck the panic-stricken child. Diamond
Knights rode over to her. They picked up the writhing child clad in Zamón clothing.
The Knight in front drew a small, curved dagger and planted it in Mari's chest.
Seconds later, he dropped the limp and broken child.
     I felt tears burn in my eyes. I let out a scream, rode away...
     ... and woke up.
     I was trembling. My forehead was drenched in sweat. I leaned back against the
wall and took in deep, shaky breaths. I slowly rose and walked up to the bars of the
     I looked up to see a boy leaning against the bars. He had both dark hair and
dark eyes. I stepped back quickly, going for my dagger. I realized I didn't have it,
so I looked at him coldly and stepped back again.
     "Don't be alarmed." he said. This wasn't a Knight. I relaxed a bit. Just a bit.
"I'm a medic around here. Prisoners, Knights and guards."
     The boy, no older than twenty, stepped in. I stepped farther away. "No." I
     The boy chuckled a bit. "Khione, is it? It is true not many girls are
imprisoned here... and therefore I haven't had much experience with the medical--"
     "Stark, hurry up!" called a guard.
     "I'm going as fast as I can, ser." called back the boy. In a quieter voice, he
added to me, "Listen, I just need to check--"
     "No." I growled.
     Stark sighed. "Whatever you say. But I'll be back soon."
     I watched Stark walk out. He seemed to shoot me a smile as he turned the corner.
I turned away, letting myself sink to the bed, and thought. The silence was
unbearable. I wanted to scream. I wanted so terribly to scream.
     These are the reasons I kill. For Mari. For Ari. For the good of Fayrfax
citizens. I screamed in my head.
     Without thinking, I kicked the bars of my cell. I let out a sharp hiss of pain
as I pulled back. I clutched the bars and rested my head on them. I heard the guards
struggling with another prisoner, so I turned away. I was too fearful to fall asleep
again, so I shut off the world. 
     I began scratching my signature, Khione Angel ±*, on the wall with a stone I
found. Minutes after I finished, I slipped into the void of dreams.

*Syrán: Ss-AYE-raun
*Khine Angel ± : it's supposed to be in cursive
Last edited: 14 May 2011

‹zach33› says:   1 April 2011   903480  
i just read this lame link!
Serene_Tears says:   1 April 2011   569130  
lame?..... Zach, you're not making me feel good about myself. 
‹zach33› says:   1 April 2011   676810  
the link was lame 
Serene_Tears says:   1 April 2011   505408  
But did you like the story? 
‹zach33› says:   1 April 2011   468495  
ok could be better 
Serene_Tears says:   1 April 2011   648095  
........ ITS ONLY CHAPTER 1!!! 
‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   2 April 2011   229609  
good book, reminds me of assassins creed
Serene_Tears says:   2 April 2011   170569  
lol thanks ^^ 
‹zach33› says:   4 April 2011   651622  
its magical@aaron2dke3 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   4 April 2011   603613  
wait how does it remind you of Assassins Creed? 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 May 2011   243753  
Nice. :D
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   15 May 2011   878288  
Thanks!!! :D 


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