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Friday, 25 February 2011
07:17:03 PM (GMT)
Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? closed. and i only have one closet door... Do your parents use coupons a lot? um, kinda. not like coupons they get from the newspaper or anything. Do your eyes change a different color when you cry? i don't know, they change always, so probably. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? haha, yes. i think we're all ocd. When was the last time you danced in front of a mirror? oh, not long ago. Did you cry when you first watched Titanic? naw. Do you always seem to lose your bobby pens & hair ties? hair ties no, bobby pins yes. Have you ever clogged a public toliet? haha, no. Did you listen to Lady Gaga's new song yet? i don't think so, no. Have you ever been followed by a stranger when walking home? yeah, but i was probably just being paranoid. Do you like State Farm commercials? depends. i don't like the ones with the dude telling us to ask our neighbors or whatever. they're annoying. Do you have any jewelry on currently that came from someone special? well my mama is special. Do you find asian guys attractive? uh. asian is a very wide category. so it depends. Have you ever saw someone get run over? no. Do you shave your arms? naaaw. What's the worst feeling in the world to you? well, i'd say three or so. feeling like you're not good enough, desperation, and regret. Is it currently cold where you live? yes. quite. and our heat isn't working because the pilot light is off, so that's good. Do you put pepper on almost everything you eat? i do not. Have you ever had a FireHouse sub? i have not. Do the walls in the room you're currently in need cleaning? eh, not really. Do you own more then 50 different colored eye shadows? haha, are you kidding me? Do you always feel like people are staring at you in puplic places? oh gosh, yes. Do you know anyone with a weird addiction? not really, i wouldn't say so. i know some ocd people though. like me. so. Do you write better with pens or pencils? probably pencils, though i like writing with pens more. Do you like Indie music? i do indeed. ha, now i'm reminded of the conversation between maggie and mr. rizer about it today. Can you type fast without looking at the keyboard? yes, i totally can. and i don't put my hands in the position that we're supposed to. i just do how i do and don't make mistakes. Have you ever owned a backstreet boys CD? um, i think we do have one. What's one of your biggest fears? becoming depressed. Is there currently any food crumbs on your bed? nope. Have you ever saw someone in public who really overdid there blush? i so have. Have you ever watched the show Banana and Pajamas when you were young? naw, unfortunately, because that sounds awesome. What about the Big Comfy Couch? YES. Do you ever get any compliments on your eye lashes? haha, no. Are you tall for your age? heck no. mr. rizer today after i sat momentarily in a random chair: "you can sit in that chair if you want." me: "naw, i need to feel secure and sit in the desks." mr. rizer: "well you can do this" -pushes chair to desk- "but we'll have to push it right up to the desk so you can get your stubby little legs on it." me: "psh." -puts legs on chair- mr. rizer: -pulls chair back- "oh look, we actually have to pull it back." me: "ha!" then he called me shorty. Do you want to learn any new languages? i am. and yes, yes i do. Do you own a pair of converse? yessums. they're dying though. i must keep them holding on. Would you rather be unhappy being single or unhappy in a relationship? unhappy being single, i do believe.

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