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Keep Holding On {Rifie}Category: (general)
Friday, 25 February 2011
04:59:25 PM (GMT)

Bonjour Mon Amie's~
Little old me here with something I write when bored,, Hope you enjoy~
And I find this song sweet with the story~

Anyways! Enjoy some of my sappy work~

"Umm, are you reading this?" 
A boy with green, black and brown hair, a pair of glasses glanced up from reading a
book to see a shorter, ginger boy staring back at him with larger eyes. Rifie looked
confused before he caught the boys hand on the book. He shook his head and pushed the
book towards him, smiling happily and feeling that spell of invisibility break on him
that he always seemed to have."No, I've read it several times already. You can have
it," The older boy explained, his eyes flickering back down to the page for a second.
The ginger was still staring at him with large eyes, how could someone read a book
several times?!?!
"Hey, I won't bite. Just take it, no-one uses this place anyways, no-one's gonna miss
it," Rifie told him once more, his eyes not tearing from the page. Oh how he loved to
read about Queen Victoria slaying those demons and still managing the British Empire.
What a woman! He heard a scrape of a chair and the boy placed himself down awkwardly
in the chair across from Rife, opening the book and looking through a few pages.
Denio didn't get Shakespeare, he wasn't big on love story but he did like the tragic
side of the story, it touched him."Ah, doing Romeo and Juliet? C'est Magnifique,"
Rifie sighed out in french; the kid was smart and excelled in every subject par
spainish and science. Denio looked at him strangely and nodded very slowly."I don't
really understand this stuff you know," He mumbled, sort of embarassed that he was
admitting and freely chatting with some older boy in a sweater vest he didn't know.
Rifie tutt'd lightly and patted the seat next to him."Well, lucky for you I'm an
expert in the stuff. Let me help you." He explained, smiling warmly. He wasn't used
to company from anyone and always loved to have someone to chat to him. Denio got up,
a little weirded out by this persons behaviour- how come he didn't tease like most
others? He felt highly awkward once again and wanted to shut himself away. Rifie saw
this and it made him frown slightly."Look, my name's Rifie. I'm guessing your Denio?"
He almost added something on the end but cut if off quickly. Denio nodded and sat
next to the elder."I'm not gonna do anything to you, I'm glad your here," He gushed
out suddenly and sighed soon after. He flipped open the thick book and pointed to a
single name -Tybalt."Now, we're going to start with this guy Tybalt- a total douche

No sooner a bell rung, signalling the end of school. The two were laughing between
themselves at Rifie's crap jokes on the tragic love story and Denio chuckled at how
cheesy they were. Rifie stood up, tucking a few books under his arm and throwing his
satchel around his shoulders."Hey, I have a free period tomorrow. Meet me down here,
I'll get you everything you need to get you out of class and help you some more. We
can go grab some lunch to, if you'd like?" He offered and Denio nodded slowly,
blushing lightly but it was not visible."Great! I'll see you later then!" Rifie
started to walk off and sucked in some air."Friend!" He yelled after, running off to
the gymnasium to practice his triple backflip on the trampolines, he needed to win
the competition this year. Denio smiled a little and waved as the other boy ran off,
getting up himself and walking off towards his home.

It was around twenty to five when Rifie had finished his training, running out of the
gates to avoid anyone that wanted to talk to him. He wanted to go home, to tell his
little Lucrettia that he'd met someone very nice, a friend of sorts. He was beaming,
everything for him seemed to be going upwards for once, going right. He threw his
arms into the air, letting out a whoop...which slowly turned to drabble as he stopped
down one of the alleyways he took to go home for a shortcut.His eyes widened at the
broken, beaten body on the floor a few way from him. He didn't recognisze the person
at first but when he did he let out a strangeld cry."Denio!" He yelled out, running
up quickly and kneeling beside the ginger boy, instantly putting his fingers to the
boys neck to check for a pulse or any signs of life. He wouldn't know how to cope if
he suddenly died, if he was left with a body."Denio, can you hear me?" He asked,
trying his best not to panic. His eyes trailed down the unconcious boys body, looking
at the blood, the mishappen limbs twisted and bent out of shape. He wanted to gag, he
wanted to cry, he wanted to fucking kill the monsters that did this to such a sweet
soul. With no response Rifie reached into his bag, pulling out his mobile and calling
an ambulence with the last 15p he was so glad he didn't spend texting that girl in
his maths class. He sat on the mucky floor soon after, watching Denio like a hawk
incase there was any change in breathing patterns. He mentally slapped himself- what
about the guys family? Did he have a phone on him? So many things he should do
whirred around so fast in his head he didn't hear the ambulence come around. Wow,
they were quick. Rifie had been screaming down the phone in panic though. The
paramedics fitted a Denio with a device to help him breathe and also strapped him to
something the green and brown haired boy did not know as they put him into the back
of the ambulence. When offered to stay, he accepted and rode in the front, keeping
quiet the entire time and keeping his eyes shut.

He had not realiszed the extent of which this meeting would meddle with his fate.

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   25 February 2011   328990  


I need to write what happened to him now~ Xx
‹knight of ren› says:   25 February 2011   958400  
It was fun to write actually xD
Alot different from my usual tempo methinks~ 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   25 February 2011   340741  

I'm gonna approach mine a bit differently than my others~

'I Can't Hold On' will be up soon! 
‹knight of ren› says:   25 February 2011   458647  
Ooh how loverly *¬*
I cant wait~ 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   25 February 2011   248189  

So get eager! 
‹knight of ren› says:   25 February 2011   129564  
I am definatley eager~ 
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   25 February 2011   896622  

Good good~! 
‹knight of ren› says:   25 February 2011   575970  
Ya, im highly excited~ 
‹Tama_♦› says :   26 February 2011   978570  
I think you can call emergency services without credit anyways 8D
But you shouldn't text during Maths classes, tut tut >u<

ANYWAYYYs ePic story Nio ; u ;

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