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Christmas Time.Category: Organization 13
Saturday, 18 December 2010
02:14:59 PM (GMT)
Oh geez, do I have to do this?!?... fine...
'It was Christmas Eve and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a
You know what? Screw this... If I need to keep you idiotic people entertained, I'll
just tell you a story about the first Christmas Party that was held at the Castle
that Never Was. Even though Xemnas really doesn't want me to...
I'm Xaveria. Rank number 15 in the Organization. Yeah, I know Organization 13, and
I'm number 15... Xemnas really should change the name of the Organization...!
I'll try my best to remember it... I usually don't talk to very many people, so I
guess this is a 'level up' for me... 

It all started on Christmas Eve 2009. All the Organization members were pissing
Xemnas off (as usual) but this time it was about holding a Christmas Party that
Christmas Eve. Xemnas eventually gave in, and agreed to the party. Everyone (well...
mostly everyone) was excited about the party. They all went out to Twilight Town,
Hollow Bastion, anywhere they could, to get Christmas decorations, food, and drinks.
Xena was jumping around like crazy, putting up the bobbles on the christmas tree, and
repeatedly asking if she could put the star on the top of the tree.
"Can I put the star on the tree?!? Can I put the star on the tree?!? C-Can I put the
star on the tree?!?" She repeatedly asked, never getting out of breath.
... Stupid little midget...
Once every single decoration was put up around the Castle, everyone hurried off to
their rooms to get ready for the party. Everyone was invited to the party. I'm
surprised they allowed me to come along. Usually I would be locked in the Room of
Empty Melodies. But, I suppose it was the first ever Christmas Party.. and I hadn't
hurt anyone in that month, that year.

I found the whole idea of dressing up for that party a waste of time... but everyone
else seemed to disagree with me... So I just had to go along with it.
I remember I wore a black gothic dress... it was nice but... I would have felt more
comfortable in my 'emo' trousers and a t-shirt.
I walked out of my room, feeling embarrassed because I was wearing a dress for the
first time in a long time..! I made my way into the Grey Room, looking around at the
lights, tables of food and drinks, and the large Christmas Tree in the corner of the
Grey Room. I then noticed that almost everyone was in the Grey Room.
Xena was wearing one of her long, blue lolita dresses... eww.
Xiannon was wearing a long, strapless, green dress... gross.
Chimex was wearing a long, sparkly ivory coloured dress with the straps on her arms
instead of her shoulders..
Shexia was wearing a long, frilly, teal coloured dress... just 'no'...
Xuilan was wearing a victorian, burgundy dress with straps... meh.
Brix was wearing a short, black, strapless dress... disgusting.
And I won't go on about anyone else.. I'm probably boring you to tears about
everyone's dresses...
The guys pretty much wore suits... boring.

I remember everyone having a good time, everyone was socializing, dancing, having
fun. I just stood by the christmas tree and watched everyone.


Xiannon and Zexion would never walk away from each other. They were always right
beside each other, every single freaking step they took! What are they, joined at the
hip or something?!?
They walked around, taking a plate of food and sharing the food on that one plate
with each other. They would exchange kisses on each others cheeks, and then it
gradually got to kissing each other on the lips. After that I couldn't look at them
any longer, so I quickly looked away.

Xena and Xavien were running around the large room, nearly knocking over a few
decorations! They were giggling and smiling away. Sometimes I wonder how they got
into the Organization... They ended up pulling Christmas Crackers and putting on the
party hats on their heads. Running around, nearly bumping into other members of the

Frixie, Xilatz, and Dexion were huddled in a group, suddenly they stood up straight,
hands behind their backs, and their eyes shut, noses in the air.
They started to sing all sorts of Christmas Carols. Having the most fun they had ever
had. Sometimes, Dexion forgot the words, Xilatz would start singing in Romanian, and
Frixie would start poking the other two boys in the side, trying to make them laugh.

Brix and Axel were flirting with each other by the window, Brix would giggle as Axel
held her hands and kissed her cheek. After a while they headed off out of the Grey
Room. Possibly off somewhere to begin their 'snog fest' where no one could see them.

Chimex was sitting on the ground by a wall of the Grey Room. She would raise her hand
and draw on the wall with her power of ink. She was drawing a christmasy landscape on
the wall. It was pretty amazing, but we all knew she would have to clean it all off
afterwards. It wouldn't take her long though, all she would have to do was wave her
hand, and all the ink that she used on the wall would seep back to her hand, off the

Xeirox and Luxord were busy playing some sort of gambling game. For the first time
in... ever, Luxord was loosing..! Xeirox kept on winning cans of Irn Bru. Luxord
refused to give up, and kept asking for re-matches.

Shexia was standing around by herself, looking around for Demyx. She pushed some of
her long hair behind one ear, as she saw Demyx walking up towards her. He was holding
something behind his back.
"Hi Shexia! You having a nice time..?" He asked her in his happy tone.
Shexia simply nodded and blushed very slightly. After that Demyx brought his hand
from around his back, and up above Shexia's head. He was holding onto a piece of
Mistletoe plant. Shexia looked up at the plant that was above her head, and then back
at Demyx. She smiled shyly, blushing even more. Without hesitating, Demyx leaned
forward towards Shexia, and planted his lips against hers. Shexia was a little shy at
first, but soon started to kiss Demyx back, wrapping her arms around him.

I had to look away at that point. But things were about to get much worse...
Xigbar had brought in his stash of alcohol. I watched him, he hid it behind a couch
and started pouring himself a glass of some sort of alcohol. Immediately, Frixie and
Dexion dashed over to Xigbar and got themselves a glass. Idiots... I mean really?!?
What is the point of alcohol? I wish the whole stuff was never invented!

Xemnas and Saix were standing by the window, talking about something I couldn't quite
make out. Probably something about Kingdom Hearts. Without Saix and Xemnas noticing.
Xigbar had secretly spiked their drinks, and ran back behind the couch. Just then, I
knew exactly what this party was going to be like...

A few hours later, Dexion and Frixie were almost bouncing off the walls..! Screaming
and laughing. They would give someone a headache, those two..!
Xena was about to drink from one of the alcoholic drinks that Xigbar had layed out on
the table, but Xiannon caught Xena and brought her away from the table, telling her
not to go near that table again.
Xemnas and Saix had ben drinking from their spiked drinks, and had ended up
completely drunk. I must admit, it was quite funny from the start, but afterwards it
just got plain annoying... and weird. They would walk around looking very tipsy,
nearly tripping over their own feet, or falling flat on their faces. When they tried
to speak, their speech pattern would end up all slurred, and they would hiccup every
so often between speaking gibberish.
I don't even want to go into great detail... but, just to embarrass Xemnas and
Saix... they both ended up kissing each other infront of everyone. That is something
no one will ever let them forget!

The last thing I can remember is something that I will never forget. It was rather
shocking, and out of the blue.. and very slightly embarrassing because everyone was
Lexaeus was standing beside me, talking to me. I found it quite easy to talk to him,
since we were slightly the same in personality.. and since we were the two tallest
members in the organization. I didn't realize it, but I was standing under... you
guessed it... that damn mistletoe... damn that tradition to hell...
Even if I had noticed it, I wouldn't have even thought he would kiss me. No one
really would want to anyway.. But guess what? .... yeah, you guessed it right.. He
suddenly leaned in and kissed me.. on the freaking lips..! Infront of everyone! Damn
it, damn it, damn it..! I have to admit.. I did blush... NOT THAT MUCH.. I MEAN...
ahh.. never mind... I guess I do kinda like him... *shifty eyes*

Alright... that's my time up for keeping you people entertained... now go bog off,
and annoy someone else...
And you people speak of this to no one! Understand?!? ...Ohhh.. no use.. I know
you'll just go off and spread this story around... fine, do whatever the hell you
want to... I don't care... Just.. get out.. and.. Merry Christmas -_-
Last edited: 18 December 2010

‹OpalM-W› says:   18 December 2010   925839  
Xena's a midget :D
great story and a
"Merry Christmas -_-" to all of you :D
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   18 December 2010   252727  
Awh, Xavi. I knew you liked him to some extent~!

Awesome story, it's about time we got a POV story from you of
something as normal as a party!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   18 December 2010   357717  
xD Yayzers ^^ thankyou ^^

Xaveria: emm... thankyou..? And... shut up.. =-_-=
Myself (Neoma): thanyou Angel ^.^ Glad you liked it ^^ 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   18 December 2010   451222  

LMMFAO. I thinky ou got Romanian and Russian confused. xD
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   18 December 2010   394421  
AAWWWW DAMN! xD Sorry about that. I'll fix it ^^ Yeah, I did get mixed
up xD I'm soo stoopid ^^'
Thankyou very much, and yeah XD I wanted to make it in Xavi's
perspective xD 
‹🎼kittidere🎶› says:   18 December 2010   478790  
LOL. IT'S COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE. I mean, both goes "Da" as in yes,
and "Nu" in no. lD But the two countries actually despise one another.
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   18 December 2010   778568  
oh crap xD
Yeah, it's amusing to me too xD
She's sarcastic, emo, depressive... but funny xD 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   19 December 2010   773697  
 This is so sweet in so many ways!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   20 December 2010   542047  
=^__^= thankyou Shexia ^.^
can you tell me the sweet things?!? xD 


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