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I wrote this last night when the power went out. 750 words of random.Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 November 2010
08:17:25 PM (GMT)
AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Power outage!!!!!!! D:< I’m frightened. Kayleyyy saveeee
meeeeeeee. I’m scared. What if it’s a serial killer? My phone is dead. Damn. Now
I’m really bored. This sucks monkey balls. 

Ugh, it’s flickering. What the fuck is this. And it’s gone. This is retarded. I
unplugged my computer to prevent a surge. Um... I hear someone. I’m scared. -is
cowering in fear- Kayley, did your power go out too? UM. SO I LIKE RAINBOWS AND WHEN
MY PHONE WORKS. Imma go steal Rayna’s phone.. nevermind. It’s dark and scary. Do
you think it’s the snows fault? If it is I’ll be happy. Nanoose’s power goes
out so often. We need a back-up generator. Power outs are no fun. Especially when
your phone is dead. UGH. I wanna go on facebook. I was in the middle of a poke war!
Why does the internet go off in a power outage? If it needs electricity thats
retarded. Hopefully it’s not out for too long. I 

ITS  BACK. It better stay, that son of a bitch.


Ugh, it’s off again. Stupid BC Hydro..... you suck so bad.
-supermegafoxyawesomehawtspaz- THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN IF I WAS AT HARRY POTTER. Just
saying. I want my light back! I’m scared! My knee hurts. Did I mention this is
RETARDED?! At least I have Christmas music. The power is obviously not on downstairs,
or the internet would be working. At least I’m getting some writing done. I should
be writing my NaNoWriMo story. You know what, suck it, I’m just going to ramble for
my 50,000 words. My ear is itchy. This is really starting to piss me off. It’s been
like 10 minutes. What the hell is this. POWER. GO. ON. OR. ELSE. UGHHHHHH. Maybe I
should just stop complaining.
Lesson number 1, always charge phone when in the middle of a storm. You have no idea
when there could be a power outage.
Lesson number 2

OMG ITS BACK. again.

And there it goes. And there it flickers. And no, it’s gone. For realz. I’m
turning down my screen brightness, I can’t afford my laptop to die. Well, I can,
but I’m going to bed then. I wanna talk to
Haha, lots of Ys. BLOOOWWWW-OH-OH-OH. Haha, oh Ke$ha, you dirty girl.


Damn, it didn’t work. Maybe I should just be patient. Ugh, but thats so HARD.
That’s also what she said. THROW SOME GLITTER, MAKE IT RAIN. Glitter cum. Damn.
That’s sexy. Imma paint my nails by laptop light.  

The evasive electricity is flickering again. How long has it been now? 20 minutes? My
nails are wet. I’m tired. Fuck this. 
I’d laugh if my mother found this. WHAT WERE YOU DOING UP AT MIDNIGHT PAINTING YOUR

So. Kaylee Ball is so annoying. She only talks about Bradyn and her getting together
and I’m like STFU BITCH D:< I LIKE HIM TOO. UGHHHH. And Spencer, he’s so
confusing! It’s like D: D: D: (power came on, I don’t trust it.)

I finally got back on the internet and talked to Morgan for like, 5 minutes and the
power went off again. I also explained to certain people why I can’t reply quickly.
I also Charged my computer a bit. I unplugged it though in case of power surge. I
don’t wanna fry my ‘puter. BLAH.this is annoying. I have to piss, but I’m
scared of the dark. Have you heard Singing In The Rain/Umbrella by Glee. It’s
amazing. I adore it. I wanna go see how much snow has accumulated by like I said,
I’m frightened of the dark. You know, we take electricity for granted until it’s
gone. I should be charging my phone in the time I get power. WAIT. I could charge it
on my computer. DUH. Oh mah gosh, lemme get a cord.

And it came on for like 10 minutes.
And now it’s gone again D:<
Tiffany jinxed and my phone didn’t finnish charging. Then again, it charges when
it’s connected to my laptop, so whatever. BLAH. This has been going on for like 40
minutes. Its really annoying. Oh well, I’ll just keep writing to pass the time.

I wanna write [MY PHONE IS ALIVE] a story about a girl who thinks she is ugly cause
no one has ever asked her out, but its really. fuck this, I’m going on my phone.

Ninjasour says:   20 November 2010   300023  
I went running outside in the snow and the power was flickering and
an alarm kept going off:D ii wass running in bare feet :D fuck that
was cold!
Ninjasour says :   22 November 2010   958332  
Dude this is why you have to sneak out and hang with me at night when
the powers out or it's not fun.

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