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Sunday, 14 November 2010
06:50:11 PM (GMT)
She spoked to him in a loud clear voice, "none. I have no pimp."
"Wise answer and you have to give 15 points to his score since he is the last
contestant besides you," Jack said as Erics score became 35.

Eric pressed the button and the wheel was set in motion yet again and landed on the
number 3. Jack smiled as he asked the young man his question, "how many programs are
on your computer?"

"29," he answered knowing that he was wrong. He watched his score turn to 44 and the
Funhouse doors opened.

"Eric, why did you lie?" Alice asked sensing that he answer wrongly for some reason.

"Becasue I didn't want you to get hurt any worse then you have to," he said in a
genuine tone as he was carried off by the masked men.

She looked at the screen as she felt something in her heart for the young man. He
wasn't much to look at but he had a good heart. A tear fell from her eye as she
wondered what kind of pain he would have to endure for her. She stared at the screen
as the masked men strapped him down to the chair. The Doctor emerge followed by three
masked men each holding a buckle of what appeared to be ice water. The Doctor took
the first bucket and poured it over his head slowly. Eric screamed from the freezing
water as the second bucket was poured onto his head and then the third before they
started to drag his shaking body back out to the set.

"Are you okay?" Alice asked as they reshackled his leg to the stand.

"Ye...Ye...Yeah," he stuttered. He clutched the sides of his arms and started
shivering as the screeching sound was heard yet again. This time neither of them
bothered to cover their ears and as it ended Jack let out a large laugh.

"Thats all of round 3," he smiled at the last two contestants. "Now I hadnt planned
on two of you making this far, so we're going to have what I call a Tag-Team Bonus
Round. Here's how it will work. I will ask you a series of 5 questions each. For each
one you get right then you will be closer to both of your freedom, but for each one
you get wrong then you get 20 points added to your new score."

Jack pointed to the scoreboard as it changed from their names to the words Eric&Alice
and the number beside it was zero. "If you get more then a total of 120 then the one
who answered the most questions wrong will be tortured to death right in front of
you. But if the total is 100 or less then both of you will be free to go. Oh and if
the you can't answer any of my questions correctly then we will have a little tie
breaker so to speak. Let us begin."

He turned his vision to Alice and spoke to her in a more disgruntled voice then
before, "Base upon what you know here, do you think Jack is my real name?"

"What kind of question is that?How the fuck should I know?!" she asked in confusion.

The score became 20 as he asked the next question, "Do you think Eric there is a

"Yes," she replied as the score increased to 40.

"Wrong dear, your first trick one year ago was when he lost his virginity, I'm
surprise you two didn't recognize eachother," Jack smiled as he asked the next
question. "How well did you know John?"

"I didn't know him at all," she stated as she watch the score increase to 60. She was
confused by this, she thought she was telling the truth so she began yelling at Jack.
"What the hell is this? I didn't fucking know John."

"On the contrary you did," replied Jack. "You were the reason he was homeless, you
may not known it but the woman you killed, the one who attacked you for fucking her
unfaithful husband, was indeed John's wife. He lost his home because of you."

She was crying now, tears fell from her eyes as she had flashbacks of the night she
slit that woman's neck. She sobbed as Eric rubbed her back trying to calm her.

"Is there anyone else who was a contestant that you know?" Jack asked watching the
scoreboard with a evil grin.

This time she hesitated before finally answering, "No."

The score went to 80 and Jack spoke again, "wrong answer. You were once in the same
room as Damien while you two smoked from Rebecca's bong and took Eric's virginty for
a small cost."

"Oh my god...we were all connected...."she said now sobbing harder then ever.

"Final question, what started you selling your body for money?"Jack asked her the
most simplest question.

Alice was lost in thought, she was thinking back and she remembered but she didn't
want to say it in front of Eric so she sighed, "I don't remember." The score went up
to 100.

Jack smiled and laughed, "It's because Eric there asked you out and you regretted
him, the only rejection he had ever had, so you suggested that you would slept with
him for a hundred dollars."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" she cried pounding her fists into the stand.

"Just out of curosity, how do you know so much about us?" ask the still shivering

Jack smiled as he replied calmly, "I was there, I was in your lives. Every second I
was there in your neighborhood. The one who you mistreated the ugly offbrand kid at
your schools. You bullied me so I had to make you pay. You both know very well who I
am...so my first question for you Eric. What is my real name, first and last?"

"I don't remember at all....Gregory Scott?" he answer and the score went up to 120.

"No!" yelled the man who they thought was named Jack. "My name is Leon Maddox."

Both Alice and Eric looked at eachother and looked at the man who had just revealed
himself as Leon. They had both known Leon from high school, and he was hated by
everyone. All the memories came to them at once. He drifted from group to group
trying to fit in but never could and often got picked on by people who were
comsidered a higher class then him. Leon removed the tophat and took a bow, before
removing his contacts to reveal his eyes. They were green and then brown and then
orange and then green again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of
glasses and slipped them on. He smiled revealing his teeth, the front one had a large
hole in it and there was a small gap between the front two. Two fang like teeth were
beside them as he rehatted himself and smiled.

"Gregory Scott died two years ago, not related to me I assure you," laughed Leon.
"Next question, were you related to any of the other contestants?"

"No," Eric was sure of this because he wasn't introduced to them before because he
knew all of his relatives.

"Wrong again Eric boy," Leon spoke in a much different tone. "You were John's nephew,
your father hated his brother so they never mentioned of him to you and Rebecca was
your mother's child which she gave up at birth because she could only keep one. She
was your sister."

Eric looked at the man who now controlled their fate as the score went up to 140. He
now held Alice's hand tightly as the wicked gameshow host asked another question.

"On the night you lost your virginity with Alice there, was I arround?" Leon asked
knowing for sure that he would get it wrong.

"No," Eric replied as the score increase to 160.

Leon smiled as he began to speak of the night that he kept asking questions about. He
spoke his next words softly, "Wrong again. I was there, it was my last attempt to fit
in. The party that you lost your virginity at, the party that turned her into the
whore that she is was indeed at my house. And as soon as you all were done
fornicating and getting messed up you left, abandoning me. On top of that, I was
beaten to a bloody mess that night and left to die. And that brings me to my next
question, Where were you Eric?"

"Probably on my way home."

The score increased to 180. Leon grinned at the boy's wrong answer yet again, "now,
you hadn't left yet. You sat back chilling, high, drunk, getting laid, and watching
them beat the shit out of me and you didn't do anything. You did do you one thing
though. Answer my next question correctly and you can go free. What did you do when
you were leaving?"

Eric tried to remember but his mind was completley blank. He shrugged his shoulders
as the score went up to 200. Leon smiled at them both as he started to speak yet

"Wrong again, you kicked me in my side on your way out my door," Leon started. "My,
my look at the score, a perfect tie..I think I know how to break it and end this
little game."

Leon broke into vile laughter as he turned the skull on his cane. The large wheel
lowered into the floor leaving just a circular hole which was quickly covered by a
sliding portion of the floor. The screen shutted off and backed into the wall which
lowered sealing the large scoreboard screen inside. The Funhouse door opened and out
came six masked men followed by the Doctor. The Doctor held a large chainsaw and the
masked men each held a powerdrill.

The chains on Alice's foot unhooked itself as one of the masked men walked over and
grabbed her hair and started dragging her towards the center of the room. She was
screaming, tears were coming from her eyes. Eric screamed yelling at Leon. Yelling at
the men who were fixing to torture the young woman. Leon watched as the Execution
Chamber opened and six men walked out of it carrying firepokers followed by the
Executioner who was carrying a large double headed battle axe. One of the men with
the firepokers came and busted the chain on Erics foot before dragging him to the
center of the room.

Leon smiled once again turning his skull, the stands folded themself into wooden
boards and lowered through small slits that were in the floor where they had been sat
up. Now the doors were covered by another wall that came down from the ceiling
covering them. It looked like an empty room with no doors except the one that had the
camera in the wall. The masked men with the power drills switched them on and the
Doctor turned his chainsaw on. Leon finally spoke, "my associates there that surround
you would like nothing better then to watch you die. Thats all they know, that's how
I programed them. They're robots if you hadn't figured it out already. And Eric,
enjoy seeing Alice get ripped apart."

One of the masked men jabbed the drill into her shoulder, dislocating it in the
process. Eric watched her scream in pain as he jumped forward in a outburst.

"You motherfucker, I'm going to fucking kill you!" he yelled as a firepoker ripped
through his knee and he feel to the floor in pain. Another firepoker ripped into his
other knee as they pulled him away from the girl even more.

Another drill shot was delivered to Alice as she fell to her knees. The masked men
switch their drills off as the Doctor rose the running chainsaw and pointed the blade
down carefully. Alice looked up at the spinning blade as it came crashing into her
skull and through her neck into her body, ripping the insides apart. The Doctor
pulled the chainsaw out slowly and turned it off. Her body was still in convulsions.
Eric was crying the two firepokers still lodged deep within his kneecaps. He screamed
as they were violent ripped out and were stabbed into his lower back. Four more fire
pokers stabbed his lower back before ripping out tearing his flesh along the way. One
of the men turned him over and then the Executioner stepped up, twirling the massive
axe in his hands.

He rose it and brought it down on Erics shoulder severing it from the body. He
screeched in pain as he rose his hand and started moving it to her his severed arm
was. The axe came down again severing his left leg, then again to the right. Another
vicious swing came down and sliced through the bone of his other arm. One final swing
planted the axe into Eric's forehead, smashing the skull opened and apart as brains
and fragments of skull oozed out.

Leon smiled as he yet again turned the skull and the wall under the camera rosed up
and covered the top portion of the wall, revealing a door. The walls above the
Funhouse and Execution Chamber also rosed up and the doors opened. The masked men
returned to their room dragging the bodies with them. The doors were shut and the
walls were lowered again. Leon smiled and laughed violently as he opened the new door
and exited the room leaving behind just a bloody mess on the floor...

Last edited: 14 November 2010

goregalore says :   15 November 2010   382512  
Oh man, this is awesome! >:D

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