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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 1Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Monday, 4 October 2010
05:15:22 PM (GMT)
I sat in my room petting my hellhound María-Belle. She calmed me down when my older
sister wasn't around. Stacie was coming home soon. She wrote to me a lot.
María-Belle stood up and started barking. Her tail started wagging and her tongue
lolled. She ran out of the room.
     "Flor-Belle!" My father's voice rang throughout my head loudly.
     Yes, I said head.
     "Your sister is back. Come down to the throne room."
     Great. Story time!
     I peeked out my door and looked down the dark hallway. I took a step out and
closed my eyes. Seconds later, I was in Hell's throne room. Stacie was at the door
standing with her boyfriend, Wes. María-Belle was at Stacie's feet, wagging her
stubby tail.
     "Hey Stacie." I said.
     "Flor!" Stacie's arms squeezed me. "I've missed you so much! I have so many
stories to tell you this time... And something you might like!"
     Stacie and I appeared in my room. I sat on my bed, looking up at Stacie the way
a little human would look at large walls bursting with candy from wall to wall.
     "You're sixteen now, Flor." said Stacie as she began to shake her head
embarrassed. "Act it." She looked away and smiled. She looked back at me. "Now, how
about another story?"
     "Of course!" I said. I loved Stacie's stories... The best part was that they are
all are are always true. María-Belle came into my room and sat down, looking between
Stacie and I. I started petting her.
     "Alright, this time... Wes and I were in New York. You know, NYC? The city I
talked about before. Well, Wes and I found a few hellhounds... the humans took them
as just normal dogs... which are Earth's version. We sent them back here. And you got
a puppy. But, more to be told. A human wouldn't stop tracking us... We finally lost
him though. You'd think he knew what we were." Stacie paused. "Oh, and Flor, I got
you a little something. 
     Stacie reached in her pocket and pulled out a gold chain with a silver key on
     "It's beautiful!" I gasped. I stared at the key and chain.
     "I thought you would like it." Stacie looked at my door. "Wes needs to talk to
me. I'll talk to you later, Flor." She handed me the chain and walked out my door.
     I looked at the chain and key closely. Stacie never got me human things. 
     "I want to see the World." I declared to myself. This wasn't the first time,
however. My father always said it was too dangerous for me. I honestly couldn't care
     I stood and began to walk down the dark hallway to the palace dining hall. I was
     I looked to my right and saw the mirror. I walked up to it and smiled. My black
hair was perfect under my small jeweled crown. I loved the length, down to the center
of my back. My ice-blue eyes blended perfectly with my pale skin. According to the
demons and other residents of Hell, I was as beautiful as a demon princess could
     Yeah, ok.
     I continued walking down to the dining hall. You see, Hell's dining hall isn't
your... every-day-pick-up-your-food-and-go dining halls. You sat down, thought of
what you want to eat, and it appeared in front of you*. 
     Ah, the luxury of being a demon princess!
     I sat down at one of the tables. Within an instant, cheese-fries appeared in
front of me. As I nibbled on them like what Stacie calls a "squirrel", I thought. I
thought about Stacie and Wes.
     First of all, it was hard to believe Stacie and I were sisters. She had shoulder
length blonde hair. Her eyes were dark hazel, and she was very tan. 
     Wes had blonde hair as well. His was spiked and had streaks of brown. His eyes
were a deep green, and Stacie said they match 'leaves' of a 'palm tree', whatever
that was.
     They were a perfect match, and they always did everything together. I was
beginning to think it was going to be impossible for me to find someone like that.
     I had to see the world.
     Just as I finished eating my last fry, my father's voice rang in my head.
"Anastasia-Bethany-Marie-Celeste-Flor-Belle! Sandra-Stacie-Evelyn-María! You are
summoned to the throne room!"
     He called us by our full names.
     Oh shit.
     I willed my plate away and faded into my father's throne room.

* LOLOLOLOL that is like the Dining Hall in my club, Academy of the Lost! XDDDD
Last edited: 14 January 2012

‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   6 October 2010   753914  
Great description of characters, and you are good at the hardest
part, coming up with names.
GlitterKelly shouts:   14 November 2010   238066  
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   14 November 2010   468950  
thanks :D 


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