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Sunday, 3 October 2010
10:12:15 PM (GMT)
it was for an assignment from last year haha 
For a short period of time I was really into Brutus/Cassius. Shakespeare did it.


What does it mean to be a man or a woman?

	To be a man is to triumph over the world by conquering over insatiable
‘leaders’. It is a man’s duty to see that his needs are addressed, to see that
the wishes of his kinsmen are his own, and the terrors of arrogant, pigheaded men are
removed from the world. Then again, a man must do whatever is necessary to change a
situation into a favorable one, even going as far as to use friends for more than
merry company. “I was born free as Caesar” (I, ii, 99) and I shall see to it that
I die free of Caesar. “Our fathers’ minds are dead, and we are governed with our
mothers’ spirits. Our yoke and sufferance show us womanish”(I, iii, if Caesar
continued to rule.

Why am I here on this earth?

	If a man has to be branded with a reason to roam the earth, then my reason is to
show Brutus his face by becoming his eyes. “Tell me, …, can you see your face?”
(I, ii, 53) No, you say? Well, “that’s true. And it’s too bad,” (I, ii, 56)
and there are people, much like Brutus, who do not have “any mirrors that could
display [his] hidden excellence to [himself].” (I, ii, 57) To rid Rome of Julius
Caesar means that my purpose on earth is to “be [Brutus’s] mirror and show [him],
without exaggeration, things inside [of him] that [he] can’t see.” 

Do I have freewill or am I controlled by fate?

	No man has ever told me what to do, all of the things I do are of my own actions.
The letters to will Brutus to my side, the assassination of Caesar -- all of it done
by my wit and I will not be so faithful as to give empty credit to the gods that sit
loftily on Mount Olympus and watch as Rome is plagued by a blinding diseased called
‘Julius Caesar’.

Does truth change?

	Truth is set in stone, men only take a while to realize it; the river Tiber showed
the truth about Caesar -- how weak of a person he is -- and a gain in Spain he cried
like a girl in his sickness, begging to be brought water. No crown his sheep Mark
Antony can give him could ever change the fact he ruled ineptly, and even his death
could not settle the dust he had kicked up during life, the irritating specks still
blinding the people.  “[Caesar was] sharp when it [came] to carrying out a bold or
noble enterprise, though he [would put] on  [a] stupid show of stupidity. He [spoke]
roughly, but what he [said was] smart, and his roughness [made] other people enjoy
listening to him.” (I, ii, 293) So truth will not change so readily, but the people
can be coaxed into thinking otherwise.

What is love?

	A vague concept such as ‘love’ is whatever a man chooses it to be. For a man
like me it is showing his allies how to achieve their true potential, like my good
fellow Brutus. “What [ I ] have said [he] will consider, what [ I ] have to say
[he] will with patience hear, and find a time both meet to hear and answer such high
things.” The good natured love between kinsmen is one of the best, especially when
said kinsman provokes you blindly with insults and you restrain yourself from
violence.  “A friendly eye could never see… faults.” (IV, iii, 93) The ideal
form of brotherhood love is to see past your brethrens’ faults and see him for who
he is.

Is a person inherently good? Bad? Both?

	In all of Rome the only travesty I see is the evil that “bestride the narrow world
like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find
ourselves dishonorable graves.” (I, ii, 136) Other men are merely delusional in
their goals of societal ‘bad’ and ‘good’, but all of them are overshadowed by
the blackness of the immortal Caesar.

How much freedom should an individual have?

	An individual should have as much freedom he is born with. We are all born free men
but there are those few that are propelled to rule over the rest and blind them with
our words. This compromises the freedom of everyone and things like so should be
dealt with immediately. The people should not be turned into slaves, as I would
rather “kill myself to save myself from slavery.’ (I, iii, 91)

What is the best form of government?

	A government without Caesar as its head would hold good in my book. Senates should
be in place and respected just as much as the land’s ruler, not seen as a second
group to fill in lest the leader are seen as too audacious in their choices. But the
Roman peoples should not fear, “for we will shake [Caesar], or worse days
endure.” (I, ii, 318 )  

Is a person basically alone or is he or she an integral part of society?

	I was born into the world and grew to know good, noble men like Casca and Brutus and
evil men like Caesar. The fact that I had a life filled of meeting must say I have
never been alone. Being on the Senate I can say I am an integral part of society,
especially with my wit and plans to dethrone Caesar for good.  Even if at times he is
“hated by the one he loves; braved by his brother” (IV, iii, 99) he is not

Is there a God?

	To the people in Rome Julius Caesar held the same name as a God, but what the people
did not know was how inscrutable their god really was! “'Tis true, this god did
shake!” (I, ii, 123) He shook when he was feverish, begging Titinius to bring him
water to quench his sick thirst. If this man is a God, then I do not believe in him.
He only pretends to be a god and will continue to blind the people even after his
death -- his illusions will outlive his demise and that is why he is the closest to a
god on earth Rome will get. I have not once feared him, just as the night I “bared
my bosom to the thunder stone and when the cross blue lightning seemed to open the
breast of heaven, I did present myself even in the aim and very flash of it” (I,
iii, 50)  do I bravely do my stealth work to remove the mindless crowd’s idea of
‘God’ from this earth. It is the real gods that “allow tyrants to be
defeated.” (I, iii, 93)

What happens when I die?

	My sins will be forgiven when I die and any trouble I have caused avenged. “Caesar
[was] revenged with the very same sword that killed [him].” (V, iii, 58 ) My
efforts will be remembered but my identity will no longer be used in present tense,
as I now become part of the past. The people will say “No, this was he… but
Cassius is no more” (V, iii, 63) when I have passed on.

Is there such a thing as a devil? Evil? Satan?

	There are only corrupt gods in this world. One times a many I have made it clear I
believe Caesar to be one of these ‘gods’.  The evil is the “spirit [that] walks
abroad and turns our swords in our own proper entrails.” (V, ii, 100)

How important is money?

	Money should not come from the peasants if it can be raised in other ways, but there
was a time when Brutus condemned a Lucius Pella “for taking bribes here of the
Sardians”(IV,iii,2) and even telling me that I “wronged [myself] to write in such
a case.” (IV, iii, 6) Money can also cause rifts in even the most carefully crafted
bonds, as Brutus showed me when he “condemned [me] to have an itching palm, to sell
and mart [my] offices for gold to undeservers.” (IV, iii, 10) In our suspicions
feelings were hurt all because of the term ‘money’. As Brutus put it, we should
not “contaminate our fingers with base bribes, and sell the mighty space of our
large honors for so much trash as may be grasped thus, [that he would] rather be a
dog and bay at the moon than such a Roman.” (IV, iii, 24)

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