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Week review: H.S. c:Category: (general)
Friday, 17 September 2010
06:53:26 PM (GMT)
Well I made some friends! c:
Two of them are in higher grades than me since I share classes with them (Thanks to
regents I take 11th grade trig and 10th grade Global history ;; ) But really, they're
really nice and watching out for me aswell.
There's these girls I share Phys Ed. With, We usually play basketball together and
today I sat with them at lunch.

I still am kind of shaky and nervous with these people but well,
so far it's not completely terrible. So again I am hopeful.

A unicorn was found and died today ;;
Last edited: 17 September 2010

likeaskeletonkey says:   18 September 2010   105022  
Oh, I am very glad for you!
Just show an overall natural attitude, don't be friendly and nice
towards them, then act like a daft ~go with the flow~ kid. Just be
natural. If you show them that you know when to refuse something, when
to appreciate something, and when to boost some humour, they will feel
comfortable around you. You go, Kala~ c:

Why are we murdering these rarely sighted species in extinction? Why?
‹burblegurm› says:   18 September 2010   848254  
Thank you! 
I don't wanna come off as mean or threatening, but you're right c: At
times I actually get lost during a funny joke and when everyone's
laughing I catch myself and start my nervous laughter so i don't look
too serious. Thank you Alex~ c: How's school going for you?

;; Because we always need proof and enough tests and pictures to
atleast make it look like we had it. If it dies then we had proof it
was there. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   18 September 2010   616799  
You are welcome!
If you remember to maintain some balance between coming off as
excessively nice, or excessively rude, then you will be fine. If a
joke isn't funny, don't laugh too loud. Actually, don't laugh loud at
all, unless you really mean it. Chuckles and smirks are very useful,
because you can think to yourself, 'Screw that tacky shit' while still
appearing as though you thought it was funny. c;
No need to thank me, dollie. 
Oh, this year is proving to be a little better than the previous
sophomore fiasco. We have no girls in our class except me at the
moment, and the massive corp of nasty douchebags has either
transferred, quit, or got stuck in sophomore. Of course, there are
still a few kids who should be shot in the nostrils and the balls, but
I can cope. I am acting a bit different, people know I am not easily
harmed or afflicted by their words, and they're also familiar with my
microscopic patience/calm when it comes to ~annoyance~ / stupid
mockery. Really, if you pass on the idea that you don't take
bullshit/bullshit will be ignored by you, people stop doing what they
think they can. And it'll give you more room to breathe. ^3^

I despite humanity so much. If it dies, although its beauty can be
preserved, it won't be respected. It won't be appreciated. Us humans
(the majority of us, at least) know nothing of respect and gratitude.
They know nothing of how to preserve natural beauty forever. Its
beauty and its knowledge will die, not live. That Saola 's death was
unnecessary. ;; 
exquisite says:   19 September 2010   655819  
Kala!! <3 I'm so, so happy for you. I knew you'd make friends, and
you went out and made some. ♥ You can now have, umf my... Maria's
seal of approval! Not sure what that will do, but I'm really happy for
you. xD

As for the unicorn bit. ;---; My hope was risen when there was at
least some sort of a unicorn, but damn. It got crushed when it said it
was dead. FFFF. ):
‹burblegurm› says:   19 September 2010   399569  
Gotcha! c; I gotta remember I can't please everyone. (I have a huge
problem with that ;A; even if people keep telling me it can't work )
I am happy for you! you're much better with taking annoyance than me.
I just end up coming off as highstrung and easily ticked off. In my
classes I'm still trying to learn everyone. The first 3 days I
couldn't remember anyone's faces, I was lucky that the boy from my
science class remembered mine and told me he sits next to me. Some of
the kids have came off as rude or scowl at me but I just gotta get
used to it I guess.

If anything they could've just taken a picture when they witnessed it,
and left it at that. They said that there might be a few hundred more
Saola's left but a view like that should just be remembered and
treasured without having to capture the animal and run tests and
display it in captivity. ;-; If it took 10 years to see an animal that
rare, what if that might've been the last chance we got to see it? 
‹burblegurm› says :   19 September 2010   959513  
The Maria's seal of approval? 8D I am honored now. Thankyou!

): It was saddening, I got pissed when I heard that it died shortly
after it was captured. 


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