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Wednesday, 1 September 2010
08:26:03 PM (GMT)
ABSOLUTELY NO LYING QUIZ 1. last cigarette? last friday night I think. 2. last beverage: monster. =D 3. last phone call? uhhm, Rachel, I believe. 4. last text message? Joeyyyyy. 5. last CD played: either 'Dope', or 'The Academy Is...' 6: last BUBBLE bath: haha I dunno.. 7: last time you cried: after school... 8. last meal? a pizza...shaped like a boat. :3 SEVEN have you’s: 1. have you ever dated someone twice?: huhh-uhh. 3. have you ever kissed someone & regreted it?: ...yes. 4. have you ever fallen in love? just three times, I think...that's really bad. 5. have you ever lost someone?: all the time.. 6.have you ever slept until 2pm?: hahh every day. xD 7. have you ever been drunk and thrown up? SIX things you did last weekend? 1. snuck out. 2. hung out with Joey. 3. went ghost hunting. 4. [uhh...stuff.], 5. hung out at the lake with some people 6. lit a shoe on fire. list FIVE people you can tell pretty much anything to {no specific order.}: 1. Kirstan. 2. Hannah. 3. Kaylee. 4. Alex. 5. Joey list THREE favorite colors : Black, Aqua, Silver. list FOUR things you want to do before you die: have my ass kicked by a nun; be a monster truck driver; kill a clown; and beat someone with a toaster. This month have you… Laughed until you cried: of course. =D Went behind your parents back? alot.. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT: 1. Your last kiss? it was amazing...hahah. 2. Gay Marriage? I support it one hundred percent. 3. Lowering the drinking age? hahah yes. :} 4. Straight, Gay, or Bi? i'm bi. 5. Who are the best huggers that you know? hahah I dunno. x) I do enjoy Selene's hugs, but I haven't had one in forever. D= 6. Do you believe in love at first sight? possibly? 7. Is there something you want to tell someone? weeeell yes. 8. What brand of shirt are you wearing? Tripp.. 10. What is your current annoyance? my shoes...hah. 11. How many kids do you want to have? uhh one or two at the most...but I wanna adopt. 12. Do you want to change your name? YES. 13. Last time you saw your father? yesterday 14. What did you do for your last birthday? went to the lake with my nigs. <3 15.What time did you wake up today? about four a.m. 16. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping...I crashed SUPER early. 17. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: uhh...I dunno? 18. What is your favorite thing in your room? my cowboy wallpaper...haha! xD 20. Where is your best friend right now? I'm not too sure...? you and your friends have fun nicknames for each other? haha I guess. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done? there's too much.. Do you like to read magazines? just one; I like to read Revolver. What's your favorite thing to do on a snow day? go grass-ing with Kaylee. =D Would you rather have a colorful world or a black and white world? colorful, duhh.. Have you ever stayed up talking to someone til the sun came up? yupp. Would you change your eye color? yeah. I like green eyes, but mine are the ugliest shade of green ever.. Have you ever skipped school without your parents knowing? almost. Do you text constantly? Yes. Have you ever gotten a horrible haircut? m'hmm. Do you like candles? yes indeed. Would you rather swim in the ocean or in a pool? uhh i dunno Have you ever been really obsessed with a song then just ended up hating it? alot, haha. Do you have a lot of really weird inside jokes with your friends? far too many. :3 Have you ever swung on a tire swing? yes indeed. :D Have you ever started something and then completely forgot about it? Probably. Do you think myspace is overrated? i hate it but i have oneee.. What's something from your past that you regret? ughhh. too many things. Are you male or female? Taylor's a ladyyy. Do you have a close relationship with your parents? no..not at all. with my dad, i guess so. Are you a people person? depends? Do you like screamo music? YES. How late did you stay up last night? not too late. When you last got dressed, did you put on your top or bottoms first? my top.. Do you wear flip flops in the wintertime? haha sometimes. Would you ever adopt a child? absolutely. Do you think you're a nice person? I can be...? Are you really happy, or are you just saying that you're happy? as of right now, i'm pretending. Name something random about the last person you texted. SUPER AIDS WILL KILL US BOTH. =D Would you rather use a desktop or laptop computer? laptop. Do you have more than one best friend? Yeah. If you're a girl, do you wear dresses a lot? nooope. How about make-up? Yes. If i came to your house, what color would i see the most of? haha either black or white? Do you like the way you look in pictures? not normally.. Do you like waking up and having new text messages? sometimesss. What's your name? tayloooooooooor. Are you currently in a relationship? yes indeed. Can you cook? i can't make toast..haha. Do you have problems trusting people? yeah Are you more artistic or athletic? artistic. Would you like to jump an hour ahead, or an hour back? an hour ahead. Do you write simply for fun? Yes. Would you say that you are an affectionate person? I can be. When you get new clothing, are you excited to wear it? yupp. Would you ever date someone younger than you? uhh yeah i just haven't yet...hahah. Would you ever even consider keeping a porcupine as a pet? m'hmm! Is there anything that you take with you everywhere? my phone, lighter (most of the time?) and a sharpie. Do you talk to any of your exes? yeeeah. Who is the last person of the opposite sex, you hugged? uhhm I think kyle. ...strange kid. O-O Have you ever kissed someone named Taylor or Tiffany? nope, haha. Do you sniff Sharpies on a regular basis? ...nooooooooo! =D haha no. How are you feeling? shitty. Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with? yes, so very much. Who is the sexiest person alive? hahah. FABIO! no he scares me. x) Have you ever caught a firefly? yeahh. Would you be able to type without using your hands? maybe? Have you ever kissed someone older than you? yuss. How many times have you fallen in love and it felt like fireworks? uhh twice. Can you cut your own hair and do it right? nope. How do you like to dress? like taylor. Do you hate getting blood drawn? hmm-mm.

JDB says:   2 September 2010   409630  
The pizza boat!
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says:   3 September 2010   133403  
yeah, poor Sullivan...
I still miss Paul Fenton. D=
haha and super aids. :3
‹Plainly and simply - Ham.(=› says:   3 September 2010   529642  
Dude, Fenton <3
‹diary.of.a.dead.girl.› says :   3 September 2010   627172  
dude Hannah, you were the one who killed him! xD but I left him alone
to die...D=
terrible mothers. haha. ♥
"haha he was really pissed, and-"
=D that was really funn.

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