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Wednesday, 28 July 2010
10:32:33 PM (GMT)

Stranger: then what does give you hope? Stranger: if you believe in no higher power You: The good things that come out of life. You: hah. Stranger: seems as though you follow blind Stranger: im not meaning to offend by any means Stranger: i myself am atheist You: You're not offending me. Stranger: but i see no hope in life You: Neither did I, until I read those stories. Stranger: but that is believing what could be full fiction Stranger: like the bible Stranger: it is following blindly You: And it very well may be full fiction. But those stories don't tell me that I have to believe in a god. Stranger: true You: They don't tell me who to follow. They just tell me that there is /possibly/ a glimpse of hope. Stranger: but what does hope come from You: Hope comes from the heart, of course. Stranger: the idea stems from many fantasies Stranger: like that of the heart Stranger: a heart was chosen to portray a feeling Stranger: symbolically it could be loving with your kidney You: I understand this. But where does love come from? Hate? Friendship? It all comes from /somewhere/. Not your brain. You: Your brain tells you what to think. You: Not what to feel. You: alright, so I love with my kidney. Stranger: it does tell you how to feel Stranger: nerve impulses Stranger: i think into science You: I took psychology, I know it's literally your brain. But still, you can't convince yourself how to feel. You can't convince your brain to feel a way. Stranger: emotions are false ways of expression. love is not a real thing only an exchange of caregiving You: It just /does/. Stranger: and what makes it Stranger: do that Stranger: it suggests more into biological studies than psych Stranger: i also took both You: and love is not just caregiving. Love is having a burning passion for someone. It's hatred and sadness, and happiness, and caring, and friendship all in one. You: So therefore, love is not just a feeling, but a cluster of feelings. Stranger: and yet it is a relationship Stranger: mutual givers You: No, one can love someone without the feeling being mutual. Stranger: but it is a trade off deal Stranger: time for time Stranger: time for interest Stranger: there is no pure love Stranger: it does not exist You: And how would you know this? Stranger: because i have not seen it yet Stranger: except once in my caregiver Stranger: but surely she expects something Stranger: like being taken care of when she is old Stranger: so there again it is a mutual agreement You: Exactly. So you have seen in once. There is pure love; one can love without asking a thing in return. I love someone, and I don't expect anything from them. I don't expect them to take care of me when I'm older, and I don't expect them to love me back. Stranger: you do expect love back You: I do not. Stranger: if you are a woman then you must want chivalry Stranger: and if you are a man then you must want physical and mental Stranger: i have seen this to be true too many timesw Stranger: and the world revolves around money Stranger: a form of power and control You: No, no. I don't care for money. You: I have no job. Stranger: i do Stranger: i work for the system Stranger: i sell my time for mere items Stranger: it is sickening but necessary You: and I am a woman. I don't expect chilvary. Stranger: i am a woman Stranger: i thought i loved many people Stranger: but after 8 years i was dropped like i was nothing. You: That's the thing, though, doll. You can't let the past effect you now. Stranger: the past repeats itswelf Stranger: because no one learns from their actions Stranger: no one You: That isn't necessarily true. You: Not for all people. Stranger: well i believe it true You: I learn from mistakes. You: *my You: My father didn't. But I do.
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